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A software & product engineering services organization focused on helping you accelerate development of your IoT solutions and products: Altiux


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a revolution that is enabling enterprises to take their operational efficiency to greater heights. From empowering agricultural organizations to reduce energy consumption and increase crop yields to providing predictive maintenance for logistics and manufacturing companies, IoT is playing a key role in the business revolution of enterprises. By having more insightful data from smart devices and network of sensors, enterprises have accurate knowledge of what their consumers really want and the manner in which they’re using the currently available services. This helps them in building new products and service lines, improving the delivery of services, and enabling effective transformation of previous business models. While IoT offers innumerable benefits that help enterprises gain a competitive edge, it is extremely important to opt for only the leading IoT service providers having globally recognized certified consultants with rich expertise in delivering technology, strategy and business driven solutions. This will help enterprises attain high-quality solutions with zero lock-in period and reduced risk thereby accelerating their time to market.

Strength through partnership, it’s a core value at Altiux. The best solutions come from working together with both colleagues and clients. At Altiux, they believe in fostering and driving a spirit of collaboration and partnership with customers, employees and business partners. The purpose and goal of oneM2M is to develop technical specifications which address the need for a common M2M Service Layer that can be readily embedded within various hardware and software and relied upon to connect the myriad of devices in the field with M2M application servers worldwide. A critical objective of oneM2M is to attract and actively involve organizations from M2M-related business domains such as, telematics and intelligent transportation, healthcare, utilities, industrial automation, smart homes, etc. Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance provides tools, Embedded Innovator Magazine, and Embedded Community to make embedded solutions smarter. Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP) is designed to provide differentiated benefits to ISV partners and channel partners according to their various needs. The goal of SEAP is to enable partners in creating new revenue opportunities in the enterprise mobile business with Samsung products and solutions. The Thread Group is a not-for-profit organization responsible for the market education around the Thread networking protocol and certification of Thread products. Thread is an IP-based wireless networking protocol that addresses the need for a new and better way to connect products in the home. With Thread, product developers and consumers can easily and securely connect more than 250 devices into a low-power, wireless mesh network.

IoT for Building transformation

Adoption of IoT in homes is transforming our lives in ways we have barely imagined. Altiux works with device manufacturers and service providers in embedding connectivity, security, multimedia and data management in their smart home products and solutions. Industrial internet of things has enabled enterprises to not just improve efficiencies but drive unconventional growth. Altiux works with equipment manufacturers, system integrators and factory operators, supporting them across IoT architecture. While buildings have had building management systems (BMS) traditionally, IoT has allowed these systems to truly connect to internet at large enabling several innovative use cases. Altiux provides manufacturers, building managers and system integrators off-the-shelf software as well as services to bring these use cases to life.

Types of model and Pricing

At Altiux, they offer multiple models for commercial engagement that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. You are invited to select one of the models or some combination of them depending on your project phase and needs. The fixed price model is best suited where the scope of work is clearly and completely defined and agreed upon between you and Altiux. This model allows you to pay a fixed price for all milestone deliverables for the entire project. The project plan in such scenarios clearly specifies the scope, costs, deliverables and schedule and any scope changes during project execution will be managed with a change request process and could result in a change of price. The T&M model is best where flexible and agile project execution is required. This model is ideal for projects where the requirements are flexible and change frequently based on your needs. The customer is billed on the actual efforts spent by the team per month and provides flexibility to the customer to utilize the team for different requirements and also to ramp up and down the team.

Meet the leader behind the success of Altiux

Shridhar Garapaty is the CEO of Altiux. He is a veteran of 25 years' experience in the high tech industry in the Silicon Valley, California. He is an experienced independent consultant to high tech businesses since 2004 and is an expert in technical and business systems evaluation, commissioning, managing, interfacing and even retiring them. His versatile technical, business and personal skills have been called upon on multiple occasions to solve critical technical and business problems.

“We provide specialized engineering services across the entire IoT development cycle from consulting, device engineering, cloud and mobility application development, data analytics, and support & maintenance.”