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30 Most Reputable Companies of the Year 2023

AArete – A premier management and technology consulting firm humanizing data for purposeful change

These are unprecedented times. Business owners are battling a global economic crisis of a scale unimagined by even the most far-sighted and cautious minds. Now more than ever, with many companies going under, including some big name brands, it’s crucial for business owners to develop survival strategies. These harsh times require business solutions that increase revenue while keeping costs down. Unfortunately, management teams already have a lot on their plates. This is especially true for small and mid-sized businesses where management wears many hats. As a result, people are looking to experienced consultants who can help companies grow in these challenging times. It’s no surprise that demand for these types of consultants is on the rise. Contrary to common belief, management consultant services are not only for well-established organizations. The management consulting industry is a global market. The consultants help companies in various sectors solve problems by applying management theory and business expertise acquired from research through developing concepts, practices, and procedures for implementation across different sectors worldwide.

AArete is one such global management consulting firm driving client value through strategic profitability improvement, data-driven solutions and market intelligence. It works across all industries and business functions to optimize profits in a compressed timeframe. AArete humanizes data by translating numbers into actionable insights, helping its clients make better decisions and working by their side to foster change with confidence, empathy and purpose. Backed by an in-house team of data scientists, AArete’s strategic approach and hands-on execution enable us to do the heavy lifting that modern businesses require. That’s why the clients trust AArete — because it has the experts and the market intelligence to drive purposeful change.

Accelerate into the Digital Future

Strategic Profitability Improvement: Rising operational costs, revenue uncertainty and increased competition have put tremendous pressure on organizations to accelerate cost savings strategies that positively impact their bottom line. AArete uses decades of expertise and market intelligence, a data-driven approach and cross-industry experience to help companies reduce costs. They don’t just identify potential cost savings for the organizations they serve; they also implement the changes to improve profitability with sustainable results. They favor non-labor cost reduction strategies, as cutting staff typically produces unsustainable savings and counterproductive impacts. AArete's industry-leading Strategic Profitability Improvement solution gives you a competitive advantage by accelerating cost savings and providing third-party expertise in your industry. Their technical and industry-specific experts will drive cost reduction to your bottom line — guaranteed. You face zero financial risk because they guarantee you’ll see a minimum return on your investment. For over 25 years, their leaders have pioneered strategic profitability improvement techniques, making us experts at partnering with companies to achieve sustainable, impactful cost savings. AArete has a long history of identifying opportunities and implementing strategies to decrease operating expenses. With their deep market intelligence, they know where to look for the greatest opportunities that are unique to your organization, and guarantee a return on investment on each engagement.

Customized Digital & Technology Solutions: More than ever, organizations must integrate business and technology strategy to achieve operational resilience and to scale. Whether your goals are to modernize operations to heighten your customer-orientation, harness the power of data and analytics to improve decision-making, or assess your cybersecurity strategy to ensure a more resilient enterprise – AArete is here to help. AArete delivers on companies’ strategic initiatives focused on reducing costs. The foundation of their methodology is a focused effort to reduce costs through enhanced, productive, existing vendor relationships. A fact-based, data-intensive approach uncovers opportunities to maximize savings through unit cost reductions, contract compliance, demand management programs and other techniques. Their proven methodology turns analysis and relevant market intelligence into actionable results that they use to drive bottom line savings for the clients.  Sourcing is undergoing a major shift from general cost reduction efforts to addressing complex and sophisticated challenges within an organization. Today, it requires new strategies, expert knowledge, market intelligence, enhanced skills and innovative tools. To help you achieve sustainable cost reductions, AArete works collaboratively with your leadership in identifying a targeted set of areas where a substantial impact can be executed. They identify opportunities to reduce spend, leveraging the comprehensive set of strategies and savings techniques.

Advisory: In the face of disruption and rapid change, organizations seek an experienced, data-savvy partner that offers customized solutions for their specific challenges. AArete’s Advisory Services empowers organizations to engage in transformational and operational improvement, maximize the benefits of integration and optimize their supply chain to reduce costs and complexities. AArete improves predictability of outcomes, implements rapid financial turnaround and provides interim leadership to fill gaps and drive complex projects. AArete leverages its proven methodologies, deep market intelligence and its unique solutions that meet individual client need head on.

About | Loren Trimble

Loren is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of AArete. With a primary focus in creating and molding AArete’s business solutions, while also helping clients achieve short-term and long-term goals related to profit improvement. Before founding AArete, Loren was a Managing Director and Strategic Sourcing Practice Lead at Huron Consulting. In addition to Loren’s client focus, he also plays a significant role in thought leadership for the firm as the core of AArete’s Knowledge Management Center™ and driver of demonstrating the founding principles in his everyday work, exemplifying the passion for excellence with AArete’s personnel and clients and sustaining the firm’s unique culture. He holds a Masters of Business Administration from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, a Bachelor of Science from The University of Iowa, serves as a member on the Boards for the Center for Healthcare Innovation and the Friendship Senior Options Foundation.

"AArete leverages modern technology and data platforms to solve your most complex problems. We combine industry knowledge and technical expertise to create secure and integrated solutions backed by AI-driven analytics."