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July Edition 2023

5 Best Legal Services to Watch 2023

Company Management Description
Aegis Law Firm
Kashif Haque,
Founding Partner
Aegis Law Firm is one of the largest employment law firms focused on representing employees in California. The firm specializes in wrongful termination, disability discrimination, medical leaves, sexual harassment, and wage violations.
Pardalis & Nohavicka, LLP
Taso Pardalis,
Pardalis & Nohavicka, LLP's mission is to approach each matter with urgency and understanding of your needs. With the team's experience and unique approach, the attorneys regularly solve problems for a total fee lower than comparable firms charge.
One Asia Lawyers Group
Tetsuo Kurita,
Managing Partner
One Asia Lawyers Group is a network of independent law firms created expressly to provide seamless, comprehensive legal advice for Japanese clients. Moreover, it provides various services globally for the establishment of companies, M&A transactions, dispute resolution, compliance and fraud investigation, infrastructure export, SDGs/ESG, finance, employment law, PDPA, intellectual property rights, cryptocurrency and ICO support and so on.
Deer Lake Law Group
Antonio Simoes, B.Sc., LL.B.,
Deer Lake Law can protect your assets, your children and your sanity. The firm specializes in finding unique and personalized solutions for you and your family. Its team can get you through the challenges of most legal issues, including Divorce, Estate Planning & Probate, Inheritance Disputes, Personal Injury, and, Immigration Matters.
Oziel Law
Allan Oziel,
Oziel Law is an entrepreneurial law firm which provides corporate and business law, computer and technology law, intellectual property (IP) law and contract drafting legal services to a wide range of clients in Toronto, North York, the wider Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and elsewhere in the province of Ontario.