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ActivTrak – Workforce analytics software leader optimizing productivity and efficiency


Although organizations must make decisions based on a variety of factors and perspectives, few are as important as human resources when it comes to taking decisive action during a crisis. A company’s workforce is vitally important and one of the most complex aspects of operating a business. Instead of clean, hard data, employees can present a variety of qualitative factors that are hard to put into numbers that work for analytics. Even so, an organization’s human capital is perhaps its most important asset. Building an in-depth understanding of your staff can help you come up with better solutions and improve your competitive edge. Workforce analytics — sometimes called people analytics — can empower your team by providing better insights as to what works and doesn’t. Furthermore, it can help uncover tools that employees need to succeed. Let’s begin by breaking down the meaning of workforce analytics.

ActivTrak is a workforce productivity and analytics software company that help teams understand how people work, whether in the office or remotely. Its cloud-based user productivity monitoring platform collects and analyzes data and provides insights that help mid-market enterprises be more productive and compliant. With more than 9,000 customers and over 550,000 users of their Free version, ActivTrak’s award-winning solution can be configured in minutes to provide immediate visibility and analysis. ActivTrak has evolved from an employee monitoring tool to a privacy-conscious, powerful productivity platform that provides workforce visibility and insights while promoting trust and transparency between employers and employees.

Empowering Every Employee an Organization with Workforce Insights

Hybrid & Remote Workforce Management Software: Organizations continue to struggle with a lack of visibility into productivity, tool usage and burnout risk for dispersed teams. Remote workforce management software tends to be built for in-office teams and adapted to try to accommodate remote or hybrid employees – often giving an incomplete picture. ActivTrak provides the data and visibility you need with contextual and actionable productivity insights, to ensure equality in performance management of your workforce. Provide managers of remote teams with the insights to guide their team members to success. Engage everyone, everywhere in continuous productivity improvement.

Workforce Optimization Software: Optimize productivity and efficiency across your organization with actionable insights into work habits and quantifiable measures of progress. Equip managers and employees to play an active role in increasing engagement, productivity, and well-being. Enable employees to optimize their schedules and identify opportunities for self-improvement by providing visibility into their personal work habits. Deliver targeted enablement with the help of their virtual productivity coach, which surfaces team members exhibiting signs of burnout, disengagement, or lack of focus, along with advice on how to best support them. Create automated email subscriptions for leaders and stakeholders to share regular progress updates and foster collaboration.

Employee Monitoring Software: Enable flexible schedules, ensure compliance and promote healthy work balance with visibility into daily work habits and long-term productivity trends. ActivTrak analyzes daily work activity data for insights into time and technology usage, resource gaps and productivity trends — while ensuring data privacy and compliance. Determine active or passive online status and current work focus. Categorize apps and websites by team, role or job function to analyze usage. Compare habits of remote and in-office teams to understand productivity and process bottlenecks. Eliminate the hassle of manual clock-in and clock-out with automated daily start and end times. Review productivity and work duration by day, week and month. Flexible monitoring schedules protect employee privacy outside of working hours.

Employee Engagement & Experience Software: Leverage quantifiable data to assess engagement & burnout risk, help employees protect focus time, and ensure healthy workload balance. Employee engagement and experience are critical to retention and performance, but they can be difficult to measure objectively. ActivTrak provides data-driven workforce insights that complement engagement surveys and OKRs, enabling managers and employees alike to play an active role in improving engagement, satisfaction, and well-being. Equip employees to optimize their schedules and identify opportunities for self-improvement by providing visibility into their individual work habits. Set goals for productive, focused, and collaboration hours per day to help employees adopt healthy, balanced work habits and ensure that work activities are aligned with employees’ roles and responsibilities. Motivate and engage team members by sharing regular progress updates and celebrating areas of improvement. Give employees' insight into their personal goal attainment with a weekly email subscription to their Personal Insights Dashboard.

The Leader Upfront

Rita Selvaggi is the Chief Executive Officer CEO of ActivTrak. She leads the strategic direction of the company. An Austin technology scene trailblazer, Rita is a pioneer in scaling high-velocity, freemium business models into high-profile success stories that disrupt market categories.

Prior to ActivTrak, Rita served as chief marketing officer at AlienVault, where she helped scale and establish the company as a mid-market threat detection software leader that was acquired by AT&T in 2018. Rita also served as senior vice president of marketing for SolarWinds, where she was instrumental in developing the company’s, direct-to-IT-buyer go-to-market model that led to its successful IPO in May 2009. Earlier in her career, Rita held positions at Fortune 500 companies including IBM and ADP.

"With deep data analytics, ActivTrak gives you the answers you need to help your workforce and your business be successful and provides the workflow to make it happen."