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50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2022

A leader in Cloud Application Consulting, seamlessly embedding new technologies to facilitate path breaking changes in the IT industry: 4i Apps


ERP systems manage all the business data and give companies useful insights into the demand and supply scenario. This information helps in better forecasting about the demands and future needs. Globally, there are many companies who provide digital solutions in ERP and Analytics, 4i stands apart from the rest.

4i’s core is to help businesses of any size to prepare, strategize and implement digital solutions in ERP and Analytics. 4i is a Cloud applications consulting and services firm located in over 7 countries specializing in Oracle and Salesforce. With over a decade of experience in handling a diverse base of customers from all over the world, 4i knows what it takes to build and quickly implement cloud based strategies that are in-tune with business processes.

4i caters to industries of every size, be it public sector to banking, Real Estate, Engineering and Construction, Telecom, Distribution, Retail, Manufacturing, Travel & Tourism Oil and Energy, Utilities etc. 4i has quickly upgraded itself to the elite Cloud Select partnership from Oracle with its successful foray into cloud implementations. Research into future technologies & trends helped 4i to adapt quickly to the large-scale digital transformation to cloud. 4i continues to invest in new technologies including AI/ML, Chatbot, Blockchain & IoT that can help enterprises in their day to day operations.

4i engages in services ranging from:

Cloud Migration

4i enables your enterprise to easily migrate to the most disruptive and transformational Oracle Cloud technology, giving your business the edge in a growing digital market. 4i extends its expertise to cater to enterprises of any size, providing the most flexible Cloud solutions that serve as a catalyst to accelerate performance, reduce costs, assist scalability, tighter security and deliver better results. With Oracle’s Universal Credit, businesses can have access to sample and upgrade multiple IAAS and PAAS application features by paying a consolidated fee for multiple applications. Get the latest of the best Cloud application products at one integrated platform at lower cost.

4i’s Cloud based services extends to every department of your organization be it marketing, financials, management, customer support, human resources and more, all engineered into making a seamless and structured workflow. As an elite Oracle partner, 4i Apps provides the best-in-class Cloud tools including Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle Content & Experience Cloud, Oracle Chatbots, Mobile Cloud, etc.

Robotic Process Automation

As  an enterprise software services company, 4i understands business processes across different industries and quickly identify/assess business processes that can be nominated for RPA and justify ROI with accurate statistical assessment report and then start building Software robots.

With expertise in Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Fusion Applications Cloud (ERP/EPM/HCM/SCM/CX), Taleo, Primavera, Unifier, Oracle Analytics, Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft, Maximo, 3rd party integrations etc., 4i can quickly build and test bots.


4i’s approach to innovation lays emphasis on identifying and adapting to emerging technologies that can revolutionize the future of IT.4i’s R&D team explores new areas of innovation like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Intelligent Bots/Chatbots, DevOps, Robotics, Cognitive, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Electric Transportation, Biotechnology, Aerospace and more. Over a period, 4i has gathered vast recognition for their high standards of performance and their drive to provide innovative solutions for their wide customer base.


4i delivers consistent upgrades so that their users get the latest features of all Oracle products throughout its lifecycle. They also provide performance enhancement upgrades be it for a larger database, software integrations or other performance-related enhancements. At 4i they make application upgrades a seamless process, making sure their Client’s applications never remain redundant and vulnerable. Oracle applications follow a continuous cycle of being upgraded then phased out to make way for a newer version with better features, tighter security and with fixed bugs. During this cycle, Oracle terminates all support for phased-out applications, making the older versions vulnerable to security and performance issues.

Infrastructure Services

4i prioritizes your IT complexities and build infrastructure systems that deliver better results to reinvent the way you work. Most complexities are a result of the multiple options available in technology; 4i analyzes your requirement and harness their skills to keep your infrastructure at the forefront of innovation, adaptability and functionality. At 4i Apps, their experts are geared to resolve all your queries on installation, selecting the right storage (cloud or on-premise), service, maintenance and upgrades for your IT Infrastructure.

Enterprise Mobility

4i provides extensive solutions to adopt robust mobile strategies that enable fast, scalable and secure access to applications across remote devices. Enterprise mobility increases the productivity and efficiency of the workforce by creating a truly connected workspace. With almost 86% of mobile users keen on paying more on user experience of an application, 4i implements UX strategies that focus on the best user friendly practices on design and functionality to make sure that your core features have the best visual representation and easy access. Oracle’s Mobile Cloud service is the most secure and scalable platform to launch your enterprise mobility management system. Share data through encrypted channels and meet the demands of peak online traffic. Oracle also provides Chatbot services that provide rapid automated responses to customer queries.

License Resell

4i endeavors to make licensing an error-free process by helping you navigate through all the intricacies of licensing regulations and compliances, and by also maintaining transparent communications that keep you updated so that your audits come clean .4i is an authorized license reseller for Oracle Applications, Oracle Cloud, Oracle technologies and Salesforce. A better understanding of the licensing terms and conditions would enable you to stay compliant during license audits. Any non-compliant factor during audits can lead to steep fines and unexpected CapEx. For maintaining a proper license agreement - the license document should consider any additional volume updates, hardware updates, virtualization, customization and integrations updates.


“We envisioned the growth of Cloud computing at its infancy and began pioneering Cloud solutions by heavily investing on training manpower on Oracle Cloud based products.”