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April Edition 2020

5 Best Cyber Security Companies To Watch 2020



Company Management Description
BJ Jenkins
President & CEO
Barracuda protects email, networks, data, and applications with innovative solutions that grow and adapt with its customers’ journey. More than 150,000 organizations worldwide trust Barracuda to protect them – in ways they may not even know they are at risk – so they can focus on taking their business to the next level.
Roy Heller, Co-founder & COO Nucleon specializes in collecting and analyzing current threats on the internet and providing organizations/governments with proactive technology that compliment their existing cyber security tools and enables them to defend against new and emerging threats.
Stellar Cyber
Changming Liu
Chief Executive Officer &
Stellar Cyber’s Starlight is the world’s first open detection/response (Open-XDR) platform, connecting the dots throughout the entire security infrastructure and automatically responding to attacks wherever they occur. Starlight integrates dozens of security applications from an App Store and presents results in an intuitive dashboard to supercharge analyst productivity.
Communication Security Group
Adam A. Such II, President & COO CSG offers the next-generation of messaging and voice apps for secure, trusted mobile and desktop communications, that allow anyone to carry out real-time, end-to-end encrypted calls, with crystal-clear voice quality, and exchange messages and documents between devices, around the world.
Keith Alexander
Founder and Co-CEO
IronNet Cybersecurity is a global cybersecurity leader that is revolutionizing how enterprises, industries, and governments secure their networks. IronNet takes the skills of its top-notch cybersecurity operators with their real-world, public and private sector, offensive and defensive cyber experience, and integrates their deep tradecraft knowledge into its industry-leading products to solve the most challenging cyber problems facing industry today.