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Super 30 Companies Of The Year 2018

All-in-One Enterprise Activity Management Solution: Spoors


We have developed software platforms to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency resulting in huge cost-savings across all industries. 

Spoors is a flexible, domain-agnostic, self-service, cloud-based solution that helps businesses maximize productivity using enterprise workflow and activity management. Spoors’ vision is to be a one-stop shop for enterprises aiming to build a futuristic, mobile workforce. Spoors’ services have scaled from monitoring solutions to holistic workflow management equipped enough to handle even complex tasks. The moment a client is on-boarded, Spoors’ tool EFFORTPLUS, with its nifty features, can enable productivity and improvement individually. It allows for rapid configuration, deployment, re-configuration, and redeployment of forms and workflows on the fly.

Deep Dive into Spoors

Established in April 2013 by C. Rama Krishna Reddy and Tiru Rao Bokka and headquartered at Hyderabad, India, Spoors Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. is a leading technology company. Spoors has satellite presence in all metros in India (no physical offices) and it also operates with partners in certain zones and outside India as well.

The company’s product EFFORTPLUS stands for Effective Field Force Optimization Reporting Toolkit. It is a domain agnostic field activity management SaaS platform that enables enterprises to quickly configure field business activities/process and manages field employee’s activities effortlessly.

One of the stand out point is that the solution works in an offline mode (without data connectivity) as field personnel often work in zones where there is no data connectivity, removing the need for using physical forms, spreadsheets, and email to report status. It helps field employees work from Anywhere, Any Activity, and Any Time.

The solution solves three key problems:

  • Presence (Where employees are on the field)
  • To Do (What employees have to do on the field)
  • Achievements (What have employees done on the field)

However, the challenge was always about building a world-class product and team, everything else was just white noise. Tiru Rao Bokka, CTO says, “If we do what we do best and surround ourselves with good minds, we will be successful. From the beginning, we have been faced with the odds of choosing the right people and partners to work with. But today, when we look back, it has all paid off neatly. Today we have both a World Class product and a team!”

Spoors: Exceeding Customer Expectations with Superior Services

The CEO of Spoors, C. Rama Krishna Reddy believes in the doctrine “Customer is always right.” He says, “The customer is always right about their perspectives, needs, and spends. At any given situation we put customers first and believe what they say is right irrespective of any other substantiations. This unbreakable faith in our customers’ words is what has helped us earn their trust, loyalty and even love. We get referrals from our customers just because we are a great partner in their success.”

Being great is not a one time job. It has to be a sustained effort. If a company is able to deliver great products and deliver that experience consistently, the company would definitely earn the love and respect of its customers. Spoors has been lucky to earn this quite early on and this is a testament to the fact that many customers who have joined Spoors in its journey have remained with the company for a very long time now.

Additionally, Spoors has always been about two things, feedback and immediate action on the same. Feedback without action isn’t worthwhile and hence Spoors enforces a culture of providing input and also seek actionable entities on what has to be done to make the product/process better for Spoors. This strong focus on feedback and action has been one of the strongest tenets of the company’s success.

The Mantra: Do One, Do It Well

Spoors believes in the philosophy of “Do one, do it well.” The company does right things at all times and doesn’t get swayed with markets or competitions as well as makes it a point to never speak anything about competition even if invoked. Spoors plays on its strengths and its belief in its products. This enables the firm to earn unshakeable trust with all its clients both old and new.

Spoors plans to make EFFORTPLUS as great as possible. In this direction, Spoors keeps adding layers to it and the company’s CTO, Tiru Rao, has put forward the vision of adding 4 I’s; AI, BI, CI, and DI. The vision of the company will be to add layers of Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Continuous Improvement, and Device Integrations. Spoors has already started working on this is also raising funds to bolster these measures.

Furthermore, Spoors has set a target to become the world’s best Enterprise Activity Management Software by 2020. Working toward this direction, the sky is the limit for Spoors.

High Praise for Spoors

“Spoors has been a frontrunner in the Enterprise Mobility space providing an extremely flexible solution that can be tailored to the needs of any domain. We at AEON Credit Service India, are extremely pleased and privileged to share with our fraternity that EFFORTPLUS from Spoors has made our field collections process extremely easy, transparent as well as productive.” - Jayabalan Ramakrishnan, MD & CEO, AEON Credit Service India Pvt Ltd.

“Mahindra has an on-field strength of more than 2000 field staffs who used to spend a large part of their time manually tallying recorded data at the end of each day. Sometimes this not only resulted in incidents of data mismatch or data loss but also had a significant impact on the response time to their Client base. Such things somehow affected the efficiency of the organization as a whole. Effort+ successfully managed these challenges by managing the Field Force in a very professional and efficient manner.” - Abdul Khalid, Senior General Manager, Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services Limited.

The Principal Man

Rama Krishna Reddy, Founder, Director, and CEO: Ramakrishna ‘Ram’ Chiniarlapalla is the Founder and CEO of Spoors. He has worked with various companies in India and the US. In 2005, after a stint with Intel, he returned to India to work as Business Intelligence Director at Microsoft in Hyderabad. Around this time, the idea for Spoors germinated when he witnessed an overall negligent attitude in vendors across sectors. In 2010, he launched Ayansys – his first entrepreneurial venture that provided custom mobile solutions packaged to meet business requirements. In 2012, he started working on Spoors and in April 2013, the company was formally registered.

“Ever since our inception, we have been constantly innovating and have emerged as a leading provider of comprehensive field force management solutions.”