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Accelerate Your Business Growth with Wowrack’s Cloud Hosting Services


“Our mission is to provide outstanding services to our customers so that they can focus on growing their business in a scalable and secured Internet Infrastructure.”

Founded in 2001, Wow Technologies, Inc. (Wowrack) is a cloud service provider; offering various Hosting services including Managed Hosting Solutions, Dedicated Server Solutions, Colacation, Virtualization, Bandwidth Delivery and Managed Services. The company’s competency includes being able to design, provision, implement, manage and monitor high traffic websites that require high availability and redundant infrastructure.

Products and solutions

    1. Private cloud – A Managed Private Cloud is a scalable cloud environment built on infrastructure that is dedicated solely to your organization. Wowrack specializes in deploying several levels of Hypervisor Technologies to fit your company’s needs. It focuses on deploying Private Clouds for customers who require robust database and storage requirements, or have a need for higher security in a more controlled, local environment—perfect for customer’s compliant and regulatory needs.
    2. Public cloud – Wowrack Public Cloud is a pay-per-use computing platform that allows instant available infrastructure within minutes. The cloud’s automated platform allows for immediate scalability and security in a reliable and high-performance environment.
    3. Hybrid cloud Need to combine the benefits of the public cloud with the single-tenant security of a dedicated server? Wowrack’s hybrid cloud hosting gives you the best of both solutions. It gives you the benefit of using our public cloud, private cloud and bare metal offerings to create an entire solution for your organization.
    4. MegaWow Direct Connect & Express Route Connections – Wowrack offers MegaWow, a layer 2 transport service that allows customers the ability to set up virtual connections to the Cloud, all on a pay per use, on demand model. MegaWow connects to Public Clouds such as Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure, or Google Cloud, all from within Wowrack’s own Seattle HQ data center facility.
    5. Iaas –
      • Single Processor Dedicated Servers
      • Multiple Processor Dedicated Servers
      • Colacation
    6. Paas –
      • Office 365
      • Microsoft corporate cloud
    7. HIPPA compliant hosting – Your data needs a safehouse, and Wowrack’s HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Cloud, has a solution fit for your specific needs. The company is increasing its capabilities in the Cloud infrastructure and data securities space. With its partnership together with Above Cloud, a Healthcare risk management consulting company Wowrack can completely assess and develop the proper infrastructure framework best suited specifically for your organization.
    8. DRaaS – Wowrack’s disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is a disaster recovery plan helps you plan and design, architect and deploy, and fully manage your DRaaS solution according to your specific budgetary and system data needs.

Wowrack’s active locations
Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Wowrack operates in eight data centers located in multiple cities across the United States and Southeast Asia. Seattle Data Center (, Seattle Data Center (Westin Building) Dallas Data Center New York Data Center Jakarta Data Center Surabaya Data Center Singapore Data Center Hong Kong Data Center. All of its facilities are engineered with security and redundancy in mind to meet the expectation of the most demanding Internet Hosting Environments.

Differentiating factors
Customers have the option to send the configuration and services paid from their current provider and hide the cost after which Wowrack will fine tune and highlight areas where it can save immediate money.

Flexible contract terms are available; the company offers monthly, bi-annual, 12, 24, 36 month terms.

True Hybrid Hosting all under one roof.

Hot spares of hardware available for client use, on demand. Any infrastructure (hardware) rented and provided under Wowrack’s Fully Managed Services contracts, receives a guarantee of 2 hours or less replacement of rentals, in the event contracted hardware fails for any reason.

Case study
Cheezburger is a Seattle-based company founded in 2007 that is home to multiple weblog sites, such as I Can Has Cheezburger, FAIL Blog, Know Your Meme and Memebase. Since they have millions of users each day the web engineers at Cheezburger must make sure that each user experience is fast and reliable. After evaluating other dedicated service providers, Jeff Brown, Cheezburger’s CTO decided that Wowrack was the best option for his team, hence they utilized Wowrack’s Seattle (Tukwila) facility as their primary “home” data center which resulted in increased scalability for Cheezburger’s rapidly changing hosting needs, Cost savings of dedicated hosting services versus operating an in-house data center, an extension of their own IT team, available to service their needs 24/7/365 and ability to have a customized solution with outstanding connectivity for their high-traffic needs. “Wowrack is a great partner! The pricing is great, their connectivity is outstanding and their price/performance ratio is ideal for Cheezburger’s needs” said Joey O’Neill, Cheezburger’s Senior Systems Administrator.

“We provide immediate value when it comes to budget, performance, support, and deliverability.”

Meet the Key Executive

Erward (Ed) Osckar, Managing Partner & Co-Founder – Erward is a seasoned executive and great leader with personable charm and significant experience in the web hosting industry since the late 1990s. Ed has co-founded and run several web hosting companies globally that have focused around the managed hosting, dedicated server, collocation, IT consulting, cloud computing and hybrid cloud infrastructure. Ed has a strong system administration and technical background which makes him a great fit in terms of understanding the many “pain points” of managing cloud infrastructure. He has also been working very closely with multiple implementations of Enterprise IT Infrastructure and High Traffic Web 2.0 cloud infrastructures. Ed holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Seattle University and Master of Science in Information Technology from Seattle Pacific University.