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Addepto – Empowering innovators to shape the future through the adoption of AI and Data-driven solutions


In the modern business landscape, data is king. Companies of all sizes and industries rely on data to make informed decisions that drive their success. However, with the sheer amount of data available today, it can be challenging to extract meaningful insights and analysis from it. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) come in – they can help businesses to sift through the data noise and extract actionable insights. With the aid of automation, the most recent developments in artificial intelligence significantly contribute to increasing the effectiveness and power of business processes. Machine learning methods enable AI systems to autonomously examine data and identify underlying trends that workers can utilize to make more informed decisions. Every day, advances are being made in business intelligence (BI) and artificial intelligence (AI), enabling businesses to use machine learning algorithms to identify novel data patterns and quickly choose how to present them in real time. Increasingly more companies are starting to include AI-enabled data warehouses and ML algorithm integration in their products. Big data insights have become natural and practical for consumers thanks to AI’s ability to interpret vast volumes of data and produce data-driven suggestions, which, by collecting and processing data, may enhance business decisions and increase ROI.

Addepto is one such machine learning and business intelligence consulting company developing custom solutions for fast growing companies. By connecting BI and ML, the company is able to deliver end to end projects - from tapping into data sources through data warehousing to business shifting machine learning models and reporting architecture. Addepto is a rapidly developing company that observes the latest technological trends and takes full advantage of them. They offer an individual approach to each client and are open to new challenges.

Business Intelligence Now Made Simple

AI Consulting: Discover new opportunities to develop your product using AI consulting services and boost business outcomes with customized solutions Addepto will develop AI-driven services that will enable your company to take full advantage of the gathered data. Thanks to AI Consulting, you will gain valuable business insights that will lead to the automatization of processes and an increase in revenue. Addepto offers a unique AI consulting service which will help you realize how many opportunities come from implementing AI solution into your business. Artificial Intelligence influences most of the industries, among the most popular are: retail, eCommerce, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, marketing, and gaming sect

Business Analytics Systems: Addepto deployed and implemented Business Intelligence and analytics systems for decision support. They designed AI-powered Business Intelligence (BI) self-service solution with an enterprise data warehouse (DWH), where the business users could be self-sufficient in the development of dashboards and reports – in order to analyze relation between sales and customers. Developed Business Intelligence system supports marketing, operations, business, sales, and HR departments. Analytical dashboards were developed to improve operational and management reporting. Any manufacturer has to focus on both external profit increase and internal cost reduction. Analyze information across multiple sources to set performance goals and create sophisticated profit and financial models.

Big Data Consulting Services: Addepto's Big Data Consulting company with the help of advanced technologies and tools like Delta Lakes, Spark, Hadoop and Cloud technologies will process your datasets, drive business insights from it, and suggest the most effective strategy of data culture implementation. They provide companies with reliable big data analytics consulting and a fast implementation process. Big data consulting is a sophisticated service based on the process of examining vast amounts of data. The company's goal is to uncover useful business-wise information and hidden correlations and connections within it. It has been designed to help organizations in making more optimal decisions, thanks to insightful analysis. Big data strategy implementation, consulting and services help your company to grow faster and improve the decision-making process.

Machine Learning Consulting Services: Every day the company works on new machine learning consulting solutions that solve their client’s problems and adapt to future changes. Reliable data analysis and reporting will lead you to faster and more consistent development, but they require delivery and support from an experienced partner. This is where Addepto comes in. They will help you enter the data-driven world and modernize your existing business analysis systems. And will help you extract insight from the collected data and turn it into profits and insights. Addepto provides businesses with machine learning consulting for data integration (ETL), in-memory analytics, and innovative reporting.

Data Engineering Services: The Addepto Data engineering services will help your business in advancing to the next level of data usage, data management, and data automation. You may focus on insight extraction thanks to automated advanced data pipelines. They approach every customer very individually and determine a specific project approach. The firm cooperates to define technologies, infrastructure, and advanced technologies that will solve specific business challenges and match your architecture. Their data engineering team has created a tailor-made data transformation layer for both structured data and Digital Marketing data sources, combined together in a single and unified cloud data warehouse.

The Formidable Leader

Artur Haponik is a Co-Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Addepto. He is an experienced executive with Machine Learning & Big Data background. He has been working with Fortune 500 Enterprises and Global Startups. Mr. Haponik is Passionate about Big Data and Data Science.

"We deliver full-stack, end-to-end AI, Machine Learning, and Business Intelligence solutions tailored to the size, niche, and requirements of your company, which can be used to improve your operational performance."