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A Worldwide Solution Provider of Accurate As-Built Documentation & High Resolution 360 Photographs: LaZerCAD


" Using technology developed over the last 20 years by measuring and drawing thousands of locations worldwide, the LaZerCAD team measures, draws and deploys As-Built CAD and 360 Photographic data directly to your desktop or mobile device – accessible, anywhere, anytime, online.”

Headquartered in Agoura Hills, CA, USA, LaZerCAD LLC does as-built surveys & 360 photography programs direct for clients, their architects, design teams, real estate teams and construction professionals from industries that include retail, banking, restaurants, quick-service restaurants, grocery, education, utilities, hospital and other sectors.

Knowing that there was a void in the market for accurate and quality as-built CAD services with 360 photography, as well as a Cloud delivery system, Michael Axon started LaZerCAD in 2011 to fill that void and help retail clients across the US and internationally. The company provides as-built surveying services with a unique client delivery via a “Cloud” based solution, the only On-Demand, Cloud Based delivery system in the market.

“We specialize in measuring/data collection in busy retail space environments for all industries including banking, retail, restaurant, utilities, education, big box, fashion, and other sectors, big and small,” said Michael. “Our data collection includes completed as-built floor plans, architecture elements, RCP, elevations, 360 degree photos and fully dimensioned Auto CAD drawings. All of which can be accessed anywhere, anytime via the internet utilizing a PC, MAC, Android, iPhone, iPad or any mobile device,” he added.

The Differentiating Factor
Most survey companies are regional or do not have the resources nationally and their delivery systems are very traditional. With a large national network of surveyors, LaZerCAD ramps up quickly and efficiently for any size survey program and ensures faster turnaround times than its competitors with complete CAD and PDF deliverables. The company’s Cloud delivery system offers a unique and organized way to manage your CAD.

In fact, LaZerCAD’s custom, secure As Built Cloud™ program is head and shoulders above any other secure delivery system available in this market and is fast becoming a standard for Cloud CAD delivery systems. And it’s why national and international brand name retail clients are identifying LaZerCAD as their premier As-Built data collection partner.

Continuous Research & Development
The company is continually researching and investing in the latest as-built technology. Its survey teams have their kit updated to the fastest most effective hardware every 12 months. Software updates for the survey team and its cloud based solution come every 6 months due to client feedback and the ongoing commitment to invest in technology by the CEO and executive team.LaZerCAD has grown to be one of the largest as-built survey companies in the US.

The Client Spectrum
The company’s target customers belong to verticals such as Banking, Restaurant, Grocery, and Retail sectors. LaZerCAD works with many national retail clients such as Bank of America, McDonalds, Kroger, Visionworks, Chick-Fil-A, Chase, Ruby Tuesday and many others. It also works with their architects and management companies such as Gensler, CallisonRTKL, CBRE and JLL, and many others.

Future Outlook
For the future, Michael, with his IT team and Infrastructure Director, will continue to work on better client facing Cloud processes as well as their own CRM and VRM (Vendor Relationship Management tool) and other areas of interest. The company is also ramping up its international UK team.

“We create accurate as-built surveys and 360° photos of your buildings worldwide.”

Knowing the Key Executives

Michael Axon, Founder & CEO- Michael has been deeply involved in the deployment and use of technology driven data collection for over 20 years and is also the original creator of the LaZer2CADTM solution. He is considered as one of the foremost ex-perts on the application of hand held lasers and 360 degree photography to efficiently collect, process, and deploy collaborative facility data.

Michael has built LaZerCAD from the ground up and continues to keep his finger on the pulse of the company, although most day-to -day operations are run by Diana Rico and her team, Michael continues his work on custom technologies and Cloud processes which are at the heart of LaZerCAD’s success.

Diana Rico, President –Diana started her career in management at HP (Hewlett Packard) and continued her career at other top national technology companies, until tapped by Michael. Diana’s strong and varied experience which includes marketing, sales, operations, HR, facilities, management, and PR – is what has helped prepare her to run LaZerCAD and it’s day-to-day operations. Diana Rico, as Michael’s right hand person, ensures that sales, operations, and the overall business is running smoothly on a day-to-day basis and is continuing to grow the team, as the list of national clients grow each year. This momentum has LaZerCAD poised for even greater growth for 2017.

“We take 360 photographs for each site, giving architects, facility managers and vendors alike a unique “360 photographic window” into any property worldwide from their desktop.”