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Adnan Malik, CalingDr CEO: ‘We Share Our Passion for Delivering Cost-Effective Healthcare Services Using Innovative Mobile Platforms for the Single Provider Practice to White Labeling for Larger Hospital Facilities’


“CallingDr is a complete telemedicine and telehealth platform for patient-doctor video consulting and remote patient monitoring.”

There was a time when people who were ill-kept to their sick beds at home, but 20th-century advances in medical technology made it necessary (and beneficial) for many people to stay in the hospital for constant monitoring. However, further leaps and bounds in tech are now making it possible for some patients to have the best of both worlds by returning to the comfort of their homes while still having their vitals checked, thanks to remote patient monitoring. In light of the foregoing, we’re pleased to present MyApps Corp (dbaCalingDr).

Myapps Corp was established to become a leader in iPhone and Android apps and create a big digital marketing footprint. It has expertise in developing apps in all sectors including banking, healthcare, retail, business to consumer, and consumer-to-consumer areas. Myapps has a development team on board that can take challenges to all levels. The team strives to achieve and exceed your goals, by delivering an app that you envision.

Adnan Malik: Interview Highlights

Q. Explain your Mobile Health Platform in brief.

MyApps Corp has these products:

CallingDr: CallingDr is a medical-grade, HIPAA compliant Telemedicine, and telehealth platform that enables people to have access to healthcare regardless of their geographical location.

FindingDr:FindingDr is an online physician listing and appointment booking service. Patients can make appointments online and save time through online check-in. Physicians can advertise their services to the public and increase their patient base and avoid no-shows.

VisitingDr:VisitingDr is a charge capture app for hospitalists to avoid losing paper charges. The app has the capability to record a charge and submit to back-office for billing purposes with a click of a button including audio and video feed.

Q. Why do you think there is a serious need for video consulting and remote patient monitoring services?

As the COVID-19 spreads, both the CDC and WHO are urging healthcare professionals to use telehealth services as a valuable tool in reducing the spread of infection.CallingDr is the ideal first line of defense. During the remote visit, the healthcare professional can use screening questions, assess the situation, enable early diagnoses, and prevent exposure to the infection by keeping sick individuals away from others. CallingDr can limit exposure. There is no vaccine; the CDC states the best prevention is to avoid exposure. Social distancing is encouraged. Patients can access healthcare while avoiding crowded hospitals. CallingDr telemedicine platform keeps sick individuals at home rather than exposing others including healthcare professionals, who put themselves at risk when they are in close contact with patients. Using CallingDr the healthcare professional can connect with their patients and direct them to the appropriate testing site all while avoiding exposure to infection.

One outcome of the current COVID-19 impact is the requirement for self-isolation and quarantine. This is important but unfortunately leads to patients not being able to seek therapy or receive chronic disease management. Telehealth offers a wonderful option for rehab specialists to deliver therapy through the CallingDr platform, help patients be motivated to exercise and be monitored from the comfort of the homes. At the moment, we are focused on the global pandemic, but during non-emergency times using  CallingDr for a virtual consult and remote monitoring services enables healthcare professionals and payers to address the US healthcare industry’s growing list of problems, including rising healthcare costs, an aging population, a shortage of professionals and the transformation of healthcare from service-centric to consumer-centric, which is straining the healthcare system resources and threatening to drive up payer costs.

Q. How efficient is your integrated remote healthcare platform when compared to in-person consultation?

CallingDr platform enhances traditional face-to-face visits. With CallingDr, healthcare professionals can continue to care for their patients in their brick and mortar office, but they can also provide the flexibility and convenience of seeing patients remotely for follow-up visits, check-ups, and referrals for further testing all with real-time care. These visits improve patient’s engagement and satisfaction while they enjoy not taking time off work, having to find childcare, or being restricted to one location. CallingDr reduces health costs. There is increased efficiency of care delivery, it reduces expenses for the patient for transportation and taking time off, and there are studies that keep patients out of hospitals providing with savings over inpatient care. Not only does CallingDr help the patient, but it also improves healthcare professional satisfaction. There is the ability to care for a greater number of patients and not to worry about no-shows in the schedule and balance between the work and family life.

Q. As there are many other reputed healthcare institutions in the same field, what makes you comparatively a better service provider?

MyApps has a range of services and products tailored and customized to fit targeted customers. Our offering is unique and best fit for customers’ needs for an affordable price where competitors’ products/offerings are one-size-fits-all kinds of solutions. We share our passion for delivering cost-effective healthcare services using innovative mobile platforms for the single provider practice to white labeling for larger hospital facilities.CallingDr is a complete telemedicine and telehealth platform for patient-doctor video consulting and remote patient monitoring. The platform is already integrated with leading EMRs such as Athenahealth, CareCloud, PointClickCare, Allscripts, and DrChronos with work underway with CureMD, e-clinical and Practice Fusion, therefore giving the user the flexibility to use their existing EMR with the CallingDr telemedicine platform. Our network requirements are low and do not involve any specialized equipment and hardware, which allows CallingDr to be used in rural areas or during natural disasters when a high bandwidth connection is not available.

Q. Artificial Intelligence is the new buzzword; do you think it has a place of its own in this field?

I believe that telemedicine currently has the greatest impact on the healthcare industry compared with other technologies including AI especially with the current COVID-19 global pandemic. Even the federal government has recognized the value of telemedicine and has lifted many regulations for its use. However, I feel a great excitement by the prospect of the synergies between AI and telehealth and the evolving field. Integrating AI into telehealth will revolutionize the healthcare domain

Q. CallingDr is simplifying the healthcare service sector and trying to make the world a better place to live. Share some of the most memorable moments in your company’s history.

We started after the hurricanes focusing on helping our local Florida communities. Initially, as with many disruptive innovations in healthcare, we faced a huge challenge as healthcare professionals were reluctant to adopt telemedicine, even though studies had suggested that 40 percent of patient visits can be conducted via telemedicine and rest as office visits. Today, especially with COVID-19, healthcare professionals no longer offer the resistance as there is a greater appreciation for the value the CallingDr telemedicine has to offer.

Q. Are there any new services getting ready to be launched anytime soon?

The integration of our two products, FindingDr and CallingDr,is very exciting! It allows patients to connect with doctors of their choice by a click of a button, and patients can find doctors, schedule appointments for office as well as tele-visits from their smartphones, without calling anyone. They will also get automatic reminders for their office or tele-visits. We are working on integrating with smart devices such as smartwatches, Google home appliances, Apple home devices, and others. The integration with e-prescription services is under the certification stage as well.

Adnan Malik: A Formidable Leader

One of the primary goals for Adnan Malik, CEO of MyApps Corp (dbaCalingDr), is to expand the company’s footprint. Having the vision to increase access to medical care when needed, he states: “We enable healthcare professionals to connect with patients via virtual visit regardless of geographical location.” With degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Adnan began his career at Seagate followed by Veritas Software and Symantec. After two decades in the corporate world, he co-founded a startup and as the CTO successfully launched an ambulatory EMR product. In 2017, MyApps Developers, LLC (now MyApps Corp) brought into the market CallingDr product, complete and comprehensive telemedicine, and mobile health platform.

”Our network requirements are low and do not involve any specialized equipment and hardware, which allows CallingDr to be used in rural areas or during natural disasters when high bandwidth connection is not available.”