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A Leader in Software Quality Tools for the Connected World: SmartBear Software

“As the leader in software quality tools for the connected world, SmartBear supports more than four million software professionals and over 25,000 organizations in 194 countries that use its products to build and deliver the world’s greatest applications.”

Today the world runs on software. Software applications are everywhere and are connected to everything. Mobile, Web, desktop, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, public and private clouds; all are powered by modern applications and the APIs that bind them together. SmartBear calls the collection of these applications, APIs, devices and data sources, “The Connected World.”

A world that runs on software means it is now more important than ever that those Apps and APIs are of the highest possible quality, and are functioning and performing as they should at all times. This is where SmartBear comes in. With tools for collaborative development, functional testing, performance testing, and performance monitoring across APIs, mobile, web and desktop, SmartBear helps software teams create the world’s greatest apps and APIs by ensuring quality throughout every step of the lifecycle, from the first line of code, to live in production, and every test in between.

Solutions for the Connected World
SmartBear products are created to help developers, testers, and operations teams deliver the world’s best applications across web, mobile, enterprise, and IoT platforms. It provides the tools for code collaboration, functional testing, load testing, and performance monitoring.

Mobile Testing Solutions – Rampant device and operating system fragmentation causes problems for mobile app testing. Additionally, behind every mobile app there is at least one or typically several APIs. Testing front-end or graphical user interface (GUI) in a silo is thereby not sufficient. Testers need to ensure that the GUI and API work together as expected. SmartBear provides tools that you overcome these challenges and delivery high quality mobile applications at speed.

Web Testing Solutions – Create automated functional tests for web. Use one test across multiple browsers. Convert your functional tests into performance tests to increase test coverage and reduce testing time. Support for Selenium included. Monitor your web sites using real browsers across 80+ locations.

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions – The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vision of the future being built today, and represents huge business opportunities for device manufacturers, software developers, and cloud solution providers. SmartBear provides a family of tools to speed the delivery of IoT solutions with support for protocols like MQTT alongside traditional SOAP and modern REST web services, so you can start integrating aspects of functional, security, and performance into your testing process well before final builds are completed.

API Readiness Solutions – Innovators want to release great APIs, fantastically successful and widely adopted. These APIs have to be easy to use and deliver compelling amounts of value. Ready! API provides an easy, cost-effective approach to maintaining proactive issue detection, secure, high performance APIs throughout their delivery lifecycles. SmartBear helps you stay focused on innovation while making sure you protect your assets before releasing your great ideas to the world.

API Virtualization – API teams face many obstacles to rapidly build, test, and deploy services. Testers need stable environments, developers need to be able to change things, and managers need everyone to work seamlessly without conflict. ServiceV by SmartBear is the only API-specific virtualization platform requiring minimal skill and commitment to make a vital difference in your schedule and budget.

Continuous Integration Solutions – You are required to develop, test, and deploy in shorter release cycles to stay competitive in the market place. Add to that, market expectations that products need to be released on multiple platforms and devices. SmartBear provides tools to help you improve release cycle times by increasing automation across development-test-deploy stages.

Microservices Solutions – API development teams with more than a few small APIs need to deliver reliable web services for apps and devices to consume. Microservices are a revelation in how we build large-scale distributed systems, helping us build many single point solutions that integrate together at a higher level. But while microservice architecture provides a more evolved paradigm over older monolithic approaches, the pattern comes with its own challenges: newness, complexity, and overhead.

More than four million individual developers, QA testers and IT professionals use our Software Development and QA tools worldwide in small and large teams alike. SmartBear customers range from single-seat installations at small companies to 1,000-seat installations at some of the largest private and public organizations in the world.

Client Testimonial
“Keep providing the great support you do. I work with many companies in my systems support role and some are difficult to work with for support. It’s been just the opposite with SmartBear support. I’ve been impressed with the helpful responses to support needs.” – Kent Ryan, UNIX Systems Administrator.

Knowing the Mastermind

Doug McNary, Chief Executive Officer – A 25+ year high-tech veteran, Doug has extensive experience in building and scaling successful software companies. Doug comes to SmartBear from Quest Software(Dell), where he ran the virtualization management business unit. His arrival at Quest was through the acquisition of VKernel, the leading provider of capacity management solutions for virtual server infrastructures. As CEO, he led the company to profitably and its successful acquisition in 2012. Prior to VKernel, Doug was CEO of Onaro, a leading storage resource management company acquired by NetAPP in 2009.

Doug came to VKernel after working as EVP of Corporate Development and Sales at Motive where he grew revenue to over $90M resulting in a successful IPO in 2004. Earlier in his career, he led Tivoli Systems’ initial sales efforts in the US and EMEA achieving annual revenues of over $250M, a successful IPO and acquisition by IBM. Doug started his career with General Electric and has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

“Our software quality tools assist with code review, functional and load testing, API readiness as well as performance monitoring of these modern applications.”