10 Fastest Growing Cyber Security Companies 2016

A Next Generation Leader in Cyber Security and Breach Prevention: SnoopWall

“Cyber-crime is growing at a tremendous rate. It’s become an organized big business opportunity for criminals, and is projected to grow to $600 billion this year, larger than any other form of crime. But why should small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) worry about being targets? After all, they’re not Bank of America or Home Depot.” Kate Harrison, Forbes Magazine, May, 2016.

Fitting in perfectly to the above mentioned quote, SnoopWall, incorporated in 2013, offers highly scalable & affordable breach prevention solutions ideally suited for small to medium sized enterprise business. The subtle distinction between breach detection and prevention is incredibly important. Detecting a breach, while useful, provides notice that your organization may be in big trouble. A proactive security approach, recognizing milliseconds matter, requires a breach prevention security solution. “Cyber criminals don’t discriminate,” warns Gary S. Miliefsky, founder of SnoopWall Inc., a counter-intelligence technology company. “In fact, cyber criminals find SMBs easier targets because their defenses are often not as advanced as those of larger businesses.”

Over a short span of time, the Nashua, NH headquartered company has successfully established itself as a leader in Cyber-Risk Mitigation by building a portfolio of innovative Breach Prevention technologies. The NetSHIELD solution includes critical network access control to ensure only trusted assets access corporate networks. Additionally, zero-hour malware and phishing attack real-time quarantine, mac-spoof detection, TLD blocking, comprehensive auditing, vulnerability assessment, and compliance reporting & enforcement make this a comprehensive and compelling offering. The NetSHIELD solution is available as a hardware appliance that scale from 25 to 10,000 protected assets per appliance. In addition, an embedded command center allows administrators to manage up to 1000 remote sites.

A step ahead of competitors always
Companies around the world are fiercely competing for mindshare with marketing campaigns highlighting innovative technologies and best of breed claims. However, few deliver as SnoopWall has done with its unique and compelling breach preventions solutions it claims is a critical component of the “Security Value Chain”. SnoopWall is rapidly expanding through a global partner base to serve clients in various market sectors including Finance, IT Services, Insurance, Government and Health care. A rapidly expanding list of customers includes Capital City Bank, Service Source, Zone RE, Avidia Bank, Thai Royal Guard, City of Richmond (UK) and Boston Health Care for the Homeless.

SnoopWall believes that today’s aggressive cyber-security landscape requires an equally aggressive proactive cyber security defense that takes a multi-layered approach. Starting with security from the inside out by deploying comprehensive access control and breach prevention capabilities help companies ensure that their front doors don’t become the back door for malicious cyber-crime exploitation.

Emerging as a leading channel driven company
SnoopWall is greatly interested in continuing to accelerate its channel distribution network, both discovering new relationships in established markets as well as expanding relationships in new geographies, with partners interested in tapping into the explosive growth of breach prevention, cyber-risk mitigation and critical network access control solutions (see figure below). Operating with an experienced staff of industry veterans, SnoopWall strives to continue excelling in security innovation and in its commitment to partners and customers through determined focus, hard work and by executing on a shared vision.

In Summary
SnoopWall is one of the world’s foremost proactive breach prevention companies delivering a suite of proactive security solutions for securing corporate networks as well as connected endpoints and mobile assets. SnoopWall protects networks from unwanted, unknown and malicious access as well as ransomware, crypto malware and phishing attacks. Headquartered in Nashua, NH, just 35 miles north of Boston, Massachusetts in the high tech sector of the East Coast, the company incorporated in 2013 offers a comprehensive suite of hardware and software solutions that succeed in dynamically preventing breaches. They are truly one step ahead of the next threat and that is why they are one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2016. Find them at

 “With SnoopWall’s software products and hardware appliances, one can secure mission critical and highly valuable confidential information behind firewalls and on mobile devices with next generation technology that prevents rogue, malicious and/or unknown network access including preventing ransomware, crypto malware and phishing attacks.”

Gary Miliefsky is the CEO of SnoopWall, Inc. and inventor of the company’s innovative breach prevention technologies. He is a cyber-security expert and frequent invited guest on national and international media commenting on security and related matters. He has been extremely active in the INFOSEC arena, most recently as the Editor of Cyber Defense Magazine. Miliefsky is a Founding Member of the US Department of Homeland Security ( ), the National Information Security Group ( and the OVAL advisory board of MITRE responsible for the CVE Program ( He also assisted the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) for the White House, in their development of The National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace as well as the Center for the Study of Counter-Terrorism and Cyber Crime at Norwich University. Gary is a member of and CISSP®. Email him at