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Bid farewell to your unstructured data challenges with Adlib’s robust content intelligence solutions


Currently, the business climate is very uncertain, which has forced companies not just to transform but evolve in order to thrive and adapt. Businesses had to switch to remote-working models in a short period of time at the beginning of the pandemic, and this resulted in information chaos. Experts are advising companies to look for content intelligence solutions to lighten up the dark data and amplify the value of content resources. Content intelligence will tackle the data chaos at its origin to make it more easily searchable, improve context, and provide better accessibility. It is better to opt for leading content intelligence platforms because they leverage AI and ML to capture and index information, read documents, provide access to approved users, validate data, along with other functions to get intelligent data to supercharge digital transformation.

Globally, there are various providers for content intelligence platforms, but Adlib stands out from the rest. Adlib was founded in 2000 and is based in Burlington, Ontario. Adlib has been transforming the way global organizations overcome unstructured data challenges for over 20 years. The company’s content intelligence, contract analytics, and content transformation solutions enable over thousands of global customers to discover, access and transform their unstructured data into high-quality, structured data that is primed for contract lifecycle management, robotic process automation, insight systems, data lakes, business process management, and other digital business initiatives. Adlib helps fuel innovation, reduce risk, simplify compliance, accelerate customer experiences, and achieve a new business resilience and agility level.

In conversation with Brett Mellon, CEO of Adlib

Digital transformation has been failing and internal inefficiencies are increasing – undermining business long term success. Do you help your clients patch their internal inefficiencies and streamline their operations towards success?

Digital transformation has been failing, and it needs to be supercharged. The phrase “That’s how it’s always done” needs a revision. I believe that in COVID-like situations, companies must reinvent themselves to survive and grow. It is data that can help organizations quickly uncover insights, adapt their focus, and recover and grow business, and Content Intelligence can do that work for them. With cut budgets and smaller teams, it’s more important than ever to get at information and extract it intelligently. Content Intelligence can replace the need for an individual to pore over agreements, documents, and contracts by automating the process. The platform has the potential to unlock information and insights previously difficult or labor-intensive to obtain, whether that’s solving for supply chain gaps, identifying leading indicators for churn, fuelling RPA initiatives, or uncovering new opportunities through M&A from a recently acquired asset or de-risking the newly acquired asset. Whether businesses are scaling up a new line of business or re-prioritizing existing business units, they will need to be ready for whatever comes next.

How has the pandemic affected your business? Tell us about your recovery.

Our people had to draw on emotional reserves, sometimes heroically. Juggling work and home life can be an immense challenge even at the best of times. In 2020, the boundaries were blurred, and work and home life coalesced into one imperfect mess. We did it, and we’re still doing it. Hats off to us all. Adlib banded together, and we supported each other. Teams stayed team-like at a distance. Productivity notched upward, in spite of our physical separation. We exemplified what our company stands for: intelligence; bringing order to disorder; making sense of it all. We showed that we are a resilient company. And we demonstrated through our support of each other a commendable corporate humanity, a virtue we can all be proud of. Corporately, we remain strong. And when the world emerges from the grip of COVID-19, through vaccines and herd immunity, the companies that stayed resilient, that thrived despite the adversity, will have opportunities they could not have predicted. We intend to be one of those companies. The pandemic has highlighted a key truth for any business: success is based on the people and systems that combine to deliver products and services that drive corporate success. Being forced to work in new ways and in new, largely separate locations has quickly surfaced any friction points or process weaknesses. Ensuring you have the necessary systems, workflows, and technology in place is only one element of creating an agile, resilient business. Focusing on the physical and mental well-being of your team in a time of unprecedented change is critical.

Attempting automation/intelligence without the fundamental preconditions for success is likely to be costly, and destined to fail. How do you manage to formulate a clearly defined strategy?

  • We develop shared goals focused on outcomes
  • We work to uncover the inefficiencies, cost to business and the impact on the business not being able to operate at their full potential
  • We document these challenges
  • We engage in LAB sessions to build and articulate a POC
  • We build outcome-based rules for the POC
  • We hold the POC and all accountable
  • We present findings of POC which creates the compelling reason to abandon status quo

If not a business leader, what else you wish to be?

Coaching staff for a Division 1 college basketball team. I love competition, building teams, developing skills, instilling confidence, watching individuals and team celebrate success. 

What does the future hold for Adlib and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

I am excited for 2021 and beyond with Adlib’s new focus on Content Intelligence helping our customers, partners, prospects and analyst community understand the broader breadth of our capabilities and how our tools can be leveraged to solve myriad of challenges enterprises experience today. I look forward to collaborating deeper and wider with our employees, clients, and partners to accelerate the world’s transition to intelligent data.

Meet the dynamic leader behind the success of Adlib

The current pandemic has put the role of CEO to the test. Confronting this crisis like condition, many CEOs leveraged years of leadership craft and emerged as more purpose-driven and have redefined the way of leading. Amongst those CEOs, one who has stood tall in these tough times is Brett Mellon, the CEO of Adlib, a leader in content intelligence solutions. Brett has been successfully managing all the business operations of Adlib while also taking on exciting new responsibilities with customers, partners, and other external stakeholder management. Under his purposeful leadership, Adlib has been named as Best Workplaces in Technology 2020. It has been named as great place to work for third year in a row. Secondly, Adlib software has also been recognized for its outstanding corporate culture by great place to work. Moreover, the company is also recognized as InsurTech Top 20 Solution Providers 2020 by Insurance Market and as Most Promising Pharma & Life Sciences Tech Solution Providers 2020. Brett has spent over 25 years in operational leadership roles, first in the automotive industry and later in software and digital assets. He specializes in lean principles and process optimization with a focus on scaling teams and organizations. His dedication and passion for his work over the years has resulted in a proven track record of delivering value to shareholders. As Chief Executive Officer for Adlib, Brett oversees the continued optimization of our business operations, while providing leadership and guidance on the effective execution of strategic initiatives. Brett holds a B.Sc. in Engineering from Queen’s University. He is a father of four and an avid golfer and TFC fan.

“Your business demands a complicated mixture of stable, proven technology and market-disrupting innovation. Our 20 years of experience in mission-critical enterprise environments and a history of ongoing innovation and technology leadership give you both.”