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A World Leader in the Design, Manufacture, Fabrication, and Installation of Traditional Wooden Roller Coasters: Martin & Vleminckx


Martin & Vleminckx is the exclusive distributor for Fabbri Group and Preston & Barbieri major rides in the U.S.A. and Canada offering clients a complete portfolio of amusement ride solutions. The company provides ride installation, construction management, and ride maintenance and attraction relocation for amusement, theme and water parks around the world.

Martin & Vleminckx specializes in the construction and installation of rides of all sizes for amusement parks around the world. Founders Ghislain Martin and Alain Vleminckx both started their careers in the amusement park industry as ride operators. Throughout the years, Martin & Vleminckx has added several professionals to its team whose expertise contributes greatly to making the company a leader of the amusement park industry in North America.

Today, Martin & Vleminckx serves an international clientele comprised of ride manufacturers and amusement parks. The company’s headquarters are located in Montreal, Quebec (Canada). In addition to its administrative offices, Martin & Vleminckx has an office, warehouse, and manufacturing facility in Haines City, Florida. In March 2018, Martin & Vleminckx opened new facilities in China including a warehouse in Wuhan.

Its company is committed to producing nothing less than top quality work. It has enjoyed a healthy and regular growth curve that has included many order renewals from prestigious clients. Twenty-five years after its inception, Martin & Vleminckx offers a wide range of services that includes delivery of Wood Coasters of all sizes and types, prefabrication, quality control, renovation plans, and construction and the installation of rides. Through its collaboration with the industry’s top engineers, Martin & Vleminckx is also able to offer design services.

The Mission

“Martin & Vleminckx, the rides companies, is committed to offering its clients the best work, products, and services, through a level of quality, safety, and satisfaction that is unequaled in the amusement park industry.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to creating long-lasting relationships; not only with manufacturers but also with the amusement and aquatic parks we serve. We will work with you to deliver the best quality work on time and on a budget, and look forward to showing you how your project can be better with Martin & Vleminckx. From design services to ride installation, quality control, and even loss prevention, Martin & Vleminckx will be with you every step of the way.”

The Products and Services of Martin and Vleminckx

The giant rides company has a bucket full of amazing products and services for the amusement park and roller coaster industry. Wood coaster manufacturing, installation and relocation, and attraction maintenance and repair are the best services that the company provides.

Martin & Vleminckx Rides delivers innovative, one of a kind, a traditional wooden roller coaster with state of the art trains. Recent wood coaster firsts include The High Five, Barrel Roll, and varying degrees of overbanked turns. With more new elements currently under development, the rides company can custom design a unique and tailor-made ride to fit the site and budget. Rugged terrain, flat surface, large or small, design and delivery anywhere in the world are the expertise of Martin & Vleminckx. Projects like installation of amusement rides of all types and sizes have been completed in America, Canada, Mexico, South America, China, Malaysia, Europe, and most recently Vietnam. These projects have included the installation of the two largest roller coaster installations in the world. Maintenance and repair of amusement attractions, including wood coaster re-profiling, re-tracking, structural repairs, and annual service contracts are the company’s expertise. Whether it is a controls update, mechanical update or repair, or any other maintenance or repair problem, no issue is too big or too small for Martin & Vleminckx Rides.

Martin & Vleminckx’s list of completed projects and service offerings has grown steadily from the installation of the Super Manège at Six Flags La Ronde for Vekoma in 1981. Today, the company’s projects include installation, erection, and testing of the tallest, fastest and most thrilling rides and coasters in amusement and theme parks all over the world.

  • Wood Coaster Manufacturing: From start to finish, Martin and Vleminckx manufactures the most thrilling wood coasters around the world and will deliver a complete coaster on time and on a budget, no matter what the specific needs are.
  • Coaster Repair & Refurbishment: From massive refurbishments to simple maintenance, Martin and Vleminckx can keep the wooden roller coasters in great shape. It even offers computer control upgrades to keep classic rides competitive with modern attractions.
  • Attraction Installation: Martin and Vleminckx have been installing rides for well-known manufacturers like Vekoma and Intamin for more than 35 years. They pride themselves on their attention to detail and bringing their expertise to the attraction installation project, no matter what size or scale.
  • Ride Relocation: No matter whether you need to move a ride across a park or across a country, Martin and Vleminckx will carefully dismantle, catalog, pack, and ship every piece of the ride to its destination and then completely rebuild it to factory specifications, ensuring smooth and speedy ride relocation.
  • Consulting: Martin & Vleminckx provides consulting services to amusement parks, theme parks and ride manufactures. Services include new park concepts, new wood coaster designs, construction of wood and steel coasters, ride maintenance, repair, and

Meet the Magnificent Duo

Ghislain Martin, Founder/Consultant: Mr. Martin, one of the founders, has more than 45 years of experience, 15 of which are as a technician. Former President of the company, Mr. Martin is now retired. He is still active as a consultant for the company.

Alain Vleminckx, President: Mr. Vleminckx, one of the founders, who has worked at every job relative to the ride installation field, now has more than 45 years of experience and he holds the position of President.