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December Edition 2021

Ackcio – Leveraging Best-in-Class Wireless Monitoring Solutions for Intelligent Business Operations


The concept “Wireless Monitoring” is quite broad. In fact, it covers all wirelessly instrumented communications platforms and the monitoring we can do on them. Wireless monitoring has built a foundation for strong benefits and has expanded so much in recent years that users can take those benefits to new heights by updating and expanding their wireless technology. With this growth in wireless monitoring comes the need to monitor that segment of the network for both performance reasons as well as security.

Ackcio is one such company that builds robust and extremely reliable wireless monitoring solutions for the world's most challenging industries like construction and mining. Its technology helps industries be better informed about their mission-critical projects and take timely decisions based on insights they help them gather. Through this, the customers save time, cut costs, and most importantly, save lives by avoiding disasters. Its flagship product suite, Ackcio Beam, is an end-to-end system that provides complete automation of monitoring geotechnical and structural sensors in construction and mining projects, making for safer, more secure outcomes.

Ackcio’s Innovative and Versatile Product Suite

Ackcio Beam: It combines Ackcio Devices, Ackcio Mesh, and Ackcio Software to form an end-to-end wireless system for monitoring geotechnical and structural sensors in harsh environments. Ackcio Nodes take periodical readings from sensors and transmit them via Ackcio Mesh to Ackcio Gateway, where they are uploaded to Snape or any third-party server.

Wireless Monitoring for Infrastructure: Monitoring the structural integrity of construction projects is vital for ensuring build quality and safety. To do this, construction teams deploy various geotechnical and structural sensors across different locations of a construction site. To monitor these sensors, contractors typically use cable-based or manual monitoring systems. However, these systems are costly to deploy and are limited in terms of practicality, efficiency, and reliability. Ackcio Beam provides site personnel with accurate data and analytics from sensors monitoring key parameters of a construction site (structural tilt, load, stress, and settlement or lateral movement) in real time. This affords them valuable time and information to mitigate risks, responds effectively to complications, and ensures safety.

Wireless Monitoring for Structural Health: Understanding the structural health of a site is critical for conducting proper maintenance, repairs, and rebuilds. Historically, this has been done with experts conducting visual inspections on the site. Today, they are aided by monitoring systems that provide real-time data on structural health parameters, allowing them to identify faults and make effective data-driven decisions. Ackcio Beam provides site personnel with accurate readings from sensors monitoring key structural health parameters (load, stress, tilt, displacement, acceleration, and vibration) in real time along with intuitive insights on prioritizing funds for maintenance and repairs.

Wireless Monitoring for Mines: Mines and tailings dams are often built in harsh environments with strong geological forces. As such, their stability and structural integrity must be constantly monitored to keep them safe and operational. However, the complexity and scale of these structures make monitoring their geotechnical and structural sensors both costly and impracticalusing cable-based or manual monitoring systems. Ackcio Beam allows engineers to remotely access data and analytics taken from sensors monitoring key site parameters (load, stress, deformation, seepage of dams, and displacement across cracks and joints) in real time. This buys them valuable time to assess readings and make effective data-driven decisions.

Snape software: It runs on the Ackcio Gateway, helps you configure your deployments and manage sensor data collected by its monitoring system. Ackcio Software provides all stakeholders with real-time access to every data point collected from your projects, thereby allowing you to make informed and collective decisions that reduce delays and increase productivity and safety. It offers quick and secure third-party integrations with out-of-the-box compatibility with popular platforms such as sensemetrics, VDV etc. Ackcio Snape software allows you to configure the Gateway and Nodes, and also setup other key operations like how you want the sensor data uploaded out of the Gateway via FTP or API push and more.

The Leader Upfront

Nimantha Baranasuriya is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ackcio. He also heads the overall business operations of the company. Before co-founding Ackcio, Nimantha earned his Ph.D. from the National University of Singapore (School of Computing) specializing in wireless networks.

“We are proud to support the reliable monitoring of the world’s key infrastructure development, structural health monitoring, and mining projects.”