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Accelerate your business and stay ahead of the curve with Projectivity Solutions’ premier services


When you talk about accelerating a company’s performance, you must know that the “Growth Curve” dynamics are not like other ordinary business diagnostic approaches. Performance acceleration requires a comprehensive, practical, and data-driven action plan to accelerate organizational productivity and profitability. Experts often advise enterprises to seek the help of companies that specialize in performance acceleration. These companies tend to advise and guide you in bringing a change to your organization at four levels: individuals, teams, organizational, and strategic. When you taste the success of collaborative acceleration, it sparks a change that enhances accountability for results. Many companies deliver excellent services for organizations, but Projectivity Solutions stands out from the rest by increasing business value that identifies and eliminates the unseen obstacles which adversely impact employee satisfaction and productivity. Unlike other organizations, Projectivity Solutions uses over 130 years of science and research to objectively gather company-oriented diagnostic data focused on 1) business operations, 2) relationships, 3) financial performance, and 4) management mindset. As Projectivity Solutions works with the owner and leadership team, solutions are customized based on company priorities. After the diagnosis, the client identifies and creates a prioritized action plan from four foundational programs. Each program includes knowledge transfer, videos, experiential learning, hands-on activities, and progress assessments.

  • Exceptional Leadership Program (Q1 2022)

         Growing Collaboration: Moving from CONTROL to INFLUENCE

  • Exceptional Manager Program (Q2 2021)

         Working ON the business, not working IN the business: Moving from DOING to CRITICAL THINKING

  • Exceptional Enterprise Program (Q4 2021)

         Focusing on essential business elements: Moving from REACTIVE to FOCUSED discernment

  • Exceptional Mindset Program (Q3 2022)

         Creating a culture: Moving from ME to WE

Projectivity Solutions understands that outdated organizational structures, inefficient workflows, and rigid leadership styles impede company transformation success. Client input, feedback, and the willingness to change are essential for success. The foundation for transformation integrates solid business processes with technology to meet customer needs. Projectivity Solutions uses the “Golden Triangle” to maintain service relevancy and manage costs. The elements are 1) a functional organization chart and position key results focused on skills and actions needed to deliver results, 2) process maps for business development, service delivery, and service support (HR, Finance & IT), and 3) organizational Key Process Indicators (KPIs). Projectivity Solutions uses the same principles internally that provide growth and stability for clients.

While talking about the company’s level of expertise and affordability, Phil Bristol, the Founder, stated that “Projectivity Solutions uses a position benchmarking process which provides a solid foundation for talent selection. This process uses behavioral interview questions, position goodness of fit analysis, candidate experience, and education during the selection process. Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) determine the talent required for superior job performance. SME’s are people within the organization who directly connect to the job and use their expertise to create the job benchmark. SMEs let the job talk and define the position’s key accountabilities, critical goals, and key business successes. Job benchmarking allows job-based factual data to determine position requirements. When it comes to recruitment and talent management, the benchmark talent selection process is compliant with all Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidance and requirements.”

Leader behind the success

Phil Bristol, a Growth Curve Strategist, is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado with an MS in Operations Research System Analysis. He has also completed post-masters courses from the University of Southern California. Mr. Bristol’s experience spans over 35 years, focusing on leadership, project management, and the information technology (IT) industry. As a former Airborne- Ranger Officer, Phil’s leadership and project management knowledge contributed to the Non-Combatant Evacuation System implementation for the US Consulate and United Nations Command in Korea. Using his organizational development (OD) skills, Phil helped design and implement the US Army Senior Civil Servant and Officer management by objectives evaluation reporting system. He has successfully planned and implemented innovative solutions for public and private sector clients with his expertise in strategic planning, project management, business process re-engineering, conflict transformation, and leadership development. Phil is a much sought-after speaker; his keynote presentations and workshops are highly praised by leaders nationally and internationally. Projectivity Solutions is a member of the Sacramento Metro community.

Phil’s community stewardship holds as a core fundamental value that no one, from the poorest to the richest, is successful without the help and support of others. His ultimate goal is to help others realize their full potential as individuals, connect to communities, and make the world a better place.

Pay it Forward: As part of this commitment, Projectivity Solutions believes in and works to “pay it forward.” Projectivity Solutions waives all fees on at least one community-focused project every year. These projects vary, but the goal is the same: to inspire leaders and teams to foster and reveal organizational and human potential while building trust-based relationships. Projectivity Solutions builds people, relationships, and high-performing trust-based cultures.

Upcoming release and future

While talking about the company’s future, Phil Bristol states that “owners and leaders should ask: What are the vital systemic elements missing in their current business that disrupts the ability to implement lasting solutions for sustainable growth?” The ability to enhance an underperforming element is critical to each stage of growth is the key to becoming an Exceptional Enterprise. Moving from struggling, to ordinary, to competitive, to Exceptional is a process that involves identifying the three to six key elements that are missing at any one stage of business. Once identified, then for the management team to prioritize and implement business fundamentals for stability and growth into the business. This process continues at each stage of growth because the challenges evolve as the company adds people. In essence, becoming Exceptional is an ongoing process embodied in an organization. Recently a satisfied CEO stated, “What surprised me the most is how much deeper we dive into the actual business and improving my business. It’s not just theories.” The current Projectivity Solutions focus is on privately held/family-owned businesses with 500 or fewer employees. In the near future, the company is stretching its arms to cater to small-scale companies. They want to provide integrated solutions to these companies that face growth challenges due to the lack of experience and objectivity.

The company aims to launch new products and a website with expertise-based free webinars to achieve short and long-term objectives. The need for lead generation is well understood. An interactive process that integrates product information and promotions into a contact database is in beta testing. A scalable advertising campaign, social media campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn, and a separate plan to build an alliance network are also in the wings.

“We ask the right questions, objectively determine strengths and weaknesses, and then design and help implement custom solutions proven to drive sustainable performance.”