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Aligned Data Centers – Designing and building the most energy efficient and sustainable data centers in the business


Data center is really and crucially important for enterprises because it what keeps the enterprise run. The more users who use the company’s internet or website, it will be more files to keep and to back up. Therefore, they need a bigger data center, which means they need to improve it. Literally, data center scalability is the ability of computer or data center itself to keep working well when it is improved and changed in volume and size. That is why they need to make the scalable data center which improves the scalability of the data center itself. Likewise, the data center scalability is also bringing the benefit of high-density, energy efficiency, as well as the ability to reduce the costs over the lifetime of data center investment.

Aligned provides Scale Data Centers and Powered Shell/Build-to-Scale solutions with adaptive infrastructure and industry-leading cooling technology, deployed sustainably at a record-setting pace. The world's leading hyperscalers and large enterprises trust Aligned to build energy-efficient, sustainable campuses and data centers that support massive scale, anywhere in the world. Aligned is constantly seeking to develop and deploy innovative technologies, improve the service delivery, effectively engage and upskill their team members, and collaborate more productively with their customers and partners. Serving as an extension of your team, they offer data centers delivered with your needs and requirements in mind – complete with operational excellence and maturity, and white glove service.

Committed to Service and Operational Excellence

Scaling Data Centers: Aligned’s technology infrastructure enables companies to grow sustainably over time, eliminating the risks of capacity planning and over-provisioning. Aligned combines patient capital with a standardized supply chain that includes a 50 MW auto-replenished pool of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) comprised of prefabricated, factory-built and tested power and cooling equipment. This ensures the customers are able meet aggressive speed-to-market targets and avoid supply chain obstacles. Allowing customers to ExpandOnDemandsustainably, another essential element of their adaptive data center platform is the patented, award-winning Delta³™ cooling technology. The Delta³™ cooling system provides a hyper-scalable, ultra-efficient environment that dynamically adapts to customers’ IT loads and supports high, mixed and variable rack densities of 1-50kW in the same row.

Data Center Connectivity: Aligned's Build-to-Scale data centers are delivered at unprecedented speeds with unmatched scalability to solve the needs of hyperscale and large enterprise customers. From campuses to powered shell, their design or custom data center deployments, Aligned can complete a Build-to-Scale project in any market your business growth demands. You pick the spot, Aligned brings the watts. With decades of experience in engineering, building, owning, and operating critical infrastructure, Aligned’s speed of delivery is second to none. They can build a new campus or data center integrating their proven adaptive design and patented technology, or deploy a custom solution according to your specifications.

Aligned Access Network: Aligned Access provides high reliability connections and low-latency transport wherever you need to go. Seamlessly expand your reach and dynamically connect to customers and partners; cloud, IT service and network providers; Internet Exchange (IX) platforms; and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) found within or between the data centers as well as beyond them. Strategically located in regions with robust fiber infrastructure and fast internet connectivity speeds, their facilities offer neutral connectivity to a robust network of top-tier carriers and telecommunications providers by way of multiple diverse Meet-Me Rooms. Their modern network infrastructure and intuitive, Software-defined Network (SDN) seamlessly adapt to your hybrid IT needs.

Cloud Migration: Aligned partners with global technology solutions providers that migrate customers to the data centers as part of its core services offerings. Their migration solutions partners have deep experience with migrations of all sizes and reduce risk through proven processes. Migrating to Aligned is an opportunity for companies to improve their data center environment and optimize their overall data center strategy. The Delta³™ cooling system allows us to increase cooling capacity as you need it, or ExpandOnDemand, by adding additional Delta³ fan arrays without impacting live load. Other data center operators require the purchase or construction of more data hall space for additional power capacity.

Remote Hands: Equipment installation, hardware maintenance and monitoring, and reactive troubleshooting can preoccupy your IT staff to the extent that they have little time to improve your organization’s products and services. Aligned Remote Hands services can free them from these support burdens, taking over the tasks of tracking and monitoring any colocated infrastructure so your company’s IT professionals can work on projects that contribute to your long-term business objectives. Aligned’s Remote Hands services are available 24x7x365 through Aligned’s Customer Portal. Customers order remote hands and other support through user-friendly ticketing forms that outline the request and any specific details. The tickets are then routed to Aligned’s remote hands support team to communicate acknowledgement and response. Their systems engineers and network technicians are available on-site whenever you need them.

Andrew Schaap | Chief Executive Officer

Andrew is a data center, IT, private equity and real estate executive with over 25 years of complex transactional experience and multi-disciplinary senior leadership. As CEO of Aligned, he is dedicated to accelerating business growth by driving the delivery of data center solutions with industry-leading technology and adaptive infrastructure. Since beginning his tenure with Aligned, Andrew has exponentially grown company revenues, completed several successful capital raisings, and cultivated an ecosystem of innovation that advances Aligned’s commitment to reducing the social, economic and environmental impact of the digital era to position Aligned as the number one performing private data center company in 2019.

He holds a B.A. in Business Administration and Marketing from Cornerstone University, in addition to completing graduate programs in Executive Negotiations and Management Training at Harvard University.

"Aligned is laser-focused on delivering dynamic solutions, with industry-leading technology, to their clients."