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50 Best Workplaces of the Year 2022

Designing innovative digital service strategies enabling start-ups to gain greater growth: Acquis Consulting


Acquis repeatedly named one of the 'Best Small Firms to Work For' by Consulting Magazine, is a world-class management consulting firm best known for helping ambitious organizations design strategies and putting those strategies to work. With its ‘Think + Do’ approach, Acquis designs innovative solutions leveraging strategy, implementation, and digital services for early start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. The company feels it’s important to attract, develop, and retain top talent. Accordingly, it has created a “second family” environment where each individual has an opportunity and obligation to contribute to its shared success. With “People First” as a core value, Acquis has continued to grow while maintaining its dedication to culture, people, and clients.

Business Operations & Transformation

When internal or external forces challenge how you run your business, having a strategic plan is crucial to addressing these impacts. Acquis partners with its clients to design and implement tailored strategies that elevate client organizations. It approaches change in a way that excites and motivates your team, so that the effects are meaningful and sustainable. True transformation is an investment in your long-term success. Acquis develops innovative strategic roadmaps to bridge the gap between current and future goals and address complex operational and cultural challenges. These business process solutions provide sequenced activities based on priority and dependencies, while aligning resourcing and operational requirements for future growth and success. When developing an operational strategy, Acquis takes a top-down approach that begins with understanding your organization’s unique goals. The result is a strategy that realizes your operational targets, and can be regularly monitored by KPIs that provide measurable value and comparative insights to guide future actions.

Life Sciences Strategy & Implementation

Strategy backed by true experience. Intense dedication to your team. Acquis works side-by-side with your organization to bring life-changing medicines to market. The company has been helping life sciences organizations achieve milestones since its founding in 1998. It has driven and executed upon strategy for 15 of the 20 largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies in the world and across 20+ therapeutic areas. Acquis knows how to ask the right questions, listen, and collaborate with you to produce results. Its work in the Life Sciences with midsized and large pharmaceutical and medical device companies is expansive.

Digital Transformation

Acquis can help you develop the right capabilities and apply emerging technologies to transform your customer experience and to achieve effective change. Leading organizations in nearly every industry recognize that traditional experiences no longer satisfy customers. The existing organizational capabilities, systems, processes, and underlying data models were not built to operate on the basis of customer experience. Numerous digital technologies have sprung up to solve some of these challenges, but the balkanized landscape is complex to navigate and challenging to stitch together as a complete solution. Acquis can help you with the challenges of large scale transformation efforts in this domain so that you can achieve your objectives with the right expertise and best practices. Acquis’ Customer Strategy and Digital Transformation team works with executives across a wide range of functions and industries to transform their customer experience, both internally and externally. The company can help you overcome common challenges it can help you with include: developing and analyzing customer journeys to define customer experience, building a new function or capability to effectively manage customer experience, and understanding how to use emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence to enhance the current experience.

Meet the Leader behind the success of Acquis Consulting

David Kaufman is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Acquis Consulting. He is the driving force behind Acquis’s extraordinary achievements. He is a leader, a mentor, and an uncommonly successful strategic thinker .David’s vision has shaped Acquis into a firm consultants want to work for and clients want to work with. He juggles––literally––anything thrown at him, rappels down tall buildings, and has run the NYC Marathon three times. His greatest passion, however, remains the sustained excellence of the company he built.

David Kaufman co-founded Acquis Consulting Group in 1998 to be a different type of firm. In an industry where resources are often wasted on strategies never employed, David’s vision for Acquis was a firm that gets things done. The idea was simple––design creative, custom solutions for clients and then make sure they are executed successfully. The result is a leading boutique consultancy famous for its ability to deliver extraordinary results time and again. Acquis is small and agile, with the ability to tackle the most complex projects for premier clients. Under David’s leadership, Acquis has always been in the business of turning good ideas into lasting business value.

David graduated from Lehigh University with a Bachelor of Science in accounting and began his career at Arthur Andersen where he earned his CPA, CMA, and CFM. With more than 20 years of experience in both hands-on and advisory roles, David is a global leader and recognized expert in the consulting industry and is regularly invited to share his insights at conferences and expert panel discussions across the nation. Since 1994 he has been at the forefront of the corporate travel industry and has been a contributing writer to Business Travel Executive. He is a Certified Purchasing Card Professional and holds a Global Travel Professional certification from GBTA.

“Acquis can help you develop the right capabilities and apply emerging technologies to transform your customer experience and to achieve effective change.”