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Addressing Disease Management in Non-Communicable Diseases - CIPHER Healthcare


In recent years, there has been a marked shift in the health burden of India. Non-communicable diseases have seen a rise in incidence, morbidity and mortality. In the year 2014, there were an estimated 64.1 million cases on non-communicable diseases in India and this number is regularly on the rise. With disease management riddled with several challenges, the problems in India include early onset, late diagnosis, difficulties in treatment and uncertain outcomes.

CIPHER Healthcare aims to address these problems. In 2014, it launched the first-of-its-kind pan India Cancer Helpline that provides patients with all the resources required to understand, be aware, seek treatment and manage cancer better.

The company understands that sustainable disease management systems could only be achieved successfully if it actively works on both the patient and the healthcare provider side. So, along with Cancer Helpline, the firm offers a combination of support services, which are customisable for patients and healthcare providers.

Extending Compassionate Patient Care

Non-communicable diseases involve several aspects of disease management in and out of hospitals. For the last 5 years, CIPHER has been engaged in helping patients navigate these healthcare systems in a way that has improved the outcomes of their treatment and recovery.

Patient Lifecycle Management

The firm helps patients through the treatment journey. Non-communicable disease treatment and management are often long drawn and patients and caregivers find it a daunting process. Often care is divided into stages; those spent at the hospital and those spent at home. While there is competent care provided at hospitals, patients and caregivers struggle to provide the same quality of care at home. This is where CIPHER steps in. It helps patients transition through these tough stages by providing disease management services like coaching, nursing, counselling, physiotherapy, nutrition etc. at the comfort of the patient’s own home. These services are complementary to the treatment being received and improve treatment and recovery outcomes. CIPHER is available by your side through the course of your diagnosis and treatment and helps you and your family manage the tough period of treatment better.

Help, Just a Phone Call Away

The Indian healthcare system is fragmented and patients often find it tough to navigate through it. CIPHER toll-free helpline service is directed towards convenience and availability for patients. It helps patients looking for answers related to diagnosis, treatment, recovery and support. In a nutshell, the firm makes patients aware and offer patients every support needed to understand and manage their disease.

The company’s first foray into helpline services started with the pan-India Cancer Helpline, where it answers all questions related to cancer – prevention, diagnosis, treatment and after. With a toll-free helpline call service, email, chat and Facebook, the company connect patients to resources such as hospitals, doctors, diagnostic centres, counsellingcentres, financial aid groups, knowledge resources and palliative care centres. On average, the firm assists 50-100 patients every day.

For Healthcare Providers: Helping You Connect Better with Your Patients

Hospitals often find it difficult to be closely in touch with patients and families owing to operational difficulties and priority emergencies. While it could be justified given the healthcare scenario in India, the connection between a hospital and patient grows if they are offered personalized support. Studies have shown that empathetic patient care leads to better treatment outcomes and effective communication is associated with higher patient satisfaction.

CIPHER can help you do that. Establishing a patient contact centre brings you closer to your present and prospective patients. Apart from providing patient counselling and support, the firm will also be involved in patient lifecycle management, service scoring and feedback and manage your hospital’s helpline service.

Outreach and Training: Creating Programmes to Engage People

Outreach programmes have now become an integral part of a hospital’s responsibility since it contributes to improving the overall wellbeing of patients and the community. Such programmes are far more imperative for non-communicable diseases. With innovative outreach programmes, hospitals have improved goodwill and better connection with patients.

CIPHER has been involved in the space of outreach programmes and has actively worked with the community for the prevention and screening of non-communicable diseases. It recommends and helps hospitals create a customized programme based on their needs and train appropriate staff for implementing such outreach programmes.

Leading From the Front – The Managing Director

SonaliSrungaram | Managing Director

After spending 12 years at Accenture managing large transformational projects across Asia-Pacific, India and the UK, Sonali decided to dedicate her time to supporting the cause of non-communicable disease related prevention, detection and treatment. CIPHER Healthcare was born as a result of this dedication with an aim to serve all affected Indians.

“Our vision is to reduce non-communicable disease mortality by providing affected Indians with personalized integrative care through our first-of-its-kind Cancer Helpline and other supportive services.”