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“A 100% natural, grain, gluten, preservative, and flavor free treat, based on the centuries-old recipe and perfected by us over the years” Dogsee Chew

thesiliconreview-dogseechew-19Founder Bhupendra Khanal or Bhupi as he is widely known; is a hard-core techie with an undying love for food and dogs. Hailing from Nepal, he came to India to pursue his Engineering and since then has settled in India. He started his career as an Analytics professional and very soon founded an analytics company of his own. After having successfully headed the company for 7 years, Bhupi took an exit to follow his dream of doing something in the food industry.

It was while on a trek in Elam, a small district in Nepal, he found local stray dogs with shining furs, perfect teeth & overall with a great amount of energy. When he interacted with the villagers, they revealed that these dogs often chew on ‘Churpi’ that villagers sometimes throw out or don’t use. This came as quite a surprise to Bhupi as Churpi or Hardened Milk Cheese is something that he has known and ate all his life but never thought of like dog food. A little more research later, ‘DogseeChew’ was born!

Dogsee Chew sources its products from the best of manufacturers and suppliers of the Himalayan range – Nepal and Darjeeling. The products are made, as they have always been traditionally made, un-tampered by any modern intervention. The animals are free range, they graze in natural Himalayan pastures and drink the sweet waters that the mountains have to offer. On average, 8 to 10 liters of milk results in 1 Kg of Dogsee Chew Bars.

Product portfolio

Dogsee Chew

Originating from a centuries-old Himalayan recipe and perfected by us over the years, the specially handcrafted Dogsee treats are made with 100% pure milk. Smoked and sun-dried to perfection for over 35 days for extra hardness and rich flavor, these chews are a natural favorite of canines across the world.

An epitome of commitment and care for your beloved pet friend, Dogsee Chew is a 100% natural product; free from grain, gluten, preservatives, and artificial flavoring. Hence, when it comes to Dogsee, you’re holding not just another bag of dog treats, but also a promise to your pets, that you’ll always give them nothing but the best.

Dogsee Crunch

From the house of the Himalayan cheese, chews comes another natural product for your dogs. Dogsee Crunch is a one-of-a-kind product sourced only from fresh fruits and vegetables, and nothing else. These treats are made from just one single ingredient like apple, coconut, etc. and provide rich nutrition to your dogs. Filled with goodness and health benefits of real fruits and vegetables, these are ideal training treats for your dogs since they are crunchy, easy to eat and deliciously irresistible.

A 100% natural and vegan product devoid of grain, gluten and preservatives, Dogsee Crunch treats are ideal for dogs of all breeds and sizes. They are an embodiment of the purity of love that you have for your dogs.

Dogsee Bites

Dogsee Bites, the newest addition to the portfolio are extremely high quality cookies for dogs. These treats are human grade and contain no artificial additives. Made with natural ingredients, real veggies & fruits these cookies are tasty yet nutritious. The company has various flavours to suit your dog’s taste preferences, like Banana, yogurt, orange, pumpkin, etc. These are wholesome treats you can feel good about giving your dog. And while you are at it, you can also eat one or two.

Staying true to its brand ethos & compassion for all animals, these cookies are also purely vegetarian.

Dental Chews for dogs

Dogs with poor dental health are more prone to gum and teeth related issues. If left untreated, it can lead to a bunch of other problems; it can even spread to other regions in your dog’s body. Dental chews help keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy as it reduces plaque by as much as 70%.

Benefits of Dog Dental Chews

Dogsee Chew treats are long-lasting, natural, human-grade treats that are grain and gluten-free as well. Dental treats for dogs are a great way to reward your dog for good deeds or for training. Most small treats will be gobbled up quickly, while DogseeChew’s Himalayan dental chews last longer and help in maintaining dental hygiene in dogs. The benefits of Dog Dental Chews are:

  • Reduces tartar and plaque build-up
  • Long-lasting
  • Help’s freshen your dog’s breath
  • Lessens the build-up saliva as well as bacteria
  • Minimizes swelling and irritation of gums

How Dental treats really work?

Just like in humans, plaque and bacteria develop in your dog’s mouth. If it is not brushed or scraped away, plaque can turn to tartar within 36 hours. Tartar build-up can lead to painful, inflamed gums, and open the door to infection and periodontal (gum) disease.

Prevention is always better than cure. One way of maintaining dental hygiene is by brushing your dog’s teeth but tossing your pup a dental treat is certainly way easier than convincing them to let you brush their teeth!

Long Lasting Dental Treats for Dogs by Dogsee Chew

Dogsee Chew’s treats are highly recommended by vets as they are very effective in reducing the built-up plaque, tartar as well as bad breath. These vet recommended treats are long-lasting, human-grade, natural and grain and gluten-free, they also help maintain dental hygiene in dogs. The firm’s treats are made from unprocessed milk from The Himalayas, hence they are very healthy and highly nutritious.

“Our aim is to strive towards continually providing innovative, high-quality & premium pet food products.”