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Make a difference in your life and adopt a healthier lifestyle with Nourishing Nutrients’ premium organic superfoods


As a part of living a healthy lifestyle, it is important to eat a nutritious diet that is rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Several studies have shown that by consuming nutrient-dense foods, we can feel great and also reduces the risk of certain chronic health conditions. There is no proper definition to categorize "superfood," but they are considered as powerhouses of nutrients. Superfoods provide large quantities of minerals, phytochemicals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Superfoods are usually plant-based, but there are some dairy and fish which can also fall under this category. Some of the popular superfoods are kale, salmon, acai berries, almond, and kefir. The high contents of nutrients in these foods, when incorporated into a well-balanced diet, can promote heart health, improve energy levels, weight loss, and also reduce the effects of aging.

To promote healthy living, Nourishing Nutrients, an organic superfood provider, was created out of sheer desperation to bring "premium" but affordable organic superfoods to the market. Starting as a small family run business with only one product in late 2017, Amanda did everything herself. Fast forward two years, Nourishing Nutrients grew to several organic superfood products with amazing employees and many delighted customers.

Towards the end of her flying career, Amanda suffered from adrenal fatigue and had to undergo a strict diet and natural supplement regime to heal her body. Needing to watch everything that went into her body, she noticed even natural organic supplements had additives, fillers, binders, and were extremely costly. Then while traveling the world, Amanda noticed that produce from its origin countries was always fresher and cheaper. This was when a light bulb went off in her head, and she saw a unique opportunity in the market for premium natural supplements without additives, fillers, binders, and minus the hefty price tag. So, through sheer desperation, Amanda combined the two and came up with the concept of affordable premium organic quality superfood supplements, sourced from nature that was affordable for everyone.

In conversation with Amanda Sweetman, CEO and Founder of Nourishing Nutrients

Q. Every day, the market is flooded with new organic products, which appear to be healthy. The variety of choices and claims made by each of these products, confused about the authenticity of these products. How to identify a genuine organic product?

Many consumers do not realize that an organic product in the US must-read, "organic certified by." under the company address on the label. Many companies claim organic but do not have this vital certification of proof. Through this labeling, customers can contact the certifying body to confirm they are genuinely certified organic. Also, under the supplement fact chart where "other ingredients" are listed, consumers can see what other additives are in their supplement, including stearic acid, titanium dioxide, and silicon dioxide. Some are non-organic additives, some are even used in detergents and soaps, and companies add to a supplement! Just think about that for a second.

Q. Why do other companies use additive, fillers, and binders in their supplements?

For several reasons: Most commonly as a flow agent, meaning, companies use it to help the powder flow through the machine without any product loss. Other reasons include it makes capsules look fuller and makes the powder look like the expected color, mostly because it is cheaper to produce. Hence, most organic natural supplements that do not have additives and fillers are expensive.

Q. Because organic foods are made with special care, they come with an expensive price tag. How do you maintain your affordability and profitability?

As a company, it is our dream to make high-quality products available to everyone. We achieve this through several factors. First, we spend many months sourcing the product directly from the country's origin, making it cheaper as the produce is native. Secondly, we try and test before we bring a product to the market. If it passes the test, so to speak, we import the products ourselves. Dealing directly with the people who make the product, from the country's origin, makes a dramatic difference in pricing, allowing us to negotiate and lock in a set price for the best quality. Pricing that is a win, win for everyone, is a personal passion of mine. As a business, we also take a lower profit margin to achieve this compared to other companies.

Q. Ingredients used in producing organic foods are susceptible to decay resulting from fluctuations in temperature. How do you manage to increase shelf life?

When working with superfood supplements, we are meticulous about how the product is lightly processed. Most of our products are extracts of raw materials. Using only hot water to make them a more potent extract powder, which will have a two years plus shelf life. Raw materials are very unpredictable and have a very short shelf life. With light processing, we can increase the shelf life and potency of the product. Also, airtight packaging plays a big part.

Q. Is it true that striving for both 'ethics' and 'success' in a business is a tough feat?

It's not easy, but it is necessary. Being ethical is extremely important to me. Ensuring the best quality is maintained and not going for cheaper products with larger profit margins is no easy task. However, Nourishing Nutrients was created for me and my family. I will not create a product that I would not take or give to my loved ones. If I wouldn't take it, how can I ethically expect others to take it? I believe that sticking to our ethics will bring success.

Q. What are the anticipated trends in the organic supplements segment?

The most current organic product trend is moving towards sea vegetables and embracing the rich vitamin and minerals they offer.

Q. How do you market your products?

We realize the importance of social proof as people believe more of what others have to say about a brand than what the brand has to say. Therefore, we find it essential to utilize the world of influencers, blogs, and social media to market our business.

Meet the Leader behind the success of Nourishing Nutrients

The CEO and Founder of Nourishing Nutrients, Amanda Sweetman, is originally from the land down under, Australia. Being brought up to eat healthily and exercise, she already had a foundation driven by health and fitness. Her dream was to travel and see the world. She did just that by working as an onboard manager for one of the world's top airlines. Amanda noticed a gap in the market for affordable, clean superfood supplements, and Nourishing Nutrients was born in her travels. Concentrating around the medicine of superfoods, "Sourced from Nature," as Amanda would say.

“We realized earlier that if we provided more value, with breakthrough affordable, clean superfood supplements, our customers could not help but tell others about it. This genuine enthusiasm eventually turned our customers into raving fans, growing our word of mouth advertising substantially, which has helped us flourish”