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Silicon 70 2018

A Leading Provider of Information Technology Consulting Services: SystemDomain, Inc


Founded in 1999, SystemDomain, Inc was started as an IT service and staff augmentation firm. The growing lucrative opportunities in the usage and adaptation of the internet by both businesses and consumers paved the way for the company to emerge. As the company realised the need for contingent, skilled IT resources during the height of the dot-com era in the late 90’s, SystemDomain evolved to provide cybersecurity and risk management, digital, cloud, data analytics, and professional services (such as enterprise architecture, database, network management, ERP, and CRM). Established by Shubhi and Anil Garg as an IT Professional Service Firm, over time, SystemDomain has successfully architected and implemented the solutions for Fortune 500 companies in the utility and financial sector. Its target goal is to deliver the services within budget and on-time. The company is located in Naperville, Warrenville, San Ramon, and India.

In Conversation with Shubhi Garg, President, and CEO:

What challenges did you face in the initial years?

Every venture has its own challenges and to sustain in any competitive space, we need hard work, luck, and perseverance. As a small company, we had to learn to break through and showcase SystemDomain’s products and services to firms and be very competitive in pricing and quality of the delivery of services. As we were competing with the big players in technology; most of the potential clients already had their set vendors they would like to do business with, the challenge was to always look for an opportunity to network and connect with procurement managers and decision-makers to find success within our industry. I believe if you work just for money, you will never make it, but if you love what you’re doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours.

Justify your company’s popularity and consistent growth.

Our on-time and within budget deliveries are key success factors. We have developed and added the Cyber Security Solutions ahead of the industry which gave us the opportunity to present the solutions to the client very early on than the competition. The reason we became one of the leading providers of information technology consulting services is our technological expertise and strategic insights.

What has motivated you to expand the business over the years?

We realized in the last decade that organizations have been living in an increasingly networked world across internal Systems, Cloud Applications, and interactions with its employees, vendors & partners. Any Security vulnerability in enterprise applications, external facing applications, physical and electronic access could endanger the organization and may impact the firm’s systems, employees, shareholders, and its brand and market value. Due to the critical impact of security breaches, our company is motivated to provide its clients with the cyber-security solutions.

Where do you see the company in a couple of years from now?

SystemDomain continues to help our current and new customers to deliver the business solutions. We have an end to end products in Cyber Security and Cyber Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment, Monitoring, Access Control, and Authentication. SystemDomain is planning to offer the Enterprise Authentication Solution to make an enterprise more secure and protect business-critical data and applications. I believe that there are tremendous opportunities to grow our business by enhancing our product portfolio and developing new products in Cyber Security & Risk Management and Data Sciences. We see the SystemDomain’s growth in globalizing our Company and Business, expanding our Customer Base, extending Risk Management Solutions, and leading Core Business Innovation.

SystemDomain’s Services Offerings

SystemDomain has a strategic partnership with leading software product companies to provide the integration and professional services to the utility, healthcare, financial, and research organizations. SDI has offshore software development and support center to provide the cost-effective services.

SystemDomain has expanded its offerings in the following segments:

  • Consulting: SDI provides the staff Augmentation and Managed Services for Architecture, Software Development, and Support for Enterprise apps (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft technologies). SDI can provide the offshore resources to achieve the value proposition for Managed Services
  • Cybersecurity: Provide Assessment on Cyber Security Vulnerabilities across Enterprise (Applications Systems, Network, Databases, Web Services, and Systems). SDI also provides the solutions for Identity & Access Management and Compliance controls to meet NERC/CIP compliance for Utility Sector and the SOX requirements for Public Traded Companies
  • Cloud Computing: SDI offers cloud solutions for Applications (AaaS), Infrastructure (IaaS) and Platform (PaaS).
  • Staff Augmentation: SystemDomain has been successful in sourcing and filling contract/ permanent positions for its client for the past 18 plus years. SystemDomain has been structured to provide high-quality staffing services for its clients and has established a comprehensive recruitment process, which enables it to track technology and map client requirements

Awards and Honors

System Domain has earned numerous awards and industry accolades such as:

  • CIO Applications named SystemDomain in Top 25 Cyber Security Companies of 2018
  • Gold Award the fastest growing Cyber Security Firm by Excellence Awards 2018
  • Top 20 Most promising Cyber Security Solution Provider by Silicon India 2017
  • com’s (now OMNIKAL) OMNI500 Top Businesses for 2017

Greet the Charismatic Leader

Shubhi Garg, the President, and CEO of SystemDomain: Prior to joining SDI in 2013, Shubhi has worked for over ten years as a technology consultant in the Healthcare, Insurance, Banking, Retail, and Food industries and worked as a Business Development Manager for IT consulting firms. She is responsible for managing the SDI’s business strategies including the company’s efforts in external and internal marketing, recruiting support, resource development and product management. She has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Science and a postgraduate diploma in Computer Science.

“Our determination for customer satisfaction and delivering the efficient solutions are our secret to success.”