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50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2023

An expert making kitchen remodeling fast, easy, and affordable: Qwikkit


Qwikkit was founded in 2016 by George Hagle and his wife Paige to solve a long-standing problem: ugly kitchens. Together, they developed and integrated new technologies that provide the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to make an ugly kitchen beautiful. Prior to starting Qwikkit, George spent 16 years as CEO of the largest manufacturer of kitchen cabinets for new apartment construction. During his time with that business, many of their apartment owner customers would come back after 15 or 20 years to say the cabinets they installed were now out of fashion and were reducing their rents and occupancy. George knew there was a market for a company that could make unsightly kitchens beautiful in just a couple of days, and he saw an opportunity to create a fast, easy, and affordable solution.

At Qwikkit, George and his team designed an innovative IT and manufacturing process, unique in North America and efficient for producing doors and drawer fronts for one kitchen at a time. They built this process with the capacity and philosophy to make and ship cabinet refacing kits in five to seven business days, which nobody else in the industry can do. Qwikkit provides customers with a unique solution to their ugly kitchen problem: a complete kit with everything required for a renovation, easy to order, easy to install, delivered in less than 2 weeks, at an affordable price, with no minimum order. The Qwikkit team’s depth of experience in cabinet manufacturing helped build trust with their customers and get the business started. With their expertise, they set out to build a new company from the ground up to solve a known problem.

In conversation with George Hagle, President of Qwikkit

Q. Can you explain your cabinet refacing kits and their differentiators?

Our first key differentiator is that our kits include everything customers need to complete their renovation. Our solution is for customers to visit our website and enter the dimensions of the doors and drawer fronts that they need for their home. The website uses AI to detect probable errors and suggest corrections. Then it calculates everything the customer needs for their renovation, including new custom doors and drawers, the exact number of hinges and pulls for each door and drawer, how much paint they need for their existing cabinet boxes, what screws, how many rubber bumpers, and what tools will make installation easy. Customers get everything they need on one AI-informed order.

When the customer receives the kit, they remove their old cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Then they paint or recover the fronts of their old cabinet boxes and put on their new doors and drawer fronts. They have a new looking kitchen two weeks after their purchase decision, for less than a third the cost of removing and replacing their old cabinets, countertops, and sink. And there’s no need for plumbers, electricians, or replacing or repairing the countertop backsplash or the flooring. Refacing is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to get a beautiful, new looking kitchen. 

Another unique feature of Qwikkit’s cabinet refacing kits is the variety of options available to customers, with over 30 door styles and colors to choose from.

Qwikkit’s short lead time is unique. Orders ship via FedEx ground in 5-7 business days, and replacements for damaged parts ship within 24 hours, far faster than industry standards. 

Intuitive online ordering makes it easy for customers to buy kits with everything needed to renovate one home or many homes.

Third, Qwikkit’s complete cabinet refacing kits are more affordable, with customer-friendly kits priced at or below competitors’ prices for cabinet doors only. Finally, Qwikkit’s product is better than the vinyl doors that dominate refacing because it is more attractive and, more durable. Qwikkit’s doors are heat, water, and warp resistant, and they never delaminate.

Q. Describe your ordering process technology from when an order is placed to being manufactured.

Qwikkit’s ordering system is efficient, accurate, and convenient. AI technology calculates all the necessary materials needed for the project, so customers don’t need to search for different products from multiple sources. The system detects and corrects common mistakes and passes orders directly to our computerized production system, which minimizes human errors. We take pride in our commitment to accuracy and efficiency, ensuring that each order is processed quickly and accurately.

Overall, Qwikkit’s ordering process is designed to be simple, straightforward, and hassle-free. Customers can choose from a wide selection of door styles, use our step-by-step measuring guides to ensure accuracy, and place their order online. With fast shipping and a commitment to accuracy, Qwikkit’s ordering technology is the gold standard in the industry.

Q. How are you currently using AI throughout your different departments to make your customers successful?

At Qwikkit, we leverage AI technology to enhance our operations, especially in customer service, manufacturing, accounting, HR, marketing, and IT. Customer service uses Automated Ticketing and Routing: the AI algorithms can analyze incoming support tickets, emails, or chat conversations and automatically assign them to the appropriate team or agent based on predefined rules, keywords, or customer data. This helps streamline the ticketing process, ensuring faster response times and efficient handling of customer queries. Human Resources use AI-powered tools to proofread documents for clarity and brevity, ensuring they get the message across effectively. They leverage AI to co-create universally applicable HR SOPs, which helps refine and maintain consistency in all processes.

With AI-powered HR analytics, the HR team can make informed decisions and anticipate future trends, helping us take HR operations to the next level. The marketing department uses AI-powered tools like Chat GTP and to create brand messaging and generate high-quality copy for marketing campaigns and communications. This technology helps target marketing efforts more effectively and reaches the right people with the right message. Finance uses AI for cash posting. By leveraging AI technology in these departments, we can create more efficient and effective processes, improve customer experiences, and drive growth. At Qwikkit, we value making our customers successful and have a growth mindset, and our use of AI reflects these values.

Meet the leader Supporting Qwikkit’s Success

George Hagle is the Founder and President of Qwikkit. With more than 20 years experience leading strategic planning, business development, and operations in the cabinet industry, he understands customers’ needs and how to develop new technologies to deliver value to customers. George leads from the core values of making customers successful and taking care of the Qwikkit team.

“Our complete kits include everything businesses need for a quick, easy makeover.”