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30 Innovative Brands of the Year 2021

Amperity– Offering game-changing customer experiences with an end-to-end Customer Data Platform


The marketer’s world today is exceedingly complex. Customer expectations are high. Loyalty goes to the companies that can respond to “customer moments of truth” with unique, personalized communications in real time that transcend traditional marketing and span channels and devices. The ultimate value of a customer data platform (CDP) is to provide both a unified omnichannel view of first-party customer data for marketers and the ability to activate that data for real-time customer engagement. The CDP can help surmount these complexities by providing a unified view of the customer, generating customer and audience insights through segmentation, and facilitating the activation of the data by provisioning it to various marketing technologies.

Amperity, the leading Customer Data and Identity Platform, helps the world’s most loved brands take control of their customer data. Leveraging machine learning and cloud-scale, Amperity is revolutionizing customer identity resolution and data management, and provides the core customer data foundation for Alaska Airlines, Starbucks, Gap Inc, Moët Hennessy USA, Wynn Las Vegas, Nordstrom, Kendra Scott, Lucky Brand, Sounders, Stanley, and many more. Amperity helps brands get to know their customers, make strategic decisions, and consistently take the right course of action to better serve their consumers and continue growing their businesses.

Innovative Customer Data Platform services and solutions offered by Amperity

Marketing Platform: Marketing teams at leading global brands rely on Amperity to take control of customer experiences across the lifecycle, deliver personalized communications that drive ROI, and grow customer lifetime value. A major global brand’s customer data was fragmented across multiple systems and legacy applications, making it impossible to truly understand customer behavior and spend. Using Amperity’s patented identity resolution technology, the brand rapidly and intelligently unified these customer data sources and for the first time gained a truly accurate view of who their most valuable customers were. The firm uses clean, enriched insights and customer audiences; they turbocharged their acquisition prospecting efforts.

AmpID: Every system has its own way of identifying customers and the longer a person interacts with your brand, the more fragmented their identity becomes. This leads to inaccurate insights, mis-attributed segments, and personalization that just isn't personal. AmpID changes all that, consistently resolving identities spanning every system and interaction so the customer experiences you build drive the results you want. Multi-patented AI resolves identities accurately and holistically on a daily basis, unifying records that other approaches routinely over-and under-connect. Ingestion and processing of massive amounts of identity data from online and offline transactions, clickstream, loyalty, email, and include full historical data upon setup. Its fully transparent user interface lets you drill into every connection, giving you visibility into how identities are resolved, and building trust and confidence in your identity data.

Predictive models built for retail: The retail landscape is changing faster than ever. Amperity helps retail brands dramatically outperform by building lasting, relevant relationships with their customers. Channel proliferation, price transparency, supply chain transformation, and evolving retail formats are changing the game in retail. Amperity’s AI-powered models are fine-tuned to changing customer behavior in retail to help you stay one step ahead. From out-of-the-box insights on retail customer behavior to personalization at scale throughout the customer lifecycle, Amperity helps retail leaders understand their customers and take action to grow loyalty. The team of consultants has worked with hundreds of the leading retailers and brings the strategic expertise to combine transformational impact with quick wins.

The mastermind behind the glory of Amperity

Kabir Shahani is the Chief Executive Officer of Amperity. He is a technology entrepreneur and senior executive with experience at many stages of the lifecycle: start-up/bootstrap, venture funding, M&A, and IPO experience. He co-founded Amperity in January 2016 with the vision of using data and software to unleash the potential of marketers and analysts at the world’s most admired consumer brands. His previous company, Appature, developed a relationship marketing platform that enables brands to deepen customer relationships through an integrated data infrastructure, multi-channel campaign toolset, and innovative analytics engine. In recognition of the company’s success, Mr. Kabir was named one of BusinessWeek’s “Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs of 2009” and was also named a 2011 Puget Sound Business Journal “40 Under 40" honoree. In 2012, he was awarded the U.S. SBA “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” award.

“We help people use data to serve customers and building a thriving community that happens to make world-changing software.”