30 Fabulous Companies of the Year 2020

A prominent front runner in providing end-to-end solution for all the IoT deployers: Vossic Technology


Before building an Enterprise IoT application there are few factors to be considered like manageability, scalability, and performance. A powerful end-to-end IoT ecosystem will provide benefits like faster time-to-market, lesser startup costs, and maintained performance & easy scalability for IoT application. After being in discussion for a long period of time, IoT is just now entering the main stream and its efficacy and ROI is yet to be tested and proven. A prominent system integrator like Vossic technology brings together various components to deliver end-to-end solution for all the IoT deployers. Set up in 2012, Vossic provides solutions ranging from Factory Automation, On-line to Off-line (O2O), Self-Service Kiosk, Social Media, Interactive Multi-Screen, IoT/IoE, Cloud Services, FinTech and Big Data. It engages with clients from idea to product launch with their unique agile development process, developed over decades, greatly reducing time-to-market. System Integrators in the automation era tend to align resources, developmental products, and technical support to assist businesses to effectively make use of innovative techs.

In a conversation with Giant Su CEO of Vossic Technology

Why was the company set up? And how did you expand your company and its offerings over the years?

Vossic’s key members are from Foxconn. As the software service requirement from Foxconn’s customers were getting more and more complicated, i.e., doing system integration and cloud application, Foxconn decided to spin off the team as a System Integrator (SI) to provide professional service to not only their customers.

In Vossic’s initial years, we served mainly local telecom operators and MSO’s (Multi-System Operator, aka. cable operator). The entry barrier of Telco and MSO are quite high as they have high standards on quality, stability, security and scalability. Anyway, once you cross the barrier, you acquire the reputation and will be refer to other Telco, MSO or even bigger customers. As a result, in recent years, we not only expand our customer footprints from local to global, but expand industries from telco/MSO to retail, logistic, agriculture and manufacture.

What kind of mixed responses have you received from your consumers over the years? How have they motivated you to shape your offerings/grow the company?

Our customers are global brand companies. From time to time, they are planning to provide innovative and advanced services to the public, and the service should be launched far advance than their competitors in order to keep their leading position. Therefore, time-to-market is their key concern. However, they won’t spend s big budget unless they are confident the service will be a success. The problem is, to make the service work at minimum scale; it still involves huge efforts to have IoT devices and to develop software applications for device and cloud, or even to integrate with existing systems. Therefore, customer’s voice is a mixed requests that quick and low-cost solution, so the challenge to SI is how to make the solution under budget and under dead line. For years of experience as SI, we have built up an agile development flow along with modulation software architecture to greatly reduce the software development time.

What challenges did you face in your initial years?

Back in the days at Foxconn, the R&D team would receive well-defined specification from OEM customers and all they had to do was just following that spec to implement the software. However, once we were spun off as a startup company, we have now become the one to define the spec. How to translate customer’s “wish” to real “design spec” takes lots of skills and efforts and that’s exactly what my team was missing back then. Therefore, changing the mindset of our team and building up an effective design flow were the keys for our initial years.

“Earning trust and respect of consumers all around the world is through consistent focus on delivering high quality in all of our actions,” how do you interpret this statement?

That’s very true and is exactly the lesson learned from our first project. I’d like to add one point that, delivering “high quality” service is a must and should be the lowest requirement for most SI. Another import factor is “speed”. The leading companies in all industries are facing new challenges from their competitors or startups using new technologies (i.e. AI, 5G, IoT … etc.). Therefore, besides quality, speed is becoming more and more important.

Do you have any news to share about your products/services?

For more than seven years in providing SI and IoT services to our clients, we have modularized our software architecture to become a Platform as a Service (PaaS), called VIP (Vossic IoT Platform). This VIP is a hardware-independent and cloud independent IoT software development platform. Programmers could easily implement new software based on this general purpose platform. Besides, it comes with a widget-based GUI (graphical user interface) so users could easily connect their IoT devices in no time and manage these devices via any browser anywhere anytime. VIP has been adopted in smart retailer and smart logistics and it will also be adopted for smart manufacturing as a cloud-based SCADA system this year.

Meet the CEO, Giant Su

Giant Su has 25 years of experience in software, communication, and semiconductor& AIoT industries. Before founding Vossic, he was at MediaTek as the senior director responsible for product marketing and global business development. With his leadership, the company acquired global brand clients like Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic. He also served as the director of Foxconn, and the RD manager of BenQ. Giant has a Computer Science Ph.D. degree from National Tsing Hua University and owns 5 patents. During his college life, he was an outstanding programmer and won several prizes in programming contests. In 1994, he even represented Taiwan to attend the ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) for the world championship.

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