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50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2023

Altinity – Unleashing a wave of innovation at the level of individual real-time analytic apps


As technology evolves at a lightning-fast pace, data is quickly becoming a digital marketer's most valuable resource. Consumers have come to expect personalized experiences at every touchpoint, and it's impossible to deliver these types of highly targeted ads and campaigns without the analytics-derived insights needed to power them. But as data streams grow larger, faster, and more complex by the minute, the speed at which these insights are put to use is becoming just as important as the insights themselves. In fact, many companies project that by 2025, there will be more than 24 billion interconnected devices in use around the globe — all generating continuous flows of data filled with critical (but often time-sensitive) consumer info. To take full advantage of these robust data stream and mine them for the most accurate and up-to-date insights they can offer, companies need to establish real-time data analytics strategies. In addition to enhancing personalization efforts and improving the overall customer experience, real-time data can help boost business agility, improve campaign performance, increase operational efficiency, and enhance customer understanding. All of these benefits are now necessities — not just nice-to-haves — for businesses hoping to engage customers effectively and grow.

Altinity is the real-time data company that lets you run and manage database anywhere. It enables developers to add real-time analytics to any application, regardless of where it runs, how much data it needs to answer questions, or how quickly the data arrives. The company focuses on enabling any developer to add real-time analytics to any application, regardless of where it runs, how much data it needs to answer questions, or how quickly the data arrives. Unleashing a wave of innovation at the level of individual analytic apps will open new economic opportunities for its customers and benefit users worldwide.

What is ClickHouse®?

ClickHouse is the first open source SQL data warehouse to match the performance, maturity, and scalability of proprietary databases like Sybase IQ, Vertica, and Snowflake. ClickHouse development is driven by a community consisting of hundreds of contributors focused on solving real problems, not implementing corporate roadmaps. Add high performance analytics to any application–from embedded services to systems running on hundreds of servers. ClickHouse excels at business problems that require consistent low-latency response across petabyte tables. It can handle data arrival rates of millions of rows per second. Achievable response times include:

  • Ad-Hoc queries on source data: 1 second or less
  • Queries on aggregates: 10 milliseconds or less
  • Ingestion to query response: 500 milliseconds

ClickHouse dominates in use cases like web analytics, real-time network management, service log analysis, real-time ad bidding, asset valuation in financial markets, and security threat identification. Thanks to Apache 2.0 licenses for ClickHouse and ecosystem projects, developers can build innovative analytics without spending a cent for proprietary licenses or expensive cloud services. ClickHouse runs anywhere that Linux does: public clouds, Kubernetes, and on-premise environments. Resource stingy algorithms keep operating costs low while maximizing performance on available hardware. The permissive Apache 2.0 license makes ClickHouse an ideal choice for applications ranging from multi-tenant cloud services to embedded applications. Altinity can help you determine if ClickHouse fits your requirements, and they will show you the key benefits of using ClickHouse for your specific data analytics application. ClickHouse has a plethora of great features to solve tough enterprise problems fast. Still, the exact feature needed to make your deployment successful might be missing. That’s where Altinity come in. Altinity is a major committer to ClickHouse as well as ecosystem projects like the ClickHouse Kubernetes Operator, Grafana Plugin, and ODBC driver. Their engineers specialize in innovative feature work required for enterprise operation. Here is a sample of recent accomplishments.

Unleash Clickhouse Real-Time Analytics

Altinity.Cloud®: Designed and operated by the ClickHouse enterprise experts, Altinity.Cloud incorporates lessons from helping hundreds of customers operate ClickHouse-based analytics. Altinity.Cloud has a Kubernetes-based architecture that delivers portability and user choice of where to operate. It is designed from the beginning to run anywhere without lock-in. Cost management is critical for SaaS businesses. Altinity.Cloud protects your margins and keeps costs predictable as you scale your business. Altinity.Cloud is for any developer who wants to try out ClickHouse quickly and develop new analytic applications. It takes care of ClickHouse management, allowing developers to focus on getting applications to work.

Altinity.Cloud® Anywhere: Altinity.Cloud Anywhere works in any Kubernetes cluster, building on top of their flagship product, Altinity.Cloud, and all of its great and proven features, adding new levels of choice and flexibility. Altinity.Cloud Anywhere provisions new ClickHouse clusters running in your own Kubernetes, lets you manage them for as long as you need – and lets you move on again if you so wish. If you’re a developer or just someone who needs to work with ClickHouse quickly and develop new analytic applications that can run anywhere, this will be the solution for you!

POC/Evaluation Support: Delaying an upgrade or migration because you’re not sure where to start? Looking to expand or improve your data model? Altinity experts are here to understand the whole picture, help you define your goals, and accelerate your projects! Their engineers are ready to discuss your organization’s use case and see if ClickHouse could fit your requirements. Their team has extensive experience in comparative evaluation of different databases. They give you recommendations on the best approach to evaluate ClickHouse technology and arrive at a decision you can live with. Analytic applications guide your business. Altinity support is there to ensure your systems are always up and your vision is clear. Their team is expert at every aspect of developing and operating ClickHouse. They handle everything from helping restore down systems to answering developer questions. 

About | Robert Hodges

Robert Hodges is CEO of Altinity. He has decades of experience working with database systems and enterprise software. Robert was formerly CEO of Continuent, which was acquired by VMware in 2014. He spent four years at VMware working on cloud products before joining Altinity in 2019.

"We offer the opportunity to develop solutions to some of the most challenging problems in data analysis today. We are working together to create something great."