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50 Leading Companies of The Year 2020

Active8me - The Digital Health & Wellness Platform Building a Healthier Future


One Asian-based start-up rises above the sea of health and wellness-related apps. Founded by two-time Olympian Jeremy Rolleston, Active8me is an all-in-one mobile platform that incorporates all aspects of healthy living – exercise, nutrition, mindset, tracking and wearables, and even Nutrigenomics DNA. A solution for tackling chronic diseases and an engaging SaaS solution for partners. Active8me is where technology meets real life to build a healthier future.

We profiled the platform to learn more.

Getting fit and healthy isn’t always easy. So imagine a platform that puts the ultimate personal trainer, dietician and life coach in your pocket. Available anytime, anywhere. Convenient and easy to use. With everything in one place right there in your hand. And based on science and the expertise of a team of passionate professionals – Olympians, exercise physiologists, dieticians and doctors.

Let me introduce you to Active8me. The platform distinguishes itself from the competition in a number of ways, such as:

  • A total integrated solution – Rather than focus on one key area of health or wellbeing, the Active8me platform is a holistic solution. It combines all the major areas of exercise, nutrition, mindset and tracking to ensure that clients are achieving health across all areas of their lives. After all there is a difference between fitness, health and wellness.
  • A range of customisable programs – The Active8me application goes far beyond simply tracking, tips, or generalised wellness content, it offers carefully-curated programs and plans designed by a team of incredible experts. Programs include the likes of Diabetes Prevent, Lose Weight, Lean Fit & Toned, Post-Baby, Pregnancy, and Running (10km, 21km, 42km). All designed to effect lasting change and influence health outcomes.
  • Localized and personalized content – Importantly, Active8me programs adjust to a user’s level of experience, their preferences and their lifestyle. An Asian who eats out has different needs to a Westerner who enjoys cooking at home. A beginner on the Lose Weight program who prefers to work out at the gym, does not follow the same plan as a new mother regaining fitness, with a need to work out at home.
  • Built by a team impressive health experts – It’s often difficult for everyday people to have access to the calibre of experts they need or want. However, with the Active8me programs every person can benefit from the expertise, passion and knowledge of Active8me’s incredible professionals - every day. Delivering inspiration, education and coaching so users can cut through the misinformation out there and see real and lasting transformation.

A white-labellable platform for partner companies – The best part for partners is that they can license, rebrand and api the entire Active8me platform. Insurers, health companies, pharmaceutical, supplement and lifestyle companies, gyms and even governments can leverage the technology and benefit from all of the expert programs and content – saving time and money in the process.

As a SaaS platform, Active8me provides an incredible opportunity for partners to leverage the platform to achieve their many and varied business aims.

Insurers will find Active8me is a scalable and cost effective preventative health solution to tackle escalating payouts related to chronic disease and unhealthy members. Corporates can add value, engage and see positive ROI with health and wellness solutions for their employees. Forward thinking gyms can offer customer solutions beyond the four walls of their gym. And governments can leverage the platform to deliver preventative digital health programs.

And for their underlying members, patients, employees and customers, thanks to the Active8me platform, with just a few clicks on their mobile phones, users can get customized daily workout plans and videos; nutritious Asian or Western recipes and meal plans; mindset and motivation videos; and a range of tracking tools – all to support them in transforming their fitness, health and wellness. A holistic solution that they can access anytime and anywhere, without the need for a gym membership, and that is localized and personalized. The power is in the users hands.

Digital solutions within the health and wellbeing space will continue to grow as dynamics like AI, wearable technology, personalised nutrition, DNA testing and mindfulness have an increasing influence. As that happens, Active8me will remain at the forefront and make a difference in real everyday lives.