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AllazoHealth – Optimizing Quality Performance, Patient Interventions, and Health Outcomes with AI Technology


Technology has become the main course in the current scenario. That is why over the last decade new aspects have emerged in the area of medicine supported by technology, which have represented a breakthrough for health; one of them is the so-called “Health Tech”. The role of technology in healthcare has reshaped how we look at patient-care, hospital management, discovering and innovating better drugs, and predicting the course of treatment based primarily on data. The importance of technology in healthcare is deeply-rooted. From the Internet of Medical Technology (IoMT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and deep learning, technology is now paving its way to provide quick care management and in case of emergencies, reduce casualties by providing real-time access to patient history–all with a few taps on a screen. Innovation has taken center stage. The primary goal of any technological advancement is to optimize current systems, ease physician’s work, and overall improve patient care reducing human error. The objective is to do all this by lowering costs and ensuring a seamless experience throughout.

AllazoHealth is an award-winning healthcare technology company that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to increase medication adherence and optimize patient outcomes. The AllazoEngine™ combines behavioral sciences and machine learning to target high-risk patients who are most likely to respond to interventions. With this approach, the company can enable their clients to design and implement more impactful intervention programs that improve the outcomes for their patient population. AllazoHealth’s mission is to be the leader in precision engagement & predictive analytics, revolutionizing the way the enterprise healthcare clients engage and improve the health of their patient population.

Why AllazoHealth

Comprehensive Data: AllazoHealth’s AI engine learns from a number of large, diverse datasets that provide multiple views of patient behavior.

Precise Patient Targeting: Using the AI engine, you can precisely target each individual with the right intervention, through the right channel, at the right time to change their behavior.

Personalized Interventions: The company uses AI engine’s customized outreach for each patient by channel, content, and timing.

Improved Quality Performance: Increase the effectiveness of patient engagement programs to boost Star and Medicaid quality measures.

Optimized Adherence: More patients take their medications exactly as prescribed, and populations are healthier because of it.

More Effective Interventions: Customize patient outreach and increase the likelihood of success with hyper-personalized interventions.

Using AI Technology to Leverage Best Healthcare Technology

Optimize medication use and deepen your patient engagements: AllazoHealth’s AI engine helps pharmaceutical companies overcome adherence barriers to increase days on therapy, improve patient engagement, encourage therapy initiation, and optimize medication use for better health outcomes. Enhances the patient experience with personalized engagements to increase days on therapy, boost efficiency, and improve outcomes.

Drive improved clinical outcomes for increased quality performance: AllazoHealth’s AI engine empowers pharmacies to target patients at risk of non-adherence with personalized, cost-effective interventions that boost ROI on pay-for-performance contracts and drive better outcomes. It improves health outcomes and quality performance with a cost-effective patient support program that checks every box.

Improve patient outcomes and quality performance with AI: Improving performance year over year is a must for payers and PBMs. AllazoHealth’s AI engine makes it possible by targeting high-risk patients with personalized, cost-effective interventions. Delivers more effective, personalized patient engagement programs to improve medication adherence and boost quality ratings. Be proactive, not reactive. Predictive analytics empower pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, and payers to identify high-risk patients and intervene early.

Care gaps directly impact outcomes, costs, and quality performance: At AllazoHealth, they understand all too well how gaps in care impact patient outcomes, healthcare spending, and quality performance. The AI engine is designed to optimize quality performance, costs, and efficiencies—and improve patient outcomes in the process. Using artificial intelligence, you can personalize your patient outreach to positively impact behavior and deliver better, more cost-effective interventions.

William Grambley | CEO

William is passionate about helping people get the most from their medications. As CEO of AllazoHealth, he is driving the organization’s growth to improve adherence and patient support programs. William originally joined AllazoHealth as the Chief Operating Officer and as the organization expanded, moved into the CEO role.

Prior to joining AllazoHealth, he served in a variety of leadership positions at CVS Health, including time as Vice President of Strategy and Vice President of Product Management. While at CVS Health, he delivered industry-leading clinical programs, including the award-winning Pharmacy Advisor program, which drove CVS Health clients’ Medicare Star ratings to their highest levels ever.

Earlier, William served in the US Navy before getting an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management; William also worked for Bain and Company and EMC before he moved to CVS Health.

“AllazoHealth leverages the combined power of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and machine learning to improve patient outcomes and performance.”