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10 Fastest Growing IT Services Companies 2017

A single-source managed IT provider of all the Business Technology solutions you need: CATS Technology


“We focus on preventing problems through proactive maintenance plans, which decrease IT expenditures and system downtime.”

Are you a small or mid-sized company having difficulties meeting businesses technology needs?

Well, look no further than “CATS Technology”, as its solutions can provide you with the required team of experts to address all your technology needs. As an independent consultant Darrin Gonchar formed TCA and began providing services to his clients out of his basement. Over the time TCA grew to become an NSP. In 2009 the company was rebranded as CATS Technology solutions. The Journey from the team of 5 in 2001 to 50 in 2015 has been phenomenal indeed.

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) works with companies to ensure processes run smoothly and efficiently. Outsourcing IT needs to a MSP or a consulting firm augments the company’s productivity, as well as ensures that its technology stays cutting edge. CATS Technology Solutions Group (CATS) is a single-source MSP, offering professional IT services, including computer networking, website design, desktop and server maintenance, HIPAA Compliance services, Cloud computing strategies, Digital signage, Backup solutions, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuation strategies, Voice and Data services, and any other specific needs organizations may have regarding its business processes.

“We can provide your company with premium IT infrastructure services, IT professional services, and virtualization consultants but because we offer a wide range of IT solutions and computer consulting services packages to fit any company budget, you don’t have to pay premium prices for it. Allow our team of expertly trained IT consultants and computer consultants show you why we are consistently meeting our goals and those of our customers to be the best IT firm and provider IT business technology solutions anywhere,” the executives say.

The full-service approach to IT solutions and business IT services

In today’s technology driven workplace, data security and innovation are vital concerns for leading IT service providers. Darrin Gonchar, President of CATS, discusses the challenges of this modern technology climate, and explains how his company distinguishes itself as a leader in this growing industry. Gonchar articulates, “We are well-equipped to combat the industry’s challenges by offering comprehensive, feature-rich managed service strategies based on a proactive approach that includes state of the art security measures, as well as disaster recovery planning and management.” CATS is staffed by highly trained, certified IT professionals, who not only understand abstract technological concepts, but also understand the unique needs of the businesses they are servicing. By focusing on a client’s overall experience and satisfaction, CATS shapes and defines solutions around functionality, efficiency and quality of the integrated solutions. “As a strategic IT services provider, CATS tailors its offering to complement client’s business’s workflow ensuring synergy with their information technology systems,” states Gonchar. With Guardian, a state of the art advanced monitoring and alerting system, CATS offers a proactive, support platform to expedite response and resolution time.

This framework identifies issues, and reports them instantaneously to an internal dashboard where technicians can respond accordingly. Gonchar notes, “Predicting and preventing system failures is principal to reducing repair and operational costs, as well as averting business intrusion.” CATS works collectively with its clients to efficiently budget their IT resources well in advance, to control  operational costs. With these controls, clients are able to can improve overall customer and employee satisfaction, ultimately enhancing the company’s productivity and profitability. “Being proactive is what our clients love about us. We are a single source for all IT solutions. Our clients can reliably focus on running their business efficiently while we run their technology”, he adds.

Transforming Businesses Globally

Meeting the daily needs of clients across verticals For example: Medical, banking & finance, manufacture & retail, non profits, insurance and freight & shipping, is no easy task for the company. But through meticulous planning and strategic implementation, the company has overcome several obstacles and has today, become a preferred choice amongst its clients, over its competitors. In the upcoming year, the company plans to strengthen its presence across the healthcare landscape and cloud verticals.

Meet the Master Trio

Darrin Gonchar – President

Darrin’s extensive knowledge of how businesses can use IT for profit and function helps CATS create value for businesses by maintaining innovative, reliable, secure and cost-effective solutions that seamlessly integrate with the client’s business environment. As President, he brings to CATS, the agility that companies need to succeed in today’s ever-changing marketplace, boosting their productivity and profitability through the appropriate use of technology.

Eric Tate- Director of Technology

The IT Guard, Eric is a strong, independent executive who single handedly monitors and runs the show by ensuring optimal performances by supervising the technicians, getting clients on board, addressing their needs, etc.

Frank Dixon- Director of New Business Developments, Director of Healthcare  Services

Frank assists in generating and developing new product offerings while working with technology officers for proper execution and marketing. He also developed the Healthcare portfolio which includes the HIPPA support.

“We offer the agility you need to succeed in today’s ever-changing marketplace, boosting your company’s productivity while saving you money.”