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August Edition 2020

5 Best Management Consulting Firms to Watch 2020

Company Management Description
North Highland
Dan Reardon, Chairman & CEO North Highland is a leading change and transformation consulting firm, recognized for its deep expertise and collaborative, action-oriented approach. Invested in our client’s success and powered by the belief that everything begins and ends with people, we bring together the brightest minds to create positive change and transform businesses through customer, workforce and operational lenses.
Ralph A. Hargrove, President & CEO Hangrove is an expert in building relationships. It serves clients in long-term support relationships in multiple modes of service: onsite support arrangements, plant-level small projects and consulting roles, and larger capital projects. Everything it does focuses on best practices to ensure safe, efficient and profitable operations with your company's best interest in mind.
Centric Consulting
Dave Rosevelt, CEO Centric Consulting is a management consulting firm that guides you in the search for answers to complex digital, business and technology problems by asking tough questions, leading crucial conversations and blending its experts with yours.
Momemtum Consulting
Craig Clark, Co-founder & CEO Momemtum Consulting singularly focused on bringing breakthrough solutions to organizations and showing you how to build performance into the fabric of the enterprise.
Industrial Growth Platform Inc.
Kohki Sakata, CEO IGPI Singapore was established in 2013 to focus on business and M&A advisory in South East Asia. IGPI has proudly supported the revitalization of numerous Japanese companies by realistic business planning, execution, monitoring, and even investment as a business sponsor in both voluntary and compulsory liquidation proceedings.