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802 SECURE, INC.: Developing advanced Technology for securing the internet of things (IoT), combining Software defined Radio with Big Data Analytics


802 Secure, Inc. was honored with a Gold Medal as the Silicon Valley Start-up of the Year in April 2015 by Info Security Magazine; and has signed resale agreements with AT&T’s Cyber Security Solutions business unit.

802 Secure is bringing to market a new and unique approach to detecting and preventing exploitation of advanced wireless threats using software-defined-radio with deceptive networking.

The problem: as more devices become internet-enabled, they can be used as a gateway to hack into a company’s IT network to steal data, or bring down systems. The IoT device can become an infection vector. To respond to the recent dramatic increase in advanced wireless threats and vulnerabilities, in particular those surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT), Garry Drummond founded 802 Secure, Inc. in July 2014 with leading industry experts.

To help enterprise customers reduce their risk of network security breaches, 802 Secure is developing solutions to help defend enterprise and government agencies from new attack vectors that cross the broader RF spectrum by offering a defense-in-depth approach through proactive wireless vulnerability assessment, target-aware deceptive networking and attack profiling with big data analytics.

The company’s technology was selected at DEFCON and Black Hat 2015 to provide visibility into wireless threat intelligence. 802 Secure has filed several provisional patents underpinning their technology including new innovation for P25, voice and data trunked communications. The company’s product P25CleanRF™, is a real-time wireless security system which protects mission-critical lines of communication for first responders to help save lives.

Legacy solutions only monitor the 802.11 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz frequencies for known signature-based attacks. These solutions fail to support proactive auditing, security validation and effective mitigation. 802 Secure’s solution provides a comprehensive view into the broader RF spectrum to detect, assess, and prevent risk from these new attack vectors. The 802 Secure solution provides intrusion detection, target-aware network deception, and proactive wireless vulnerability assessment in conjunction with big data analytics. Using 802 Secure’s cloud platform, security teams can prevent RF data leakage across the broader radio spectrum by identifying wireless IoT vulnerabilities prior to loss or incident.

802 Secure’s primary market focus is on North America, with immediate growth expected in Canada, the Pacific Rim, and Europe.

Offering Exclusivity through WRAT
802 Secure’s Wireless Risk Audit Tool (WRAT)™ is a low cost on premise hardware device that connects to 802 Secure’s cloud-based analytics. WRAT helps defend organizations across a broad spectrum of wireless attacks (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, RFID, NFC, and licensed band).Designed by industry leading wireless network architects who understand information security and have proven track records building and deploying large enterprise networks, the WRAT was developed to be the most advanced proactive defense-in-depth wireless IoT risk auditing and mitigation solution.

Customer’s Reviews
“Never has it been so crucial for the industry to get its arms around wireless security. 802 Secure offers a new approach. Their method of using proactive attack profiling through deceptive networking for measuring risk and exposure state is world class. I look forward to working with Garry and his team going forward.” – Bill Worthington,Chief Security Officer and Vice President of Security Operations, Caesars Entertainment

“We would be very interested in the technology 802 Secure are describing. I’ve been looking for exactly what they are describing for some time. Not only do I think they could have great success with us, but I think you could dominate the market.” – Sr. Director, Network & Security Architecture,Fortune 25 company

“I have worked with Garry for 10+ years. Having purchased and deployed mission critical security solutions from him, I trust him completely. A new proactive wireless security product with Garry’s unique approach will fill a large gap in the world of wireless security. I cannot wait to evaluate the solution. Count me in.” – Jonathan Wong, Chief Information Officer, Playboy Enterprises

802 Secure: Now and in the future…
802 Secure has gained clients across multiple industries including Retail, Financial, Hospitality, Healthcare and Transportation. 802’s P25CleanRF product is also gaining traction within government clients.

With the number of active wireless connected devices expected to reach 50 billion by 2020 and the related IoT solutions market forecasted to grow to $7.1 trillion by 2020, 802 Secure is focusing on securing wireless connected devices against emerging Internet of Things (IoT) threats. As 802 Secure, Inc. continues to release additional innovative market-leading solutions in the wireless security market, the company expects sales will grow dramatically over the next 3 years.

The man behind the technology

Garry Drummond, Founder– With over 20 years of experience in Consulting, Sales, and Executive positions in the Network Security Industry, Garry Drummond, CISSP, CWNA, CWSP, CCDA, has helped many enterprise businesses implement best-practices approaches to risk management. Prior to founding 802 Secure, Mr. Drummond worked with Silicon Valley start-up nCircle Network Security (a pioneerof Vulnerability Management), and Motorola Solutions Air Defense (Wireless Intrusion Detection). Mr. Drummond left Motorola Solutions Air Defense in July 2014. In the same year, Mr. Drummond founded 802 Secure, and began developing the AirDecoy™ and WRAT™technology for Securing IoT.