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Activ Technologies: Delivering Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility via Digital Transformation


“A cloud-based, multi-enterprise platform that provides painless integration and real-time visibility of orders, inventory and shipments.”

It’s taken a while for companies to transition from in-house data and systems management to cloud computing. The general public has been quicker to adopt cloud services than the business world, mostly because the data that companies use to run and grow their businesses is highly sensitive.

The digital supply chain is a top priority for companies across every industry, but few have a solid foundation to get there. According to leading analyst firms, chief supply chain officers say they lack a roadmap to get to supply chain digitization. Unfortunately, existing legacy and enterprise solutions are not effective — they aren’t easily integrated and offer no real-time visibility. And the problem is compounded by numerous sources and locations for supply chain data. Companies desperately need a single repository of real-time supply chain information in order to compete effectively in today’s rapidly changing world.

Enter Activ Technologies

Activ is a cloud-based multi-enterprise platform that digitally transforms processes so companies can swiftly sense, coordinate, optimize, and manage their end-to-end supply chains. These companies use ActiVate, an economical Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, to drive profitability and performance, while software providers partner with Activ to enhance their cloud solutions.

With Activ, companies and their trading partners synchronize forecasts, production, order and inventory management as well as distribution capabilities in real-time, improving operational effectiveness. Activ’s differentiation is in its ease of integration, connectivity, data normalization and extension, along with predictive and prescriptive analytics.

The company was incorporated in 2012 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Proud Moment

One of our customers tested the strength and scalability of our platform. The auto-scaling technology of ActiVate enabled Caterpillar with 30 suppliers, who were processing data streams, to instantly scale to 1200 supplier data streams, a 4000% increase with no tweaking or redevelopment, providing complete data analytics and ensuring all data integrity requirements were met.

Activ Technologies: Synopsis

Little Risk: Big Reward

Inventory turns, order fill rates, service levels, increased margins…Activ’s customers realize big improvements with very little investment in its cloud-based solution.

Activ is on a mission to help customers unleash the potential of a digital supply chain—and the results speak for themselves. From mid-size businesses to the Fortune 50, companies depend on ActiVate for integration, real-time visibility, synchronization and a control tower all with the same platform that quickly drives improved supply chain performance.

A Proven Approach for Digitizing the Supply Chain

With ActiVate, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, or third party logistics providers and their customers have a real-time view of orders, inventory and shipments consolidated from a variety of ERPs, order management (ActiVate is also a distributed order management platform if required) or transportation systems.

Integration: Companies leverage ActiVate to make faster decisions with real-time integration between their enterprise systems and supply chain partners.

  • Single System of Record – Real-time information means better decisions and more efficient performance. But most enterprise systems are islands of automation, loosely connected via batch updates. By eliminating data silos across the enterprise, ActiVate helps create a single data repository with real-time intelligence.
  • Supply Chain Integration – Designed to deliver hassle-free integration, Active’s cloud-based solution makes it easy for companies to connect with their customers, distributors, suppliers and logistics providers. With powerful capabilities to normalize and extend data, ActiVate enables trading partner collaboration without incurring a capitalized IT costs.

Unique Differentiation:

  • Eliminate internal and external data silos rapidly, regardless of data formats
  • Automatically cleanse, translate, normalize and extend data to remove redundancies
  • Facilitate rapid identification of exceptions and smoother supply chain execution
  • Drive improved decision-making with predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Leverage unlimited scalability for multi-tenant, many to many connectivity
  • Access serious horsepower including full REST JSON API and OAuth2

Visibility: Activ customers improve performance with rapid identification of supply chain events. They notify exceptions via real-time alerts tailored to each type of user. From forecasts, inventory, capacity and orders to shipments and logistics, ActiVate provides the real-time visibility needed to compete at today’s rapid pace. And this end-to-end supply chain visibility means greater efficiency, better service levels and more on-time deliveries. Activ’s customers have realized dramatic improvement in inventory allocation, while boosting customer service with real-time visibility.

Synchronization: Activ Technologies quickly and cost-effectively establishes a cloud-based foundation for digitally connected, real-time supply chain management. ActiVate delivers real-time collaboration with customers, vendors, and logistics providers. And companies see a rapid payoff of improved service with fewer order, inventory, and shipping headaches.

It’s quick and easy to on board supply chain partners with ActiVate. The company’s configurable application means companies get the user experience, dashboards, and reports they want – without the expense and time delays of custom programming.

Control Tower: ActiVate empowers companies to move beyond visibility to monitor, manage, optimize and automate supply, demand and logistics networks in real-time.

Activ’s integration, visibility, collaboration and machine learning capabilities all work in tandem to help better coordinate supply chain operations – all in real-time. From procurement to inventory, replenishment, and fulfillment plans, the company’s Control Tower helps minimize risks and resolve issues across multi-tier, multi-enterprise supply chains, including inbound and outbound freight.

Jaymie Forrest: A Supply Chain Visionary

With almost 30 years of building supply chain technology companies and guiding supply chain operations, Jaymie leads Activ’s quest to help companies and their trading partners synchronize forecasts, production, order and inventory management as well as distribution capabilities in real-time.

“Our unique combination of easy, rapid integration with real-time visibility and supply chain management positions Activ to fill a crucial need in today’s dynamic supply chain,” stated Jaymie Forrest, CEO of Activ Technologies.

As a seasoned supply chain and logistics technology executive, Jaymie specializes in supply chain design, optimization, operations, inventory planning and management, transportation strategy, routing and scheduling, SCM technologies and logistics information systems. She leverages experience across a variety of industries, applications and technology platforms with a variety of exclusive experiences that set her apart; sample projects include the following: developed the Coca-Cola bottlers logistics infrastructure in 35 countries, implemented first automated cross-border treatment facility for produce, largest field-service automation system, multimodal global strategic freight optimization system, and as Managing Director of Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute founded the Logistics Council for The Republic of Panama, and Georgia Tech Logistics Innovation Research Centers in Singapore, China, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama to name a few.

“Activ has been rescuing companies from outdated connections and legacy systems that create data latency and impair decision-making speed and agility. Today, the platform digitally transforms processes so companies can swiftly sense, coordinate, optimize, and manage their end-to-end supply chains.”

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