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Achieve impeccable productivity and workplace transformation with Complygate’s cloud-based HR solutions


The future of work is changing fast and all innovate organizations have shifted to HRM systems. The self-service of cloud solutions supports most of the HR activities; this allows HR personnel to focus more on the strategic moves and strategic imperatives. A cloud-based HRM can be accessed online by managers and employees alike, and it is fully supported by the external provider. The in-house IT support and hardware costs can be significantly reduced through a cloud solution because the burden will be taken on by the provider.

Complygate Limited is a B2B SaaS disruptive product firm founded in 2018 and is based in Birmingham, England. Our product offering is primarily focused on HR Software and Tier 2 Immigration Compliance Management. A cloud-based HRM can show real productivity, and our SaaS product can give a significant competitive edge. The subscription fees are very competitive, allowing you to reduce the cost of ownership and achieve results faster.

Complygate Compliance Center leverages the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation to revolutionize the way organization’s manage their compliance needs across 4 key areas:

  • ID Verification: The AI-powered ID Verification is the perfect way to conduct Right To Work Checks remotely
  • Identity Verification: Our Identity Verification uses AI, machine learning and biometrics to automate checks
  • Document Verification: Easily verify employee data through identity documents captured on a smartphone
  • KYC and AML Compliance: Meet your legal obligations and save time and money during employee checks

In conversation with Rajiv Ranjan, CEO and Founder of Complygate

Q. How Complygate Can Help Tier 2 sponsors?

Complygate is a platform engineered to provide you with the support that you need as you make use of Tier 2 sponsorship. As an employer looking for the best talent available and eager to take advantage of Tier 2 sponsorship, our software enables you to take the steps necessary to avoid the pitfalls that other employers have fallen into, which means in turn that you will avoid the hefty penalties that such pitfalls entail. We have designed our tool to make it simple for employers to remain in compliance, complementing your overall counsel-directed Tier 2 sponsorship strategy. Offering a wide range of features, our software helps you track and save data regarding all your Tier 2 sponsorship employees from the time that you are recruiting them onward. The features within our software cover onboarding, attendance management, expense tracking, leave management, and much more, not only are concerning your obligations as a Tier 2 sponsor but your productivity as a business as well. This is a comprehensive suite of HR software tailored to your unique needs as a Tier 2 sponsor employer. Rather than keeping you in compliance by ourselves, we equip you with the tools that you need to keep yourself in compliance. Using Complygate Self Service (ESS), you can oversee the variety of human resources tasks and other administrative duties that you would otherwise need to spend large amounts of capital outsourcing to an HR firm or expanding your in-house HR capabilities. Because of ESP, Tier 2 sponsorship is more approachable and manageable than you may have ever imagined possible.

Our analytics tools and dashboard are easy to navigate, and we have created all of our user interfaces with your convenience in mind. The end goal of Complygate is to make your compliance work more straightforward and help you cut through the complexities and difficulties that you would encounter otherwise. This is a cutting-edge piece of software that is also incredibly easy to adopt and start using. Providing you with the insights and management support that you need, Complygate may be the right addition for you to make to your overall Tier 2 sponsorship compliance work. While nothing can replace the input of competent counsel, Complygate transforms the process into one that you do not have to fear – and one that you can instead feel confident about, always sure that you are following the right track to remain in compliance with Tier 2 sponsorship regulations.

Know Your Workforce and Enable Them to Take Ownership: With Complygate’s Employee Self Service (ESS), you get more than just a repository. It lets you search, find, and connect people in your workforce. Your employees themselves can file and check their details, document their tasks, and more. Employees and managers alike can receive customized alerts and notifications for key tasks and project updates. You will benefit from comprehensive employee information that is integrated with the rest of your HR solutions.

Get Better Insights about Your Workforce: When your hiring process is handled separately from other aspects of the talent process, it hampers your ability to collect data about which hires worked out and which ones did not. But when your HR process is integrated starting from recruitment, you can gain powerful, actionable insights that can impact business results for the better. With Complygate, you can make better decisions thanks to our dashboard and analytics tools.

Make New Employees Feel Welcomed: Once you have hired the right people, it’s time to onboard your new employees and ensure they feel welcomed in their new position. The onboarding process often involves wasted time and frustrated employees, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With Complygate recruiting software, you can send onboarding tasks to help your employees feel engaged, included, and productive from the moment they are hired.

Q. How confident are you about your services bringing positive results to an organization? Justify.

Complygate is a cloud HR software that is a fully scalable solution that covers the entire employee lifecycle. It helps bring teams together, enable productivity, and leads workplace transformation. It is the only HR software for SMEs, which offers Tier 2 Sponsor compliance. Complygate’s new website platform uses minimalist graphics, interactive features, and easy-to-follow page layouts, like the features section covering recruitment, timesheets, leave, employee self-service, onboarding, expense, Tier 2 sponsor compliance, and analytics. The website will also include more information about Complygate’s services that assist infrastructure, email notifications, automation tools, simplistic dashboards, deadline reminders, and lastly, drag and drop functionalities for creating multiple folders at once. Complygate clients have stated some of the biggest benefits of working with the software include: the creation of positive work culture, easy decision making based on data, cost reduction through automation, agile usage of technology, simplification of often complex HR processes, and total digital transformation from the bottom up. Complygate is on a mission to help SMEs everywhere, especially as they emerge from the COVID-19 shutdown.

Meet the leader behind the success of Complygate

Rajiv Ranjan is the CEO and Founder of Complygate, who is an immigrant himself. He understands the pain points of Immigrants and Businesses. Rajiv comes with over 14 years of experience in the Banking and IT Services Industry and has handled diverse roles and has worked with RBS and various investment firms in the UK.

“Complygate is a cloud HR software which is a fully scalable solution that covers the entire employee lifecycle. It helps bring teams together, enable productivity and leads workplace transformation.”

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