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ABA Technologies: A top-rated e-learning company, creating sustainable change for organizations and individuals by accelerating the learning curve


“We specialize in designing learning architectures measured by essential outcomes such as employee retention and client satisfaction.”

ABA Technologies, Inc. is a behavior-based learning and development company, helping organizations improve performance by identifying and changing key behaviors. Rooted in the science of behavior, ABA Technologies designs and delivers innovative learning solutions. Their evidence-based approach drives change from leaders to frontline workers. With decades of national and international experience, the company offers value, passion, and partnership that is one of a kind. As a result, ABA Technologies has empowered over a quarter-million learners in 60 different countries and varied cultures.

Facilitating change

Over the last 20 years, ABA Technologies, Inc. has evolved from a small, innovative group of people offering a few courses for training clinicians who worked with individuals with developmental disabilities on various topics of interest. It grew with the help of its academic partner to provide online degree-granting content, allowing graduates to pass certification exams required to practice with clinical populations. During the last three years, the company began developing solutions based on business-to- business needs with clients in areas beyond academic coursework. In addition to continuing the academic work, ABA is bringing a robust, science-based methodology about learning to embed in what each company and its leaders do to ensure that their investment in training leads to significant results, measured by desired performance. Utilizing up to date (and ever-evolving) technologies, the company works with clients, wherever they are, to pinpoint needs and build high-impact skills that address those needs, even in high-risk settings.

“Innovation grounded in the science of learning and embracing new technology are cornerstones of our organization and enable us to deliver our solutions to anyone, anywhere.”

“We implement onboarding and upskilling solutions customized to an organization’s unique needs. Solutions are designed to engage increasingly more discerning and time-constrained learners. We connect training outcomes to business results in measurable ways. ABA Technologies values a holistic and evidence-based approach to our client’s issues. The looming AI environments of the near future make our focus on performers’ success in this changing landscape vital to us all.”

The ABA team is knowledgeable about the latest learning technologies, from software design to various online platforms to instructional design and how to accelerate skill acquisition.

All those who work on content hold advanced degrees in their fields.

“We bring top-tier and cutting-edge solutions for businesses, students, and individuals across the globe. Our carefully selected staff of over 100 people adds considerable integrity to the products produced, measured by the specific impact achieved.”

Inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs

In 2020, Dr. Darnell Lattal, as CEO and President, worked closely with the company founder, Dr. Jose Martinez- Diaz, and her newly appointed leadership team to create an online and transformational learning company based on the science of learning. Dr. Martinez-Diaz passed away and Dr. Lattal was asked to continue by the Board of Directors of ABA Technologies as CEO & President. During the last three years, ABA Tech has introduced new products and consulting services desired by clients that teach them how to manage positive behavior change through the systems, structures, and processes that support an active learning architecture and culture.

Applying these methods to varied environments, including business management and leadership, safety, health care, public schools, universities, have had positive effects on sustaining change in their client organizations—and providing tools to increase adaptive and effective decisions as the economy and circumstances change.

“Taking our cues from the science of learning, we design learning architectures inside client companies to ensure the benefits that new skill development might provide. The focus of ABA Tech is on helping our clients know how to strengthen the skills they invest in, with us or others. We specialize in designing learning architectures measured by essential outcomes such as employee retention and client satisfaction. Our approach helps leaders, managers, supervisors, and employees understand how to arrange conditions to support positive behavior. We help leadership teams and performers know how to initiate new patterns of behavior, accelerate impact, and allow quick adaptation to change conditions without losing focus on clarity, best practices, and culturally congruent messages.”

A partnership-driven approach

As an example, ABA Tech and its 10-year academic partner, Florida Institute of Technology, have trained over 250,000 students in 60 countries, enrolling more each year. Graduates complete a course of study needed to take the national certification exam required to work with clinical populations. Students may enroll in an online academic master’s program that prepares them for clinical practice or apply for a doctoral program at a university of their choice. ABA Tech ensures to its partner, Florida Tech, that its students get high-quality instruction in the form they need, meeting all oversight functions in completing courses worthy of academic credit.

We have expanded that model to other kinds of organizations that want high quality learning technology to help employees’ success.

“Our new business of becoming a learning company has led to retaining what works well and adding new approaches to the marketplace. They include our continuing partnership with Florida Tech to prepare clinicians to serve a spectrum of human needs, business-to-business design services, continuing education to consumers, and a broader reach into other universities and disciplines such as engineering, nursing, public education, high tech and business operations in all disciplines needing to adapt quickly to changing requirements of work and, thus, new skills of workers.”

Carving a path to success

ABA Tech’s team believes that everyone, from leadership to frontline employees, best positioned to succeed, are those who understand behavior and its causes, as the rapidly changing workplaces of the 21st Century demonstrate. Receiving new knowledge at work through online platforms and redesigned operations indicates that those who manage others’ need to know how to support best practices in a rapidly changing workplace. Therefore, the company’s comprehensive endeavor is to design learning architecture into clients’ operations, built on the science of behavior. Many leaders of business understand that what has been defined as the traditional and self-contained workplace does not have much to do with how well employees do the job. Designing clear direction and supportive consequences when provided new training or asked for rapid adaptation creates “want to” efforts to accelerate positive outcomes, regardless of the look and feel of the place in which work occurs.

“We partner with clients to discover what is working or not and to rally around a common goal – the accomplishment of performance objectives or refinement of demonstrated skills. Measurable improvement at behavioral as well as business metrics levels is essential. Through that detailed discovery phase, we customize a plan where our clients work with us to produce a learning solution that fits their company’s unique needs. We collaborate and guide the implementation with precision, clarity, and timeliness.”

Key development

Dr. Lattal, with her co-author, Carlos Zuluaga, recently published a book named The Wisdom Factor: Reducing Bias, Threat, and Fear to Build a Better World, in collaboration with KeyPress Publications, which is a division of ABA Tech. It contains details about arranging conditions for your own and others’ success in creating a values-based workplace and world.

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“We customize a plan where our clients work with us to produce a learning solution that fits their company’s unique needs. We collaborate and guide the implementation with precision, clarity, and timeliness.”