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Adventure Life: Creating delightful and unforgettable travel experiences

thesiliconreview-brian-morgan-ceo-adventure-life-17We are travelers with a passion for sharing the world your way. You’ll find no cookie cutter trips here. Our experts listen carefully to your desires to create itineraries immersing you in the vibrant colors of a place. Our own travel experience runs deep, from years volunteering in rural Africa and Central America, to research trips in Asia, studying in Europe, guiding in the Rockies, and just exploring every corner of the world. This personal expertise results in a pioneering approach to travel and our award-winning itineraries that reveal our destinations’ truest flavors.

Our passion for traveling the world is equaled by our commitment to preserving the places we visit. Protecting the world’s wild places and fostering the positive benefits of tourism is built into the DNA of our company. Rest assured that every component of your trip has been researched and selected to support wild land preservation, provide local people a sustainable livelihood and protect the unique character of the places we travel.

Why travel with Adventure Life?

  • Tailored to you – Tell us your travel interests, dreams and desires, then let our experts tailor the perfect trip for you!
  • Peace of Mind – You can have confidence in our experts’ dedication to traveler safety, comfort, & providing a seamless trip.
  • Responsible Travel – We are fully committed to low impact travel that not only preserves but gives back to the amazing places we visit.
  • Insider Access – Our personal expertise & experience, local partners in our destinations, & access to over 150 small ships are all invaluable to designing your unique journey.

Responsible Travel

As travelers ourselves, we know that traveling responsibly is important, and we work hard to give back to the places and people that have inspired our company from the very start. Their success is our success. This philosophy is built into our everyday operating standards, built into our partnerships and follows us in our independent sustainable projects. This means that each component of your trip has been researched and chosen to support our commitment to giving back and providing you with a great adventure. Adventure Life enforces “Leave No Trace” principles in our choice of accommodations and our waste management, minimizing impact at any sites or communities visited. Our local guides are thoroughly trained on the principles of “Leave No Trace” responsible travel.

There are different ways to travel responsibly. Some choose to participate directly by volunteering your time. This is why we carefully created community service project trips in the highlands of Ecuador and Peru. In some places, it is money that is needed for conservation and travelers choose direct donations. This is the case in the Galapagos Islands where Adventure Life and our travelers have together donated tens of thousands of dollars over the years to help with everything from beach cleanups to policing against shark fining. Our company is a long-standing member of the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association with staff serving on the board of this conservation-focused organization that directly funds vital protection and education projects in the Galapagos.

As a company, we also dedicate money to supporting local grass-roots projects – small, independent programs without a voice or a source of funding outside their often rural locals. Over the years, we’ve provided ongoing support of a woman’s shelter in Cusco, rebuilt irrigation for a village we’ve longed worked in, and stocked science labs, bought eye glasses, and a dozen other little projects. These things aren’t about saving the world, but they are about giving back to the people and places that play host to us and our travelers.

Travel made your way

  • Personal Attention: From your first call to our office, you’ll be speaking with fellow travelers who have lived, worked and played all over the world. Our commitment is to listen and understand your unique style and interests as we design and help you choose your authentic trip.
  • Peace of Mind: Constant research, site visits and attention to detail allow us to continually exceed expectations. You can have confidence in our experts’ dedication to traveler safety, comfort, & providing a seamless trip. Operating trips for over 15 years, we have the expertise and dependability you can trust.
  • Travel Philosophy: Freedom for chance wildlife encounters, intriguing detours, and connecting with local residents is key to our travel philosophy. Adventure Life tours are designed to offer the best of a place while allowing freedom for those serendipitous moments that often create your best travel memories.
  • Like-minded Travelers: We attract people who are inquisitive about the world and active in their pursuit of learning and discovery. Our travelers see us as a trusted resource for deep experiences, and they enjoy being a part of a community of like-minded people. Traveling with such discerning travelers is an enriching experience itself and one of the reasons guests choose us again and again. We return our appreciation through our Loyalty Program benefits.
  • Local Relationships: Our local guides are passionate about their homes and take pride in introducing our guests to their culture, cuisine and way of life. Our deep local relationships provide access to leading biologists, historians, adventure guides, gourmet chefs and other specialists to allow us to create truly enriching experiences.

Brian Morgan, CEO and Adventure Lifer!

I wanted friends and family to experience the same excitement and wonder that I enjoyed while living and working in such fascinating places as Ecuador, Peru, and Russia, and friends and family wanted authentic travel experiences. They didn’t, however, want to go at it on their own. So I used my own experiences and lots of help from friends in Ecuador and Peru to create a travel company that offers everyone the chance to discover the culture and places that I love. It’s an honor to be part of a community of such discerning travelers and to be part of planning their most perfect adventures.

“As travelers, Adventure Life is committed to traveling well. We invite you to explore your world with vigor and compassion, respect and wonder, and to fully understand how good it feels to be responsible in your travels and adventures.”