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AELOGICA – Providing Organization With Cutting-Edge Developer Team Augmentation and Innovative App Development Solutions


Outsourcing is often hard to get right – and in some cases the outsourcing process can end up delaying the work it was meant to speed up. This is why we’re now seeing companies increasingly turning away from the traditional model of outsourcing their IT and software development work, to instead look at better models of working – such as team augmentation. In simple terms, an augmented team is an in-house team that has been enhanced by adding specialist members from outside the organisation. This setup allows the business to maintain control and visibility, while adding the key skills and knowledge needed to make rapid progress. Team augmentation allows the business to hand-pick the best resources to contribute to the project, which can dramatically increase the quality of the work. Often the entire team can learn from having a fresh set of eyes to solve problems, as well as discover new processes and best practice.

AELOGICA is one such firm which is a pioneer in the field of software development. Founded in 2010, AELOGICA provides team augmentation for development, maintenance, and support of large-scale, business-critical Ruby on Rails applications in the form of expert teams committed to success through the long term engagements. The company works with entrepreneurs and forward-thinking companies who are sensitive to value but are most focused on quality and results. They understand how critical honesty and transparency are in the process of partnering with you for app development. This is why the firm has invested tens of thousands of hours in developing systems in communication and development to streamline the process from start to finish.


Speed to Launch: The company has developed a proprietary codebase of modules that will allow you to jumpstart as much as 25 percent of your initial project goals within the first month. No one will get you to the finish line faster and with more precision.

Development Culture: Its team is an elite, handpicked crew of professionals who understand your entrepreneurial vision and are focused on carrying it out with efficiency and precision. They love to code and working with people with great ideas.

Client Engagement Systems: The compay has built proprietary systems that keep you highly informed and engaged through all steps of the process. You will work directly with its developers, who are as skilled at communication as they are at programming.

Expertise Propounded

Team Augmentation: Whether you need a software development to get your project off of the ground, or whether you need to extend the operations of your internal processes, AELOGICA’s team of global professionals can assist you with excellence and efficiency. They designed AELOGICA Team Augmentation to help you scale your operations in a rapid and seamless manner. The team members are highly skilled, and exceptionally easy to work with and can provide a reliable extension to your resources. While boosting your production, AELOGICA Team Memebers can also provide a knowledge infusion and have the ability to offer significant problem-solving skills and new perspectives. With AELOGICA, you’ll benefit from blending with their culture of excellence, and the premium tools they have to ensure the highest levels of communication and collaboration.

App Development: AELOGICA’s advanced and proprietary systems give you the edge in your software development. From cocktail napkin to fully functioning application, they willmake your experience enjoyable and profitable. The company understands these core considerations.  They can assist you in making an application with the greatest chance of success. The company looks for ways to “de-risk” the business and the project before we start building the product and at every point in the journey. They have refined their unique approach to app development over decades. 

Managed Dev Ops: Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for software projects to need to be “rescued”. If you’re your current development team is under-performing, AELOGICA can help. They are experts at turning difficult projects into winners. Its team is comprised of designers and developers who are skilled at getting the root of challenging situations. You’ll find they are able to rapidly provide an assessment and will shortly be able to develop a plan with you to get you back on the path to success.

The Leader Upfront

Steve Talcott Smith is the Founder and Chief Executive officer of AELOGICA. Steven has earned a reputation as software visionary with more than 25 years' experience as an entrepreneur, developer, and investor. As a longtime successful business owner, the author of the programmer's guidebook titled LevelUp and the developer of multiple software applications himself, he provides crucial expertise to his clients in all aspects of the software industry. Steven, who has earned a reputation as a software visionary in the industry. Mr. Smith leverages his deep entrepreneurial background and development mastery to architect and oversee AELOGICA projects for successful execution.

“As an elite software development team, we understand there is no greater expertise than the ability to understand, enhance and skillfully execute your vision with excellence and efficiency.”