February Edition 2020

5 Best AR & VR Solution Providers to Watch 2020

Company Management Description
Eduardo Neeter, CEO FactualVR Builds a virtual reality platform to help law enforcement and prosecutors to accurately replicate and communicate the facts around a crime scene
Sergei Vardomatski, CEO Across industries, HQSoftware provides full-cycle custom software development to help enterprises power their customers, employees and partners through multiple channels.
David Levine, CEO DigitalBridge is a Guided Design platform that helps kitchen and bathroom retailers streamline their customers’ renovation process. When you integrate DigitalBridge with your website, you will be able to guide your customers through the entire process of creating their dream kitchen or bathroom, from concept to design to visualisation and completion.
Help Lightning
Gary York, CEO Help Lightning helps service organizations reduce costs and increase productivity through remote video collaboration. Its patented technology uses merged reality to create a virtual interactive presence.
Oxford VR
Barnaby Perks, CEO Oxford VR is a spin-out from Oxford University built on two decades of research and innovation by Professor Daniel Freeman. Its focus is on developing evidence-based automated VR therapy to treat mental health conditions with significant impact on patients, the health system and wider economy.