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AlertMedia – Helping companies protect their people during emergencies with fast, reliable communication and threat intelligence


A mass notification system is extremely important especially in times of emergency. The said system does away with the challenge of communicating with employees one at a time when emergency situations already bring about panic and stress. A flawless emergency communication system can mean the difference between life and death. One way organizations are making sure that employees are kept out of harm’s way is by installing emergency broadcast system alerts. The system not only notifies employees about the emergency, it also automatically informs local authorities about what is going on so they can immediately take action.

AlertMedia is the world’s leading emergency communication provider. Its award-winning, two-way multichannel messaging system, threat intelligence, and 24/7 employee safety solutions help organizations protect their people and business through all phases of an emergency. AlertMedia supports critical communication for thousands of leading businesses—including DHL, JetBlue, Coca-Cola Bottling, and Walmart—in more than 130 countries.

Leveraging Products You Need to Keep Your People Safe

Emergency Preparedness: Today’s organizations face an increasing number of threats to their people and assets. A modern emergency communication solution is essential to ensuring your organization can react quickly to threats to prevent loss and reduce the impact on employee safety, company assets, and business continuity. Empower employees to easily report safety incidents, provide real-time feedback from the field, or ask for assistance with powerful, two-way communication features like read receipts and multichannel surveys. Get up-to-date, verified information about critical events before they impact your people. Leverage location-based alerts to quickly notify employees about nearby threats—including severe weather, political upheaval, disease outbreak, and more. Respond faster to critical events and ensure nothing is forgotten with configurable communication templates tailored to any scenario your organization may face.

Mass Notification: AlertMedia’s modern emergency communication software is more than just a mass notification system. Their robust solution integrates with internal systems and connects your entire organization allowing you to communicate with precision, interact with your audience, and confirm a resolution. Improve employee safety, mitigate loss, and ensure business continuity with an emergency communication solution designed for the modern workforce. You can automate data syncs with your internal systems and manage contact information and preferences via self-registration. Know your data is protected by their GDPR and CCPA-compliant system, with full encryption and world-class security policies, processes, and controls. Reach any-sized audience, anywhere in the world with their industry-leading product already serving millions of people across 130+ countries. Gathering useful context as a situation develops requires instant access to reliable facts. AlertMedia provides timely updates and 24/7 direct access to their intelligence team so you can gather the details you need to make informed decisions.

Threat Intelligence: The needs of safety-minded organizations have changed. Managing risk is getting harder as critical events have increased in scope and severity while workforces have grown more dispersed—making traditional strategies obsolete. You need to know about these events before the damage is done. You need intelligence you can trust and act on with confidence. Their team of in-house analysts works around the clock to monitor thousands of data sources, filter out the noise, and deliver only the most relevant view of events that may impact your people or business. Whether you’re a team of one or many, it can be hard to stay ahead of a growing number of safety and operational risks. Their intelligence team acts as your eyes and ears so you can meet the demand of protecting your people and business at scale. Public information is a gold mine for early signals about any incident, but it comes at the cost of wading through constant noise and false positives—wasting valuable time during an emergency. Their experts filter out the noise for you and distill the facts, delivering verified intelligence you can act on. Protecting your people and business 24/7 is daunting for any organization, regardless of resources. AlertMedia lets you know the minute your people or assets are at risk with automated alerts delivered over every channel to every person that needs to know.

Travel Risk Management: Countless factors could impact your employees’ well-being while on the road—from severe weather and natural disasters to geopolitical conflicts and regional customs. AlertMedia Travel Risk Management helps you plan ahead so you can quickly mitigate and respond to threats impacting your travelers. When visiting new destinations, knowledge is power. AlertMedia’s Travel Briefs are curated by highly experienced travel security analysts, equipping you and your employees with the latest localized intelligence before their trip. Whether you have executives traveling to high-risk areas or your employees are regularly on the road, AlertMedia lets you know the minute your people are at risk. Automated alerts can be sent to travel safety staff or directly to anyone in harm’s way.

About | Christopher Kenessey

Christopher Kenessey is CEO of AlertMedia, the world’s leading emergency communication and threat intelligence provider. As CEO, Christopher oversees all aspects of corporate strategy in support of AlertMedia’s mission to help organizations protect their people and businesses during emergencies.

Christopher has more than 20 years of executive leadership experience at various tech and fast-growth software organizations. Prior to AlertMedia, he served as CEO of NetMotion, a leading provider of remote connectivity and security solutions used by thousands of leading brands around the world. During his tenure, Kenessey successfully led the company through a sustained period of rapid and profitable growth, resulting in its acquisition by Absolute Software in July 2021.

"Protect your employees and business during critical events with our real-time, verified intelligence and the industry's most intuitive emergency communication solution."