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A complete security architecture defending enterprises from cyber attacks: Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

thesiliconreview-gil-shwed-ceo-check-point-software-technologies-ltd-17Established in 1993, by a brilliant mind, Gil Shwed, Check Point first pioneered the I.T. security industry with FireWall-1 and its patented Stateful inspection technology, which is still the foundation for most network security technology today.

Ever since the company started, Check Point’s pure focus has been on I.T. security. Adapting to customers’ changing needs, the company has developed numerous technologies to secure the use of the Internet by corporations and consumers when transacting and communicating.

In 2006, Check Point created unified security architecture, using a single management console, unified security gateways and the first and only single agent for endpoint security. In early 2009, Check Point introduced another breakthrough security innovation with its Software Blade architecture: a dynamic, revolutionary architecture that delivers secure, flexible and simple solutions that can be fully customized to meet the exact security needs of any organization or environment. By April 2009, the Company completed the acquisition of the security appliance business from Nokia, after more than a decade of collaboration in delivering industry-leading enterprise security solutions. In November 2009, Check Point acquired FaceTime Communications’ application database, adding security controls for over 50,000 Web 2.0 widgets and more than 4,500 Internet applications to its security gateways.

Today, Check Point continues to develop new innovations based on the Software Blade Architecture, providing customers with flexible and simple solutions that can be fully customized to meet the exact security needs of any organization. Check Point is the only vendor to go beyond technology and define security as a business process. The 3D Security by Check Point uniquely combines policy, people, and enforcement for greater protection of information assets and helps organizations implement a blueprint for security that aligns with business needs.

Welcome To The Future Of Cyber Security: Check Point Infinity

Check Point Infinity is the first consolidated security across networks, cloud and mobile, providing the highest level of threat prevention against both known and unknown targeted attacks to keep the cyberspace protected now and in the future.

The All-new Check Point Infinity leverages unified threat intelligence and open interfaces, enabling all environments to stay protected against targeted attacks. Unlike other solutions, Check Point believes in a preemptive threat prevention strategy, focused on prevention rather than detection only, to block the most sophisticated attacks before they occur.

Check Point Infinity architecture consolidates management of multiple security layers, providing superior policy efficiency and enabling to manage security through a single pane of glass. The single management centrally correlates all types of events across all network environments, cloud services, and mobile infrastructures.


Check Point vSEC Cloud Security’s comprehensive portfolio integrates with the largest number of private and public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, ensuring cloud environments are instantly and easily protected against even the most sophisticated malware and zero-day attacks. Check Point Cloud Security—Any Cloud, Any Service, Always Secure.


The latest extension of the SandBlast family of advanced threat prevention solutions, SandBlast Mobile is the industry’s only unified, cross-platform solution, which protects enterprises from mobile breaches. SandBlast Mobile detects and blocks both known and unknown malware, safeguards against poisoned Wi-Fi networks and man-in-the-middle attacks, as well as SMS phishing schemes.

Threat Prevention

SandBlast, the most comprehensive zero-day threat prevention suite, protects networks, cloud, endpoints and now mobile devices, ensuring quick delivery of safe content to the users and preventing advanced cyber attacks.

The newly introduced Check Point Anti-Ransomware technology enables businesses to stay protected against cyber extortion and even the most sophisticated ransomware.

Changing the Data Privacy Game: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) poses the biggest change to the regulatory landscape of data privacy. Coming into effect in May 2018, GDPR aims to unify data protection all across the EU and establish data privacy and protection as a fundamental right.

GDPR places significant policy and technical responsibilities on ANY organization that handles EU citizens’ personal data, regardless of whether or not it physically operates in the EU. Therefore, although GDPR originates in Europe, it has a vast worldwide impact and it will directly affect the way international businesses operate in Europe.

A lot has been discussed GDPR and its novelty has contributed to numerous speculations and interpretations. Check Point has concluded about recommended focus areas to begin the GPDR preparation process. Those include Staffing, Data Audit and Classification, Risk Analysis, Logging of Activity and Breach Identification, and Fundamental Controls.

The GDPR guidelines are based on a risk-based approach to ensuring the privacy and security of an individual’s data. Specifically, GDPR proposes that relevant entities implement measures that are appropriate to the value or damage associated with the loss of personal information.

According to the regulation penalties for non-compliance may reach up to 4% of a company’s worldwide turnover or €20M.

Greet the Chief

Gil Shwed is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Check Point. Mr. Shwed is considered the inventor of the modern firewall and authored several patents, such as the company’s Stateful Inspection technology. He has received numerous accolades for his individual achievements and industry contributions, including an honorary Doctor of Science from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, an honorary Doctor of Science from Tel Aviv University, the World Economic Forum’s Global Leader for Tomorrow for his commitment to public affairs and leadership in areas beyond immediate professional interests, and the Academy of Achievement’s Golden Plate Award for his innovative contribution to business and technology.

Also, Mr. Shwed is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Youth University of Tel Aviv University. Mr. Shwed is a Tel Aviv University Governor and founder of the University’s Check Point Institute for Information Security. He is also Chairman of the Board of directors of Yeholot Association Founded by the Rashi Foundation whose charter is, among other things, to reduce the dropout rates in high schools.

“We are committed to staying focused on real customer needs and to developing new and innovative security solutions that redefine the security landscape.”