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10 Fastest Growing Cyber Security Companies 2017

A Leader in Cyber Security, Imperva Protects Cloud Applications, Websites, Web Applications, Critical Databases, Files and Big Data Repositories Wherever You Deploy Them

thesiliconreview-anthony-bettencourt-ceo-imperva-17“We Protect What Matters Most”

Cybercriminals constantly change their tactics. But what they are after, and how they ultimately make money, doesn’t change. They are after data. They make their money through extortion, via DDoS and ransomware, and through theft via data breaches. Today, data and applications are the fundamental assets of any enterprise. Data are the intellectual property and apps are what run the business. Imperva has a singular purpose: protect these critical assets from the ever-changing attacks of the cybercrime industry.

Founded in 2002, Imperva has enjoyed a steady history of growth and success, generating $264 million in 2016. With over 5,200 customers and more than 500 partners in 100+ countries worldwide, the company is a leading provider of data and application security solutions that protect business-critical information in the cloud and on-premises.

Plumbs the Depths of Imperva

Imperva protects you from cybercriminals – be they external actors or malicious insiders. Imperva protects cloud applications, websites and applications, files, SharePoint systems, databases and big data repositories from both theft and ever-evolving extortion attacks like DDoS and ransomware. The Imperva Defense Center research team – comprised of some of the world’s leading experts in data and application security – roots out new attack methods and stops them before they reach you. So whether your critical digital assets are in the cloud or on-premises, in an application or in a database, you can be confident that Imperva will protect them from both the profit-driven cybercrime industry and nation-state actors. Imperva is the only leader for three consecutive years in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls.

Solutions Outlook

Imperva cyber security software products include:

  • Incapsula and SecureSphere for DDoS Protection
  • Incapsula, SecureSphere and ThreatRadar for Application Security and Threat Intelligence
  • SecureSphere and CounterBreach for Data Security and Breach Prevention

Imperva provides products for the following categories:

DDoS Protection: Halt DDoS attacks against your websites, applications and infrastructure while improving website performance.

  • Ensure automatic detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks with always-on protection
  • Block low and slow, and volumetric DDoS attacks against all types of services
  • Increase the performance of your website with load balancing and global content delivery network

Application Security: Protect applications from hackers and unknown vulnerabilities with unrivaled cyber security software solutions.

  • Profile application behavior dynamically and virtually patch application vulnerabilities
  • Stop logical and technical attacks including OWASP Top-10 with integrated threat intelligence
  • Deploy application security in the cloud or on-premises with flexible management options

Database Security: Discover and protect sensitive data in the cloud and on-premises while simplifying compliance audit processes.

  • Monitor and record transactions with sensitive data to efficiently demonstrate compliance
  • Find, classify and provide assessment of structured and unstructured data in the entire enterprise
  • Ensure data integrity and confidentiality across digital boundaries by masking sensitive data

File Security: Secure critical data stored in file servers and SharePoint systems.

  • Gain visibility and access control to secure files with real-time monitoring and blocking
  • Protect your sensitive and regulated SharePoint data from sophisticated hackers
  • Save time and meet file compliance requirements by easily keeping track of user activity and access rights

Cloud Security: Extend security to the cloud to protect infrastructure (IaaS) and applications (SaaS) in the cloud from hackers.

  • Deliver superior protection for application and database infrastructure in Azure and AWS
  • Discover and protect cloud-based applications using a cloud access security broker
  • Manage infrastructure and applications in the cloud and on-premises with hybrid deployment

Breach Prevention: Protect data stored in databases, file shares and SaaS applications with innovative cyber security software.

  • Monitor user access to data repositories in the cloud or on-premises
  • Learn behavioral baseline of user data access and flag dangerous actions
  • Contain risky users in order to proactively prevent data breaches

Cyber Security Platform: Improve operation efficiency while protecting applications and data using a common, highly scalable platform.

  • Support massive traffic loads with multi-gigabit throughput
  • Maximize uptime with redundant, hot-swappable components
  • Scale and unify web, database and file security management

Commend the Admirable Leader

Anthony Bettencourt, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board: Bettencourt has served as our president, chief executive officer, and board member since August 2014. He has been Chairman of the Board since October 2015. Bettencourt previously served as chief executive officer of Coverity Inc., a privately held company that develops and markets development testing solutions that assist software developers in detecting and fixing quality and security problems from November 2010 to March 2014, following Coverity’s acquisition by Synopsys, Inc. From January 2006 to October 2009, he served as Senior Vice President of Special Projects at Autonomy Corporation plc. From 2003 to 2005, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of Verity Inc., an enterprise search company and led the company through its acquisition by Autonomy in 2005. Bettencourt currently serves as a member of the board of directors for Formation Data Systems, and he previously served on the board of Versant. Anthony holds a B.A. in English from Santa Clara University.

“Our technology provides granular visibility into how users access data and applications, and uses sophisticated user tracking and classification to detect and block cyberattacks, botnets, unauthorized users and malicious insiders.”