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April Monthly Special 2023

ActZero – Eliminating uncertainty and protecting your business against ransomware through robust threat intelligence platform


With the evolving threat landscape, almost every security analyst believes that a cyber-attack is no more a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’. No matter how big or small an organization is, it is not immune to the horrors of cyber-attacks. To lower the risk to cyber security of an organization, threat intelligence serves as an added shield to security controls. Threat Intelligence includes acquisition of prior knowledge of cyber threats so that organizations can strengthen their defense mechanisms against on-going cyber-attacks. It is acquired through global threat feeds which provide an analysis of on-going global cyber-attacks, giving out information like the origin of attack, the source IP address, the malicious domains, URLs used, malwares deployed, as well as the weaknesses of target organization exploited by the attackers. It is crucial to gather information about potential and on-going cyber-attacks to safeguard your assets and secure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of your organization in the digital world. It is therefore important to acquire threat intelligence and prepare for an attack in advance before a threat becomes an incident.

ActZero is a Gartner-recognized provider of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services that offers 24/7 threat protection, securing small and mid-size businesses, empowering customers to cover more ground in their cybersecurity efforts without taxing existing budgets and resources.  The firm combines its core AI and ML technologies and processes with human threat hunting and threat intelligence to detect and identify vulnerabilities, eliminating more threats in less time.  They actively partner with their customers to drive security engineering, increase internal efficiencies and effectiveness and, ultimately, build a mature cybersecurity posture.  Whether shoring up an existing security strategy, or building a primary line of defense, ActZero's client-first approach helps reduce the unique risks and gaps that could leave a business vulnerable to attack.

Providing Cutting-Edge Threat Intelligence Solutions and Services

EDR and Log Analysis Drives Tailored Security: Using their EDR to monitor your devices and pulling data from your security software and appliances, they track activity on your network, firewall, cloud, and edge assets. They analyze event logs against known behavior patterns and threat intelligence feeds, substantially reducing false positives while alerting you to potential breaches With real-time monitoring, multiple sensors, a proprietary platform, and a well-honed threat detection and response strategy, they partner with you to see and stop threats before they put your operations, data, people, or brand at risk. ActZero Threat Hunters study advanced attack techniques, empowering them to quickly identify malware, ransomware, and bot or human-powered attacks.

Swift Threat Detection: The Company deploys enterprise-grade, AI-backed tools quickly across your physical and cloud systems. You get comprehensive coverage of your environment without dedicating internal resources or investing in solutions that are difficult to manage and update. Most security tools generate numerous irrelevant alerts, forcing you or other security services to sift through thousands of false alarms to find true indicators of compromise (IOCs). ActZero's AI and ML intelligently pinpoint threats to your endpoints, network, and cloud that have evaded your defenses. Their Threat Hunters waste less time filtering noise and spend more time advising you on the action that should be taken, when it’s truly important.

Proactive Threat Hunting: Using their platform to scout vulnerabilities and attacks, the Threat Hunters terminate harmful processes, delete malware, or quarantine infected machines, as discovered. Their elite team has the technology to respond in real-time, before your systems are impacted, or your intellectual property lost. More often than not, you won’t even know what happened as they’ll have it under control. But of course, the transparent reporting will keep you advised of activity post-event. With ActZero taking advanced countermeasures against verified security issues, your team can concentrate their time and talent on improving business processes. More often than not, you won’t even know what happened as they will have it under control. But of course, the transparent reporting will keep you advised of activity post-event.

MDR for Mobile: Use of mobile devices with businesses provides great benefits, providing your employees, partners and supply-chain with instant access to your business-critical applications, anytime and anywhere.  But without proper protection, these same devices become open gateways to your business for adversaries.’s foundation is built on using artificial intelligence to solve cyber security challenges. Their machine learning models use billions of data points to gain information and learn about mobile risks and threats.  In-turn, they can detect and alert on threats faster and with greater precision than EDR or MTD alone. Maturity improvement doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s a journey.  ActZero provides you with access to the portal where you’ll get visibility to threats and vulnerabilities that leave you exposed, as well as key advice to hello you reduce risks, and track your improvement over time.

The Leader Upfront

Sameer Bhalotra is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of ActZero. A leader in building startups, he is an industry veteran with over 15 years' experience in cybersecurity. He is driving the company's strategy and its evolution as the industry's leading managed detection and response service provider.

His experience spans the US Government, leading research universities, and the security products industry. Most recently, he serves as a co-founder and CEO of StackRox, acquired by IBM. He also served in the US government in various roles including Senior Director for cybersecurity on the National Security Council staff at the White House and Cybersecurity and Technology lead for the Senate Select Committee on intelligence.

Sameer holds a Ph.D. in applied physics from Stanford University, and a B.A in Physics and Chemistry from Harvard University.

"ActZero helps reduce operational downtime, prevent data-loss and avoid catastrophic technology failures by prioritizing investigations by actual risk indicators."