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A data services company with extensive experience in content, marketing, and revenue analytics: Elasticiti


The model for digital marketing often starts with content marketing strategy. Your strategy is developed through market research and intelligence which helps you to tailor your marketing position to more highly targeted groups of individuals. In other words, you’ll gather market intelligence to inform where your company fits. What customers do you serve and why is your offering most attractive to them?

Building your content strategy will include developing content that's personalized for your audience and gives them value. Rather than a straight sales pitch, digital marketing is about building relationships. As mentioned before, one key benefit of operating in the digital world is marketing channel optimization through use of the abundant data generated.

Elasticiti is a data services company with extensive experience in content, marketing, and revenue analytics. Its skills span Data Engineering, Data Warehousing, Machine Learning, and Business Intelligence. The firm engages clients when they want to develop something sooner than their current roadmap allows and when they want the experience and perspective a partner can bring.

Why clients trust Elasticiti?

Elasticity’s skills match their needs. The firm has extensive experience with most major commercial Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Data Warehouse, and Data Pipeline vendors. Its partnerships ensure it is at the leading edge of their product roadmap and can bring best practices to each project. Additionally, Elasticity has trained in Data Science techniques and the open-source ecosystem that supports them.  

Elasticity has experience with 80+ commercial data sources. Every analysis begins with raw data and it has hands-on experience with a wide range of common data sources. For the majority of these sources, it has also written data extraction pipelines and have modeled the data to support its clients’ use cases.

Elasticity proudly says, “Our knowledge of relevant analytic frameworks. Our focus on media and marketing has exposed us to many variations on common analytic applications. From audience development to yield management to marketing effectiveness and social listening, we’ve worked closely with our clients to expand and scale their analytic approaches.”

Many companies offer some of the above elements; only Elasticiti brings them together. This translates into increased project velocity, minimal knowledge transfer requirements, and ultimately a higher quality deliverable.

Creative Approach

Elasticiti seeks to provide its clients with smart analytics that answer the most pressing business questions of digital media companies. The company knows that you have a huge amount of data available to you. The challenge is knowing when and how to use it to advance your business goals and secure the future of your company.

Here’s why Elasticity’s approach is unique:

Elasticity identifies and extracts precise data points that will allow you to make informed decision based on a better understanding of who your audience are and its interactive dashboards provide a holistic view of your audience behaviour and interests. They’re customized by role, so that everyone in your organization can use them.

The company emphasizes on collaboration. It doesn’t work in a vacuum, and then deliver to you a bunch of reports. It works side-by-side with your team (sometimes literally!) to see their needs and strengths. Also, its agile processes are designed to take hypothesis testing to whole other level.

Audience & Measurement

Content Analysis: User content preference profiling and consumption patterns.

Content Distribution Analysis: Analyze how content performs on partner sites, and optimize distribution strategy as appropriate.

Audience Profiling: Pull all data from relevant sources, load into data warehouse and normalize as required. Establish role-specific mechanisms for performing analytics, allowing all teams to understand user demographics, behavioural attributes and how they vary from partner to partner.

 Lifetime Value Of User Acquisition: Gain a highly accurate understanding of what the user acquisition cost means to your company. Empowering your marketing team to make the best decisions, and improve your margins.

Audience Overlap Insight: Understand common audiences amongst shows, and how to drive viewership.

Maximize your ad revenue

Revenue Forecasting & Analysis: Understand how revenue accumulates over time, in order to forecast accurately and to proactively identify potential issues.

Full-Stack Monetization Analytics: Analysis of inventory and revenue performance across video, mobile and display, sold via programmatic and direct channels. Focus on floor pricing, header bidding, and third-party partnerships.

 Inventory Forecasting & Analysis: Short, mid and long-term analysis of inventory, to ensure all pools are monetized, while avoiding under-delivery.

Advanced Diagnostics Of Ad-Tech Stack: Ensure campaigns deliver as expected and that analytics are fed validated data.

Pricing And Packaging Analytics: Analysis of pricing and rate card strategy, to identify areas where optimization is required.

Manage Direct Sold Campaigns For Live TV: Establish accelerated processes to extract and validate data from source, during live events.

The Leader Upfront

Benjamin Reid, CEO and Principal, has been working at the intersection of media, advertising, and data for over 25 years. At Elasticiti, he leads the Engineering and Analytics teams on all engagements and sets the direction and execution for the company. He has a proven record of providing technical and strategic guidance, partnering with key stakeholders, and achieving desired business results.

Prior to founding Elasticiti, Ben was eXelate's General Manager where he was responsible for growing its data cooperative and DMP business. Prior to eXelate (now part of Nielsen), Ben held VP roles at Operative in Sales Engineering, Account Management, and Strategic Development where he and his team developed partnerships with the most recognizable names in media and ultimately acquired Operative’s largest competitor. Before joining Operative, Ben was's (now DotDash) Vice President of Sales Operations for six years. There he led the Sales Operations team, pioneered many yield management processes, and product managed the company’s proprietary Order Management System. Ben started his career at as Director of Ad Operations.

Benjamin is a graduate of Boston University with a BA in English Literature.

“Our customers enjoy the benefits of robust, custom-built analytics delivered when they need it and hosted on their enterprise technology stack.”