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Steve Talcott Smith (CEO): Leveraging his deep entrepreneurial background and development mastery to architect and oversee AELOGICA projects for successful execution


DevOps—the amalgamation of development (Dev) and operations (Ops) teams—is an organizational approach that enables faster development of applications and easier maintenance of existing deployments. By enabling organizations to create stronger bonds between Dev, Ops and other stakeholders in the company, DevOps promotes shorter, more controllable iterations through the adoption of best practices, automation and new tools. DevOps is not a technology per se, but it covers everything from the organisation to culture, processes and tooling.

There are many global providers who can develop a software application for you. There are few who can so ably interpret your vision, while guiding your process from initial concept to fully-launched success. AELOGICA is one such company that provides team augmentation for development, maintenance and support of large-scale, business-critical Ruby on Rails applications in the form of expert teams committed to success through long term engagements. AELOGICA also provides managed DevOps support for Rails applications through its AppExpress service, as well as web and mobile application development. The company sponsors – an online education program for skilled professional developers to teach the "soft skills"‚Äč of software development and technical leadership.

AELOGICA is headquartered in Reno, Nevada in the United States and maintains word-wide development facilities including Bonifacio Global City, Philippines. It’s here where the company is recognized as the nation’s premier employer of Ruby developers having attracted some of the top talent in a country widely preferred for outsourced development.

Team Augmentation

Whether you need a software development to get your project off of the ground, or whether you need to extend the operations of your internal processes, their team of global professionals can assist you with excellence and efficiency. They designed AELOGICA Team Augmentation to help you scale your operations in a rapid and seamless manner. Their team members are highly skilled and exceptionally easy to work with and can provide a reliable extension to your resources. While boosting your production, AELOGICA Team Members can also provide a knowledge infusion and have the ability to offer significant problem-solving skills and new perspectives. Team augmentation is an excellent way to provide stability and reliability to your project streams. In addition, with the option of engaging a Fractional Team, you can give your application the regular attention it requires while staying cost efficient. With AELOGICA, you’ll benefit from blending with their culture of excellence, and the premium tools they have to ensure the highest levels of communication and collaboration.

App Development

Their advanced and proprietary systems give you the edge in your software development. From cocktail napkin to fully functioning application, they’ll make your experience enjoyable and profitable. They always focus on the value, not just for you their client, but for the customers you serve. Beyond technical execution, successful application development requires a keen understanding of the business objectives and context, the users and customers, as well as technical execution. Lots of ideas sound good on paper.  Design sketches, studies and financial projections make a project look compelling and promising.  At the end of the day, you have to be able to reach your target customers at a reasonable cost. AELOGICA understands these core considerations.  They can assist you in making an application with the greatest chance of success. They look for ways to “de-risk” the business and the project before they start building the product and at every point in the journey. They have refined their unique approach to app development over decades. You will be hard pressed to find an equal anywhere else.

Managed DevOps

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for software projects to need to be “rescued”. If you’re your current development team is under-performing, they can help. They’re experts at turning difficult projects into winners. Do you have a project that is suffering from performance problems? Is it being developed much slower than anticipated? Has there been a security breach? Or are you beginning to fear the developers you’ve hired are over their heads? If so, there is a good chance AELOGICA will be able to identify the core issues, and assist you in getting things back on track. Their team is comprised of designers and developers who are skilled at getting the root of challenging situations. You’ll find they’re able to rapidly provide an assessment and will shortly be able to develop a plan with you to get you back on the path to success.

Steve Talcott Smith | Founder and CEO

Steven has earned a reputation as software visionary with more than 25 years' experience as an entrepreneur, developer and investor. As a longtime successful business owner, the author of the programmer’s guidebook titled LevelUp and the developer of multiple software applications himself, Steven provides crucial expertise to his clients in all aspects of the software industry.

"Our most valuable team members are always our clients. It’s their ultimate vision we serve and we never lose this plot. This is why excellent communication and collaboration are so deeply embedded in our culture."