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A one-stop shop for air conditioners and its components for consumers: Amber Enterprises India Ltd


Amber Enterprises India Ltd is a prominent solution provider for Air conditioner OEM/ODM Industry in India. It has a dominant presence in RACs complete unit and deals in major RAC components with 10 manufacturing facilities across India focusing in on different product segments.With expertise in components like heat exchangers, sheet metal components, injection molding components, and system tubing and motors, Amber is strongly positioned with its backward integration to derive the core deliverable's in terms of quality, cost, and delivery.

Amber offers higher energy efficiency and expertise in indoor, outdoor, split and window AC units. It deals in AC components as well as non-AC components. The company was incorporated as Amber Enterprises India Private Limited, as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1956.

From a single factory in Rajpura, Punjab, which commenced operations in 1994, Amber hasnow grown to 10 manufacturing facilities across seven locations in India.

A Diversified Product Portfolio

RACs: Amber designs and manufactures complete RACs including Window Air Conditioners ("WACs") and Indoor Units ("IDUS") and Outdoor Units ("ODUS") of Split Air Conditioners ("SAC"s) with specifications ranging from 0.75 ton to 2 tons, across energy ratings and types of refrigerant. It designs and manufactures inverter RACs too.

RAC Components: Amber manufactures reliable functional components of RACs that includes heat exchangers, motors and multi-flow condensers with other components such as sheet metal components, copper tubing and including plastic extrusion, vacuum forming, and injection molding processes too.

Non AC Components: Amber manufactures components other durables and automobiles such as case liners for refrigerator, plastic extrusion sheets, sheet metal components for microwave, washing machine tub assemblies with other sheet metal and plastic injection molding and extrusion components for automobiles and metal ceiling industries.

Products Description in Details

Room Air Conditioners:

Window Room Air Conditioners

  • High-efficiency window ac in both rotary and reciprocating
  • Options available in wireless with remote and manual controller
  • Wide features integrated: on/off timer, sleep mode, energy saving mode, auto swing, auto restart

Split Air Conditioners

  • High efficiency split ac in fixed speed series
  • Modern and attractive designs with a hidden display
  • LCD remote controllers
  • High-performance fan and heat exchangers
  • Low-noise operation
  • Refrigerant (r22/r410a/r32)

Inverter Split Air Conditioners

  • High efficiency split AC in inverter series
  • Modern and attractive designs
  • LCD remote controllers
  • High-performance fan and heat exchangers

AC Components:

  • Heat Exchanger: Heat exchangers are essential elements in the air conditioning system. Amber manufactures coils for air conditioners. It is used to transfer heat from refrigerant to ambient thus providing the cooling needed.Amber prides itself on the economy of manufacture – lowering raw material costs, producing microchannel heat exchangers with higher precision, optimizing production time and lowering labor costs leading to an overall reduction of its manufacturing costs
  • Sheet Metal Component Non Ac Components: Amber has a very sophisticated sheet metal production facility with the latest automated design capabilities for tooling, a press shop with the latest technology and a trained, committed workforce. It has about 200 presses ranging from 50 tons to 500 tons that are capable of producing an infinite range and number of components
  • Electric Motors: In Amber’s PICL, Faridabad Unit, it is making Residential and Commercial Electrical motors used for different products. Its motors are being used in residential and commercial air conditioners, washing machines, coolers, and many other appliances
  • Copper Tubing: The company has an in-house modern facility for manufacturing various copper connecting pipes, varying from headers, distributors, connecting tubes and installation kits. All the parts are then leak tested and cleaned ultrasonically ensuring high-quality copper parts are delivered to Assembly line

Non AC Components:

  • Plastic Extrusion: Amber has the technical skill and expertise to produce upto 5 layer co-extruded sheets using a range of plastic material. It regularly extrudes ABS, HIPS, HDPE, LDPE and PP Sheets for its clients for a wide variety of applications
  • Vacuum Forming: Amberuses vacuum forming to make a number of components commonly used in the making of refrigerators, automobiles, and consumer durable items including plastic containers, trays, buckets, bathtubs, helmets, etc. Vacuum forming is a much more economical process than other forming processes and offers several processing advantages

Meet the Leader

Mr. Jasbir Singh, Chairman, and CEO: Jasbir is serving the Board of Amber Enterprises India Limited (“Amber”) since 1 October 2004 and appointed as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company with effect from 25 August 2017. He is having more than 15 years of experience in the RAC manufacturing sector.

He has successfully established over seven factories in the past ten years and established relationships with various large brands. Under his guidance, Amber has initiated the concept of additive manufacturing solutions. He has played an instrumental role in the successful acquisition of PICL (India) Private Limited in 2012, the wholly owned subsidiary and two PCB Board manufacturers i.e. IL JIN Electronics (India) Private Limited and Ever Electronics Private Limited, the subsidiaries.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (industrial production) from Karnataka University and Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Hull, United Kingdom.

“Amber is dedicated to providing the best Quality and Value to meet the customers' needs.”