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ActionIQ – Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences across Every Touchpoints


In today’s world customer is highly educated and empowered. They have multiple options to switch to other brands if your brand or company doesn’t fulfill the needs which they are seeking. If you are also thinking on the same lines as mentioned above then you are absolutely right. In today’s era customer is the king and has become the biggest game changer for any business. Customer experience has become the biggest priority for any business to be successful. If the customer likes your brand, he’ll continue with your brand and will spread a positive word of mouth. This will result in brand popularity. Products and services alone are not sufficient to create brand recognition or to gain competitive advantage. Competitors can deliver product parity in terms of quality and prices. The thing that makes you stand out of the crowd is the customer experience which you provide to your customers.

ActionIQ is at the center of a data-driven revolution that is changing the way brands think about customer experience, digital transformation and the value of customer data as a core corporate asset. The company concentrates on solving enterprise data challenges so that teams are empowered to create authentic customer experiences across all brand touchpoints. ActionIQ helps enterprise companies by connecting their first-party customer data, providing an easy-to-use interface for business users to access customer insights and enabling customer experience orchestration across channels. The company is helping brands like The New York Times, Pandora Media, The Hartford, Shopify, American Eagle Outfitters and others grow customer satisfaction and revenue.

Customer Experience Made Simple with Unique Solutions

Real-Time Customer Experiences (RTCX): Delivering real-time customer experiences is complex, difficult to achieve and nearly impossible to optimize. With contextual information typically limited to a single channel, brands struggle to provide personalized experiences in the right place at the right time, diminishing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Contextual data only reveals part of the picture. Make sure you deliver real-time customer experiences based on the full customer view that are tailored, relevant and helpful. Build brand loyalty, increase revenue generation and uncover new opportunities to optimize customer interactions. ActionIQ combines real-time data infrastructure with an analytics engine designed to rapidly interpret and activate data based on the full customer view. The platform is built on the company's  proprietary InfiniteCompute technology — making ActionIQ the only dynamically scalable CDP that provides unlimited computation power to your organization.

Customer Journey Management: The status quo approach to campaign management doesn't work in today’s experience economy. The modern customer journey spans across channels and business teams. Your customers expect you to meet them where they are whenever and however they interact with your brand. Centralize all available customer data across your entire organization in a single platform to uncover valuable insights. Coordinate, launch, test and monitor unlimited customer journeys from one orchestration tool to deliver superior customer experiences. Modern consumers want to interact with brands when, where and how they want — and they expect you to keep up. Replace obsolete campaign management with personalized, always-on customer journeys that span across channels and drive the business outcomes that matter most. Ensure superior customer experiences by continuously testing, measuring and optimizing journeys across all customer touchpoints.

CX for Advertisers: With the loss of anonymous third-party cookies, brands must take back control of their customer data and reimagine customer experiences for a post-cookie world. But outdated tools and tactics mean advertisers struggle to collect data, resolve customer identities, leverage customer intelligence and deliver personalized customer experiences. Ingest unlimited amounts of data from any source to support enhanced ad targeting, reduce acquisition costs and improve personalization. Activate real-time customer experiences and multi-step customer journeys across all paid and owned channels to increase customer lifetime value. To compete in today’s experience economy, provide superior customer experiences and drive positive business outcomes, brands have to bridge the gap between unknown and known customer journeys. Expand data capture, increase acquisition efficiency and grow revenue while future-proofing your enterprise business strategy.

ActionIQ B2B CDP: Customers expect to be treated like people, not accounts. They increasingly aim to self-serve, engage with digital-first content and enter or exit the buyer’s journey via different channels and touchpoints. This complexity is compounded by internal challenges — data is spread throughout the organization, channels have proliferated and the number of buyers and influencers continues to increase. Every touchpoint is an opportunity to engage your accounts and contacts. Uncover actionable insights and deliver what modern B2B buyers demand: truly personalized customer experiences. Understand user characteristics, behaviors and preferences to seamlessly drive engagement across the right channels at the right time. Track, measure and report on campaign and operational metrics to guide future revenue opportunities and process efficiencies.

The Visionary Leader Upfront    

Tasso Argyros is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ActionIQ. He left the Stanford PhD program to start Aster Data, which was acquired by Teradata for $325M. At Teradata, he continued to solve big data problems for Fortune 500 enterprises. Tasso’s passion for empowering business users led him to start ActionIQ, with the mission of bridging the gap between data & action.

"ActionIQ’s team, technology and culture come together around a singular purpose: helping the world’s most sophisticated enterprises reach new heights with their marketing technology."