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Adactin: Delivering Outstanding Digital Solutions for Business Innovation

Founded in 2011, Adactin is a premium Australian software consulting company dedicated to excellent software development and testing with a comprehensive service suite encompassing quality assurance, design and development services, data analytics products and other digital transformation enterprise solutions including quality ICT training programs. The company has a core competency and thought leadership position built around the science of IT development and testing application development.

Led from the front by Navneesh Garg (CEO and Director), Adactin has thinkers, innovators, creators, and transformers who believe in making things happen via a highly professional approach, differentiated by expertise, capabilities and imagination. Above all are the clients who entrust the company with their business. Its clients are its greatest asset and a core strength behind their competencies. They work closely with their highly-skilled experts who possess enterprise-level proficiency in the latest tools, trends, and technologies and who make us stand out in the cutting-edge competition of the IT market.

The company has set the bar right at the top in the marketplace. Its customized solutions and distinctive vision assists them to deliver solutions across diverse businesses in a variety of industry sectors, utilizing the very latest in technologies and addressing emerging as well as established market trends.

Adactin strives to provide the most cost-effective QA, testing, and IT services and solutions with a commitment to creating innovative, tailored solutions to challenging technical problems. It does this by utilizing their deep library of customizable business and service models which they carefully align with client requirements and objectives.

Since its inception, Adactin has defined itself not only through its innovation, services, solutions, products, technologies and services but by the fundamental values it incorporates. The company believes in value-driven businesses and processes and therefore their values are the foundation of the culture and brand. With this, they make every effort to ensure that they deliver innovative solutions with a vision of corporate responsibility and to grow collectively as market players. In a short time span of their commencement as Adactin, they have successfully delivered exceptional results in complicated frameworks for the clients, both in Government and Private Sector.

Software Development

Adactin is a recognized software development company across the Australian marketplace which helps you to build and manage software within today’s demanding timeframes. It uses modern software development platforms and tools in conjunction with the latest project management techniques and software engineering practices throughout the entire development process of your software.

From the latest technologies to automated quality assurance, our software development services comprises of all your needs providing you with a functional, scalable, and secure software. Adactin's software experts create a multi-platform strategy for you while crafting the security and scalability roadmaps which underpin the right tech stack for your project.

The company's service range is designed to optimize software development lifecycle while accelerating business objectives. As a software development vendor, Adactin strives to provide innovative, agile and technology-driven software development to help achieve the business goals with software applications. It offers the following services to fit applications:

Application Development: Adactin is a trustworthy software development vendor providing a wide range of bespoke application development, backed-up with latest technology implementation, strategies and approaches. It offers custom software development, bespoke software consulting, bespoke web development and custom integration solutions.

Application Maintenance: A simplified and scalable landscape is required for enhanced application efficiency. Adactin offers a dynamic application maintenance platform that supports automation, reduces cost and optimizes business processes to drive constant growth. It uses agile methodologies to maintain an application with faster software upgrades, fewer resources, reduced cycle times and low to non-existent defect rates.

Product Development: When it comes to hiring a software development company for product development, Adactin is the strategic partner of choice. Adactin transforms customer expectations into workable products and new business models. They have embraced cognitive services, security engineering, cloud-based deployment and mobile edge computing in their product development services to develop influential and effective software products.

Digital Transformation

In this fast-changing world, a new mandate for business operating seems to arise every day. Within a few years the business focus has changed from resources to commerce, and now to the customer. Enterprises are becoming more spontaneous, nimble, and clear through rapid technological and customer evolution. Digitisation has not only changed many business models, but also business processes, making them highly customer-centric. Data is the backbone to the transformation that’s driving insights which lead to competitive differentiation.

Digital transformation can be complicated. However, Adactin as a digital transformation company, with its skills, understanding and vision can help clients capitalize on this game changer.

About the Leader

Navneesh Garg, CEO and Director

Navneesh pursued his passion and interest in Test Automation by authoring four top best-selling automation books. He started his journey as a serial entrepreneur when he was 24 years of age.  He has since then co-founded three, successful, award-winning IT companies.

Through, Navneesh's leadership, Adactin has won numerous industry awards including Deloitte Fast 500 & Fast 50 growing companies, CRN Fast 50 and Westpac Business of tomorrow.

“Adactin strives to provide the most cost-effective QA, testing, and IT services and solutions with a commitment to creating innovative, tailored solutions to challenging technical problems."