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June Edition 2020

An award-winning end-to-end platform: Alteryxhelps its clients accelerate their digital transformation


Many enterprises are involved in digital transformation initiatives. Also senior-level executives have increased the digital transformation budgets in the past few years. However, enterprises with digital transformation goals must take me aware that the path towards successful digital transformation is not smooth. You will have to face a number of challenges that can hinder the pace of transformation. Alteryx is one of few companies that can help companies overcome these challenges and accelerate their digital transformation.

Alteryx is a leader in Analytic Process Automation (APA). The Alteryx APA platform unifies analytics, data science and business process automation in one easy-to-use platform to accelerate digital transformation. Every data worker, regardless of technical acumen, is empowered to be curious and solve problems. With its platform, they can find and understand what information is at their disposal, analyze data from more sources and easily deliver business insights.

Its award-winning end-to-end platform converges three key pillars of automation and digital transformation – data, processes and people – to enable the democratization of data, automation of business processes and the upskilling of people for quick wins and transformative outcomes. Instead of implementation to outcomes taking months or years, APA drives transformative outcomes in days or weeks. Users start with the business case and quickly create analytics, data science and process automation outcomes, without the requirements of a specialized skillset. The result is faster insights and business impact, fully automated business processes and the ability to rapidly upskill.

Every day, hundreds of businesses realize significant gains from the Alteryx APA platform. Thousands of customers around the world trust and depend on its platform. They include many of the world’s largest and best-known brands, including Audi, Experian, McDonald’s, Unilever, and Vodafone. Every day, they see the benefit of unified analytics and are realizing top-line growth optimization, bottom-line returns, efficiency gains and the perpetual upskilling of their modern workforces.

Experience the Power of Alteryx

In-Database Analytics: Traditional advanced analytics tools require extracting data from the database — adding time and cost while limiting scalability. Alteryx in-database blending and analytics maximizes the power of Amazon Redshift, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Cloudera Impala, Spark, and Teradata by applying formulas, filters, and joins, and performing advanced analytics to the data ― in place. It’s the essential ingredient to scale Big Data analytics.

Predictive Analytics: Utilizing regression models, predictive models, and other advanced analytics techniques often requires skilled data scientists. With R and Python integration, and 40+ pre-built tools and macros for data investigation, predictive modeling, grouping, and time-series analysis, Alteryx enables data analysts and data scientists alike to impact future outcomes across their organizations.

Data Mining: Integrating, blending, and applying the latest machine learning algorithms to discover patterns in data are often an iterative, labor-intensive process. Alteryx provides the necessary advanced analytics tools to perform data mining techniques or leverage existing models through integration with R and Python, or full read/write of IBM SPSS and SAS files, providing flexibility through the analytics lifecycle, from data sourcing, blending, and enrichment to visualization.

Bi + Visualization: Your business intelligence and data visualization needs vary across your organization. That’s why Alteryx adapts to your user needs, whether you’re preparing and enriching data to drive Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, or other tools for analysts, or powering the entire analytics lifecycle from predictive modeling to reporting and sharing applications inside and outside your organization with Alteryx Server, Alteryx Connect and the Alteryx Analytics Gallery. No matter how users engage, everyone gains strong data governance, shared metadata and assets, a trusted data foundation ― and analytics agility.

Data Quality Management: The right decisions require a foundation of strong data and master-data management. Alteryx puts data quality management in the hands of analysts, enabling them to improve data accuracy through data enrichment, fuzzy matching capabilities, and transparent workflows. This helps them better understand data changes throughout the preparation, blending, and integration process.

Metadata Management: Your data is surrounded by valuable metadata ― names, types, relationships, and more. Harvesting and managing metadata is essential to cut the risk of inconsistent or incorrect decisions. Alteryx centralizes all your metadata from across databases and apps like Oracle, Salesforce, Amazon RedShift, Tableau, and Microsoft SQL Server, as well as Alteryx information, all in a single, trusted asset catalog.

Meet the Expert

Dean Stoecker is Chairman and CEO of Alteryx. Dean co-founded Alteryx in 1997 and has since led the company through solid organic growth, three rounds of funding, and a successful IPO in March 2017 — recognized as a top performer in the class of 2017. Dean’s leadership and motivational skills, along with his ability to create, communicate, and realize a vision, are a driving force behind the company’s 20+ year success.

Dean serves as advisor to entrepreneurs and is an active philanthropist, creating the Alteryx for Good program to bring the thrill of solving real-world problems to nonprofits, educators, and local communities. Dean is passionate about humanizing the world of data science and analytics, which is evident in the company’s culture, extensive resources for continued education, and efforts to influence social change. Dean was recognized as an Outstanding Public Company CEO by OCTANE and received the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2017 Award in the Orange County Region.

Before co-founding Alteryx, Dean held various sales and business leadership roles at Strategic Mapping and Dun & Bradstreet. Dean earned his MBA from Pepperdine University and his undergraduate degree in international business from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

“Every day, our clients see the benefit of unified analytics and are realizing top-line growth optimization, bottom-line returns, efficiency gains and the perpetual upskilling of their modern workforces.”