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50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2020

Accelerate your startup with Product Led Growth and Industry Expertise from Product10x


Globally, there are an enormous number of organizations of various sizes trying to outsmart each other with the pace of adopting new technology. Customers are always on a lookout to find innovative avenues that will cater to their needs, so companies are always on edge to stay ahead of the cure. Pop-up innovation labs, incubators, and accelerators have become a popular hub for enterprises trying to create an innovative ecosystem. When the entrepreneurs start out, it can be a challenge for them to know how to access accelerators, but the benefits are very substantial.

To achieve success with your innovation, you will need an accelerator like Product10x by your side. The company brings in-depth industry experience and technology insights that help startups to succeed. Its Seed, Ignite and Disrupt Acceleration programs help startups reach their target, May it be launching innovative products or fundraise or exits. At Product10x, they believe that the company’s success is dependent on building the right products and focusing on fundamentals of understanding the problem domain, user journeys, delightful customer experiences, and finding a way for profitability with sustained growth.

Product10x was founded in 2019 and it is based in San Ramon, California.

In conversation with Suresh Madhuvarsu, Founder and Partner of Product10x

Q. Can you explain how you help startups?

Today’s businesses and end-user behaviors are fast-changing; this means companies need a cohesive, agile, and innovative product strategy to help them and their customers succeed. What companies assume today may not be relevant tomorrow, or the methods that provided us the success today may not work tomorrow. In such a fast-paced, ever-changing business world, how do you make sure that you have a winning Strategy? Product10x mentors and trains Pre-Seed, Seed, Angel, and Series A startup founders to build their companies, products, and customers their way. Our Product-Led acceleration program with in-depth industry experience, product expertise, and Silicon Valley chops provide startups with a no-nonsense approach for startups to reach their full potential.

Q. A lot of startups are affected by COVID-19. What’s your advice to them now and going forward?

We spent time with lot of startups advising and helping them survive during the COVID times.

  • Product strategy pivots are necessary to capitalize on market opportunities when the Covid-19 situation ends and until end of 2020
  • Go-to-market plans for startups require careful consideration, leverage experts in the industry who have gone through such downturns
  • Pricing plans require creative adjustments to incentivize for the short term with the ability to scale back up for the long term
  • Drive product roadmap and optimization relentlessly to prioritize and maximize the money on hand.
  • Many startups in the SaaS market have paused some bold product moves and are focusing on helping the "existing customers"
  • After the bullish backdrop of SoftBank, typical VCs and PEs are looking for customer/user engagement - not just number of users.
  • In the last couple of months, the CAC has increased tremendously or the sales are delayed. Focus on the value creation

Q. How is Product10x different among the Startups Accelerators?

While many Angel, Seed Investors and VCs help startups with investments to build a prototype or built teams to scale, Product10x helps startups during the initial phases of starting a business. We help startups with Idea Validation, User Research, Product Launch, Product Strategy, Pricing, Go-to-market Strategy, and Pitch Decks. Thus, we help startups build a product, launch, gain customers, and then find the right investors to scale further.

  • Focus on Product-led Growth (PLG) than sales and marketing led growth
  • Focus on the problem domain rather than the solution domain
  • Focus on user experience rather than sales experience
  • Focus on product execution rather than thought leadership
  • Focus on learning from users rather than pushing features to customers

Q. How can startups participate in your accelerator?

Every organizational strategy will broadly fall into two categories. Create or grow products and services that everyone else is doing (more efficiently), or create or grow products and services that no one else can do. Your product strategy sounds great in the meeting room, but the reality is so much harder. A good product strategy will help you and customers win together, innovate, and prosper businesses. We are here to partner in startups’ journey. Unlike many accelerators, we don’t run cohort programs. We don’t believe in lecturing or mentoring users in batches or in bulk. Every founder deserves special attention, and mentoring is very contextual and situational. Every startup that comes to us will go through a series of strategic sessions for 3-4 hours, after which, we mutually decide what the best area of mentorship is to start with. The startup then is placed in a Seed, Ignite, or Disrupt program.

Q. What are your goals and mission for the next 5 years?

We are super excited about the path forward and opportunities to help startups innovate and succeed. We are growing our team in the West Coast, East Coast, and India to help startups in product strategy, pricing, and venture funding. We are super focused on helping SaaS companies in the area of Medical Tech, Construction Tech, Education Tech, and Talent Management in the coming years.

Meet the team behind the success of Product10x

Suresh Madhuvarsu, Founder & Partner: Suresh built products for 20 years in several leadership roles and focuses on early stage startups in Education, Construction, Talent Management industries, and brings in the SaaS, Mobile Apps, IoT, Chatbots, Blockchain, and Analytics expertise.

Suresh drove product strategy for multiple B2B SaaS and Mobile products and scaled to $100M+ revenue in 5 years with organic growth and acquisitions. The 2 startups he was part of went through acquisitions by Oracle & Software AG. Suresh enjoys mentoring and advising early-stage founders & leadership teams building emerging technology start-ups.

Jogi Daita, Founder & Partner: Jogi focuses on early stage startups in Recruiting, Talent Management and Education Tech industries. His broad responsibilities include driving vision, strategy, developing key partnerships and venture creation. Jogi is the Founder & Partner of Oxygen Ventures, a tech venture firm based in Harrisburg with offices in the US and India since its inception in 2004. Earlier, he served as CEO at Credo Technology Solutions and other technology firms. Prior to relocating to the US in 1999, he was based in Mumbai and gained valuable experience in technology startups, private equity, and M&A.

Anand Desikan, Founder & Partner : Anand focuses on early-stage startups in Digital Health, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Mobility Solutions, and Travel industries. He brings deep expertise in Medical devices, SaaS, Cloud infrastructure, DevOps, Cybersecurity, Artificial intelligence, and Machine learning to deliver long term value. Anand led the delivery of multiple products from early-stage for B2B and scaled to $90MM+ revenue with high operating margins. Anand advises several startups in their early stage and growth stages and loves to work with founders and leaders to make their products become force multipliers.

“To be successful, you need to have a deeper understanding of user pain points, a clear path for the monitization before thinking about the growth strategy”