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A New Era in Healthcare Needs New Solutions: Integra Connect


Powerful Solutions to Support Better Outcomes

Integra Connect brings together an accomplished team from the worlds of population health, practice management, healthcare technology, oncology, urology, rheumatology, and many other areas of healthcare. The team shares a deep understanding of the challenges and needs facing specialty care, as well as a commitment to make a positive impact.

Integra Connect helps specialists, EMS and life sciences optimize performance in the era of value-based care. It provides systems and solutions to support the achievement of quality measures and care coordination across the entire care continuum, enabling visibility into and effective management of the total cost of care – spanning both inside and outside the office environment.

Solutions: Mastering Value-Based Care

Integra Connect's solution was designed to help specialists - starting with oncologists and urologists - to succeed clinically and financially with value-based care. Improving patient care and outcomes while complying with new regulations requires a comprehensive solution connected through a single platform.

Population Health Analytics: Integra Connect’s population health technologies and services help practices to:

  • Identify, segment, and stratify patient populations Monitor key metrics in real-time;
  • Identify outliers and drill down to an individual patient level;
  • Deploy care management interventions from within the application;

Care Management: Care management is a linchpin of both better outcomes and lower cost. We help specialty practices set up, operationalize and power this critical new requirement of value-based care models.

  • Group and stratify at-risk patient populations requiring care management interventions;
  • Capture and centralize program details, pathways, educational libraries, and other assets;
  • Enable care managers to work efficiently via a portal containing daily to-dos, patient-specific alerts, workflows, and tools to monitor and measure program participants;
  • Generate evidence-based care plans automatically based on pre-defined rules and custom parameters;
  • Deploy interventions, from new appointments to patient education and program enrollment.

Patient Engagement: Partner with your patients for better health. Capabilities across Integra Connect’s suite of solutions unite to help educate, motivate, and engage patients – anytime and anywhere.

  • Increase access to care with a mobile-first patient portal for scheduling appointments, reviewing notes from the EHR, and communicating with the care team;
  • Improve care plan compliance via educational materials, reminders, and alerts to keep patients on track with their health goals;
  • Centralize and deploy communications that are fully integrated with other sources of patient insight, including via mail, email, phone calls, and texts.

Electronic Health Records (EHR): In the fee-for-service era, EHRs were optimized for charting. Ours helps you manage entire episodes of care toward better outcomes.

  • Stay focused on patients during each encounter, thanks to industry-leading design and ease of use;
  • Chart faster by leveraging specialty-specific tools and pre-populated content;
  • Design and administer complex regimens directly from the EHR, triggering supporting workflows throughout your practice;
  • View and act on insights brought in via our integrated HIE or population health/care management applications, in support of whole person care;
  • Improve the accuracy of your practice’s APM reporting, thanks to the direct flow of data from patient notes to analytics and registry reporting.

Value-Based Revenue Cycle Management: Maximize your practice's revenue, faster and more efficiently, across value-based payment models as well as traditional fee-for-service billing.

  • Grow your top line, increase collections and reduce denials with the tools and experience of our expert teams;
  • Effectively manage the complex reimbursement calculations of a value-based revenue cycle, driven by cost and quality outcomes and variable across payers;
  • Process payments faster with streamlined workflow and real-time updates so you can address issues proactively;
  • Reduce administrative burden by allowing office staff to focus on patient care instead of painstaking claim submission and follow-up;
  • Enhance practice operations with integrated analytics and reporting.

Practice Management: Streamline office workflows while keeping a pulse on practice performance.

  • Empower your front desk team with tools to manage their day, while improving the patient's in-office experience;
  • Collect payments faster and more efficiently with capabilities to clean and submit claims, then track status and proactively resolve issues;
  • Put your data to work with robust analytics and reporting capabilities that empower you to track, optimize, and report out on practice performance;

Practice Transformation Services: Transformation Services help specialty practices at any stage of their journey to advance, confidently and successfully. Our experts engage with clients to deliver:

  • Governance and leadership structures and functions
  • Actuarial and analytical capabilities
  • Care management program development
  • Clinical program development
  • Network design and management
  • Evidence-based care guideline creation and management
  • APM design, contracting, and management
  • Patient experience and engagement

Integra ConnectTM QCDR: Simplify practice performance management and quality measure submissions with a comprehensive registry and regulatory reporting solution.

  • Aggregation of clinical patient data – including mapping of data elements to specific reporting requirements – from disparate EHR systems
  • Documentation gap reports identifying missing data, invalid data or incompatible data element combinations
  • Interactive performance analytics at the group, practice site, physician and patient-levels to identify performance outliers
  • Simplified entry of ACI and IA attestation
  • Generation of submission files and management of the submission process

CEO Corner

Charles Saunders MD, Chief Executive Officer: Charles Saunders is Chief Executive Officer at Integra Connect. Dr. Saunders is a physician executive who combines a clinical, business and technology background. He was formerly CEO of Healthagen (an Aetna company) which provides population health technology and services. He has also held previous leadership roles including CEO of Broadlane, a large GPO and supply chain technology company, President of EDS Healthcare Global Industry Group and CMO of Healtheon/WebMD. As an emergency physician, he headed the EMS Services in the City of San Francisco. Dr. Saunders received his MD from Johns Hopkins University and BS in Biology from University of Southern California (USC).

“Integra Connect’s mission is to help specialty care succeed, clinically and financially, with the emergence of value-based care.  It does this through a comprehensive offering of technology and services, unified by the IntegraCloud platform and combined with unmatched industry expertise.”